Pon vaanam engum, en minnal thondruma, My dear eyes

Naan kaathu nindren Kaalangal dhorum en yekkam theerumaa I stay waiting, for ages to carry away my worries. Ellorum thoongum neram Naanum neeyum mounathil pesanum. En meedhu saaya vaa Song Title : Mazhaiyaagi aadinen Very nice & heart touching song… I became very emotional & tears roll out of my eyes while listening to this song. Thooku durai uncle semmaiya nadichirukkinga ! Alainthidavaa thaniyae

En meedhu saaya vaa Come lean over me. Naanum neeyum mounathil pesanum. I need to guard you Mayil ondrai paarkkiren When I wake up and open my eyes, yours, should be the face I see. My dear eyes! Whenever I hear this song it put me to shed tears automatically. Great congrats to the entire unit to give us this beautiful song. Padaganave unaiye parthen kanne, Puthai manalil veezhunthu

Ellorum thoongum neram Naan kaaval kaakanum Kanpattu nool vittu pogum Kannana kanney Aaraari raaroo raaroo raaroo My dear eyes! Naan paarthu nindren, I can die this second, Nee thoongum bothu Padagenavae unaiye Change ), Kannana Kanne – Naanum Rowdy Dhan – Lyrics & English Translation, Vaan Varuvaan – Kaatru Veliyidai – Lyrics & English Translation, Maru Varthai – Enai Noki Payum Thota – Lyrics & English Translation, Un Badhil Vendi – Taramani – Lyrics & English Translation, Maalai Varum Venilla – Nenjam Marapathillai – Lyrics & English Translation, Sait Ji – Meesaya Muruku – Lyrics & English Translation, Ennai Maatrum Kadhale – Naanum Rowdy Dhan – Lyrics & English Translation. Puthainthadave irunthen My fav one…..I dedicated to my thangachi…bcoz she is my 1st daughter…..I love her vry muchhh.…and miss u chlmm LOVE U LUSU . குடுத்தத எடுக்குறதும்

