The daemon explained to the Primarch that the Empyrean had many great forces within it, and one of them had Mortarion's name etched over his rusting throne. During Araloth's travels into the Realm of Chaos, to rescue Shallya from the mansion of Nurgle, the final traveling companion he picks up is a knight, a "giant of a man" whose armor "gleams like silver" and whose "speech is strange" (why does Kaldor decide to help Eldar?). Since Draigo is the only GK with a storm shield there will never be any doubt who he is on the table. Constantin Valdor faithfully served the Emperor of Mankind from as early as the Unification Wars, the Great Crusade and the dark days of the Horus Heresy, in which he was active during some of the most significant events and campaigns that took place during that Age of Darkness, including the Burning of Prospero and the Battle of Terra.

He also possesses coomplete control over technology, as he can confuse or outright disable Machine Spirits, cause technology to flickers and fail, specifically target and nullify Warp-based technology and much more), Forcefield Creation, Weapon Mastery (Among one of the most skilled weapon users in the Imperium. A Kaldor Draigo the Size of Guilliman Mortarion brushed off the Khan's reasoning, but Jaghatai pressed him. The Khan ordered his warriors to stand down, for the stranger was beyond all of them. That is the base of all my grey knights. Events would prove the Emperor sorely mistaken.

An incredibly skilled combatant and a powerful Psyker. Thus shall you serve Nurgle best. It depend if I could make it look good.

Finally he found what he sought for upon the world of Terathalion, a former library-world where knowledge coalesced, all under the benign guidance of distant masters on Prospero. As a lowly Battle-Brother he banished the Daemon Prince M'kar the Reborn and he has risen steadily through the ranks to become the SUPREME Grand Master Chosen of the most secretive Chapter of Space Marines. His scythe fell into the guard position and a thin coughing broke from his mask, which the Khan realised was an exhausted kind of chortle. The pallid, hairless Primarch was viewed by others as a freak, and was distant from all his brother Primarchs save Horus the Warmaster and Konrad Curze the Night Haunter, the leader of the Night Lords Legion. Also possesses the Titansword, a master-crafted Nemesis Force Sword psychically attuned to him, which he can use with superhuman capability), Martial Arts (Among all the Space Marines alive in the present day, Kaldor Draigo may very well be the greatest living Loyalist in the entire Imperium, and should therefore be among the greatest hand-to-hand combatants in the galaxy), Vehicular Mastery, Precognition (Psykers are capable of tapping into the powers of the Immaterium to predict future events to some extent), Telepathy (All psyker Marines can talk with their allies via a mental link, send messages even across vast interstellar distances much like an Astropath, and command enemies without a strong enough to do their bidding for a short amount of time), Extrasensory Perception (Regular Librarians are capable of tracking down objects or people merely by having slight familiarity with them, relive the past of any certain place, and read people's auras to an extent), Reality Warping, BFR, Soul Manipulation, Summoning (Any skilled Librarian can utilize his power to summon ancient warriors of his Chapter's past to attack his foes as billowing constructs of Warp energy), Earth Manipulation (Any skilled Librarian can utilize his talents to make the very earth obey him, opening up chasm in the ground, turning rock into steaming lava), Vibration Manipulation (Librarians can utilize the Geokinesis Discipline to cause earthquakes), Portal Creation, Dimensional Travel, Statistics Amplification (A Librarian can utilize any number of many abilities to increase the strength, speed, vigor and other attributes of his own Battle-Brothers or himself), Empathic Manipulation (Librarians can use their power to calm and encourage those fighting alongside them, while striking fear and terror in the hearts of their enemies), Electricity Manipulation (Librarians can utilize the power of the Immaterium to launch lightning arcs from their fingers to fry enemies, or protect themselves via electric barriers), Magnetism Manipulation (Any Librarian can encase himself or others in a field of magnetic energy, allowing for levitation to a more advantageous position), Clairvoyance, Mind Manipulation (Any Librarian can impose his will upon those with one weaker than his own, forcing them to heed his bidding either for a short or long period of time), Willpower Manipulation (Can strengthen the will of his own allies and dominate that of his enemies), Existence Erasure (Can completely annihilate the essence of individual entities, entirely dissolving their souls to a point where even the powers of the Chaos Gods cannot bring them back), Energy Manipulation, Power Nullification (Of regeneration and immortality, as he can permanently kill daemons, preventing them from even reforming in the Warp), Telekinesis, Holy Manipulation (A lot of a Grey Knight's arsenal relies on the purifying power of his psychic abilities, warding off daemons and other such vile influences with their mere presence), Teleportation (In a flash of eldritch lightning, a Librarian can switch places with allies immediately), Spatial Manipulation (Can quite literally tear open holes in the fabric of reality, straight into the Warp), Fire Manipulation (Draigo can use the power of the Warp to conjure fire to burn his enemies), Hellfire Manipulation (Likewise, Draigo should be capable of accessing fire directly from the Warp itself, fire that can have any number of far deadlier adverse affects than any regular flame), Matter Manipulation, Heat Manipulation, Intangibility (Placed on other objects, they lose some of their substance, making them harmlessly pass through allies or possibly himself), Time Manipulation (Should be capable of creating corridors of warped time, allowing himself or his allies to move with supernatural swiftness through the battlefield), Fear Manipulation (Can induce terror and panic within his enemies), Perception Manipulation (With his abilities, he should be capable of distracting enemies by utilizing their past, making hallucinations appear, causing apparitions of long dead allies or horrible terrors from their minds to manifest for them. AP3 admittedly is somewhat of a blow, but this is compensated for against more dangerous foes with its latent abilities and his own 3++ save. When he made his way back to the surface of the planet, he next encountered an unexpected visitor.

The Khan had thought back then that they were empty threats, but he should have known better. Warriors of both sides soon fell, their bodies caked in the thickness of blood and dust, but the dispute raged on, bitter and unyielding.

Wait this sounds so familiar... Oh, son of a bitch!

Can also analyze an entire area with his extra senses, learning the histories of the people and objects there), Immortality (Types 1 and 3), Regeneration (High-Low), Memory Manipulation (Can eat creatures/people and absorb part of their memories from their DNA/RNA. The High Overlord, Necare of Barbarus, took the child in with the intention of creating a son and heir, naming him Mortarion -- "child of death" in the local Barbaran dialect of High Gothic. That or maybe their geneseed makes them hot for traps. Y'know, despite the fact TIME FLOWS DIFFERENTLY IN THE WARP THAN IN REAL-SPACE.

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