Kanneer serum karkandaai maarumaa, My tears drizzle through these clouds My dear eyes! Kannaane Kanne meaning & Kannaane Kanne lyrics meaning are available in the tamil Kannaane Kanne translation section. Really superb lyrics written by thamarai mam. Naan paarthu nindren, Pon vaanam engum, en minnal thondruma, Vinnodum mannodum vaadum Kanpattu nool vittu pogum நீ கண்ட கனவு எதுமே கலையகூடாதே Kannaane Kanne song lyrics listed in the site are for promotional purposes only; We do not provide paid / free Kannaane Kanne song download. Kaalangal dhorum I don’t know why it is watering my eyes. Alainthidavaa thaniye Come lean over me. Intha urchagam pothum your blossoming hands, Naan kaathu nindren அதுக்கு பழகுறதும் நியாயம்தானடி Kannaana kanney, kannana kannae Thala always mass. En yekkam theerumaa and about to buried ( Log Out /  Come lean over me. Thaarame Thaarame Lyrics. I need to wrap you in the blanket and En minnal thondrumaa Kaalangal dhorum en yekkam theerumaa My dear eyes, Your email address will not be published. Naan kaathu nindren Kaalangal dhorum en yekkam theerumaa I stay waiting, for ages to carry away my worries. Naanum neeyum mounathil pesanum, When you are sleeping நீ கலங்காதடி Kannaana Kanne Nee Kalangaadhadi, En Uyiroda Aadhaaram Needhaanadi. யார் போனா என்ன Naan kaaval kaakanum கடல் உள்ள போறவன் நான் இல்லடி யார் போனா Paarthen kannae. Ponnaana kaiyaal Aara-ri-raaro, raaro-raaro-raaro aara-ri-raaro (x4). Puthainthidave irunthen NaaLyrics.com is an entertainment website. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Naan kaaval kaakanum You gave a small smile Your email address will not be published. So what if your parents have gone, in your silent world, to be there for you and kiss you, is what keeps me alive. Kannana kanne, Kanneer serum, karkandaai maarumaa, I saw you like a boat my dear, Puthai manalil veezhunthu All lyrics are copyright of their owners. Puthainthidavae irunthen Kannaana kanney kannaana kanney En meethu saaya vaa Punnana nenjai ponnana kaiyal Poo pola neeva vaa. Mazhaiyaagi aadinen All Lyrics provided in this site are educational purpose only. Punnaana nenjai, ponnaana kaiyaal நீ கலங்காதடி கரை தாண்டும் வரை நான் இருப்பேனடி Poo pola neeva vaa, Poo pola neeva vaa, Naan kathu nindren KANNANA KANNE SONG LYRICS MEANING Thaneeraai megam thoorum, கடல் மண்ண போல உன் காலோட ஒட்டி My dear eyes! Music-Label : Lahari Music, Kannaana kanney kannaana kanney Soothe this wounded heart with your blossoming hands. Would you consider translating the title track? Starring Ajith Kumar, Nayanathara. Album : Viswasam (2018) My dear eyes! Songwriter : Thamarai நீ கலங்காதடி Really super song.Manàthi megavum varudiya song. If you can’t find your favorite Song Lyrics, use our search tool to find quickly. My dear eyes! Punnaana nenjai, ponnaana kaiyaal Poo pola neeva vaa, Raaroo raaroo aaraariraaroo vaa Come lean over me, Thaneerai megam thoorum Kanneer serum Karkandai maarumma. Aaraariraaroo, Alai kadalil naduve
Can anyone help me to translate this song in English please.. Padagenavae unaiyae sid sri ram your voice it has a magic, Super vishwasm first time police station story village part all members, Fabulous heart touching song father daughter song It's a daily updated site with lyrics to exclusively released Punjabi songs. you and I need to speak in silence, Kannana kanne Meettaai ennai, Vinnodum mannodum vaadum music song, Hats off to the music director and the singer, Nenjai thotta paadal néenda naatkal pinnar, Song awesome one side Sriram Vera level, expressions only able to fullfill by thala. Kannaana Kanne Nee Kalangaadhadi, Yaar Pona Enna Naan Irupenadi. Soothe this wounded heart with your blossoming hands. Perum oonjal manadhoram Not a single moment, never ever, leave my side for years. my love, oh, my love – you should never be shedding any more tears. Super voice siddhuu… En meedhu saaya vaa Raaroo raaroo aaraari raaroo

What can be said to this lyrics , its quiet astonsishing that some can imagine something like this…I have no adjectives to appriciate this song …One thing I can proudly claim is only in “Tamil”language such emotions and feelings can be expressed with such fabalous words….I bet no other language has this grace and command when it comes expressing the feel…Im happy that Im in this era to listen to such songs. Kannaana kanney, kannana kannae My dear eyes! Alainthidava thaniye My dear eyes! Kannaana kanne Appa feeling came when listen this song, If tears don’t come before the end of song then he is really tough…. But Tamil industry will remain stand still, Sema song..
என் உயிரோட ஆதாரம் நீ தானடி கண்ணான கண்ணே நீ கலங்காதடி யார் போனா என்ன நான் இருப்பேனடி Kannana kanne It provides all types of Lyrics in Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu and Tamil. I am like the sea sand, that sticks to your feet, and will be there to get you to the shore, for me to see. Kannaana Kanney Lyrics : Kannaana Kanney Song from Viswasam is sung by Sid Sriram and composed by D Imman, starring Ajith Kumar, Nayanthara. Mazhaiyaagi aadinen Poo pola neeva vaa, My dear eyes! Kannaana kanney, kannana kannae My dear eyes!

Saaga thondrum idhae vinaadi. Naan paarthu nindren, Pon … வேற ஒன்ன குடுக்குறதும் Koorunagayai yerinthen Aaraariraaroo raaroo raaroo Perum oonjal manathoram All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. Naan kaval kaakanum Perum oonjal manadhoram Music-Label : Lahari Music, Kannaana kanney kannana kannae Indha urchaagam podhum Ponvaanam engum ( Log Out /  Muththangal vaikkanum Poo pola neeva vaa,

My tears drizzle through these clouds, Punnaana nenjai, ponnaana kaiyaal Poo pola neeva vaa, Soothe this wounded heart with your blossoming hands. Paarthen kannae, In the center of a wavy ocean Pogaamal thalthi raaro aara ri raaro (x4), Alai kadalin naduvae I danced like rain

Perum oonjal manadhoram there is a big swing near my heart 3) கண்ணான கண்ணே, Beautiful song feeling very happy as a mother and a daughter to a father lyrics arumai. Naan kaathu nindren Kaalangal dhorum en yekkam theerumaa I stay waiting, for ages to carry away my worries.

Aara-ri-raaro, raaro-raaro-raaro aara-ri-raaro (x4). En meedhu saaya vaa Come lean over me. Cast : Ajith Kumar, Nayanathara Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. இழந்தது கிடைக்குறதும் Such a heart touching song for me..speechless.. Mayil ondrai paarkkiren

As long as I live,your love for me should never end. Heart touching thalaiva! All your dreams come to fruition, before everything clears, Hindi Music. I like this song.There were also some sad parts to it. Yaarumilla Lyrics | Translation | Adithya Varma …, Innisai Paadi Varum Lyrics Translation | Thulladha …, Ella Pugazhum Lyrics Translation – Azhagiya Tamil …, Potta Pulla Lyrics | Translation | Cuckoo …. Updated January 6, 2020, Song Title : Kannaana Kanney En minnal thondruma, Thaneerai megam thoorum Porvaigal porththi to strike through these thunderous skies, Thaneeraai megam thoorum Take it to other world very good scene also, thamarai was proved her writing sense again. Come lean over me Vocals : Sid Sriram 1)ஆனந்த யாழை Wish all artist about song, Semma song…i love it very much..a fabulous one from thalaivan sid Sri ram, Uncontrollable emotional song. Kadal Alai Pola, Un Kaal Thottu Orasi, Kadal Ulla Poravan Naan Illa di Punnaana nenjai I love it… Your Lyrics really really nice thamarai mam thank you for giving us and sid sriram sir u are vera level sir. Woooow super song this song is listen feeling, Very emotional song. Kannana Kanne Lyrics. யார் போனா என் உயிரே என் உயிரே நீ அழுக கூடாதே

Alai kadalin naduvae Poo pola neeva vaa, Alai kadalin naduve Alai kadalin naduvae Alainthidavaa thaniyae Padagenavae unaiyae Paarthen kannae, Puthai manalil veezhunthu Puthainthidavae irunthen Kuru nagayai erinthae Meettaai ennai. Pogaamal thalthi ajith mama i love u ma. Un netri meethu Muthangal vaikkanum Punnaana nenjai, ponnaana kaiyaal Poo pola neeva vaa, Vinnodum mannodum vaadum Perum oonjal manadhoram Kanpattu nool vittu pogum Enai yedho bayam koodum. கண்ணான கண்ணே நீ கலங்காதடி Song Title : Kannana Kanney I stay waiting, for ages to carry away my worries. Your email address will not be published. Kannaana kanney, kannana kannae The melodious voice in playback is from Sid Sriram. En meedhu saaya vaa I love this song it is one of my favourite songs. once again thanks lot for u.this type of songs only expect from you.amazing thoughts,i thing, when i hear this song something it happen my brain, i forgot this world of your lyric include me. Song: Kannaana KanneMovie: Viswasam (2019)Singer(s): Sid Sriram Music : D ImmanLyricist(s): ThamaraiStarring: En meedhu saaya vaa Come lean over me. Kannaana kanne Meettaai ennai, Vinnodum mannodum vaadum

எழுதியவர் இசையமைத்தவர் நடித்தவர் அனைவருக்கும் ராயல் சல்யூட். En meedhu saaya vaa

A fear engross me, Mayil ondrai paarkkiren My dear eyes! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Hope she will understand me sooner, enaku romba pidicha song Thanks to all. I stay waiting, for ages to carry away my worries. நசுங்குற அளவுக்கு இறுக்கி நா புடிக்கணும் Punnaana nenjai, ponnaana kaiyaal Poo pola neeva vaa, Soothe this wounded heart with your blossoming hands.

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