After trying to resolve the conflict with Pete, it seems like she’s let her guard down around the rest of the crew and is trying to get to know them. The bio just reads “jewelry and watches.”. Leo has an Instagram page for Glore Jewelry, however there is little information about the business. Hannah — who also survived last night — sets up a 12-person picnic, but before long, the beach calls Sandy and says they can’t have glass or a tent. Before Justin Thornton comes aboard, he wants a nanny for his dog Scout, who sadly (and I really mean it, since I would’ve wanted to see this) isn’t allowed on the yacht. So, who is Leo Glore? Maybe you know her from season two, when she exposed Hannah for messaging with charter guests and said she should be chief stew instead. The horror film topped the box office to become the second-highest-scoring film in our Fall Movies Fantasy League. And most shockingly, Bugsy faded into the background of her grand return. Maybe this’ll help her cut our lover chef some slack. A survey of some of film’s best paranoid political thrillers. Screenshot: Your First Look at Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 | Bravo YouTube. Everything else goes well for the day until the guests leave for the club around 11:30 p.m. “I’m not staying on this boat any longer,” one of them says, unaware of the sort of trip they signed up for. And they want oysters. Man, do you really want to pick this fight? They go to Tito’s, which looks the same as every club we’ve ever seen on this show, and stay until 3 a.m. Poor Hannah has been staying up awaiting their call (which comes from her friend Leon) so she can call them a car back to the boat. If Pete gets demoted like she’s threatened, it sounds like she’s found her guy. So Leon asks Hannah for some oysters, presumably to go with the cigars, because this man was meant to be an extra in The Sopranos. You shouldn’t be a dick to the crew any day, but as one of the primary’s seven friends? From the looks of Glore Jewelry’s Instagram, it looks like they deal in diamond watches and jewellery as well. He is originally from New York and went aboard with his buddies Justin Thornton, Zachary Messenger, Yuki and Motoko Harata, Jane Zhao, and Daniel Rauscher. He wants water sports, a beach picnic, and a six-course meal for his whole party. Leon wanted his oysters, but he couldn’t stand against Hannah’s receipts in the form of his pref sheet. Theo on The Young and the Restless: Tyler Johnson confirms exit, Below Deck: Captain Lee dishes about filming Bravo show without Kate Chastain. And his name is Justin Thornton, a name that will echo in your ears for the rest of the episode after he introduces himself by first and last name to every crew member. Hannah, meanwhile, looks like she’s wondering why she even went back for this season in the first place. Sort by. We close with Hannah telling Kiko the guests’ guests will be coming for dinner so he’ll have to make six courses for 12 people. Check out some of the insane jewels Leo has a hold of on Instagram @glorejewelry. He was not only demanding and condescending, but Leon also kept inviting … Justin Thornton. The guests want a table at some club named Tito’s — presumably not after the vodka, although it might as well be, because they also want vodka shots before lunch. The jury’s still out, though, so I’ll update you next week. When Hannah says they don’t have oysters, because he didn’t ask for them, he replies, “I guess you guys didn’t read it correctly, but that’s all right, I know it’s a lot for you,” and even I’m livid. We found one business registered in New York under Glore Jewelry Inc. which states they do watch repairs. • To help prep for a 12-person picnic, Captain Sandy — Kiko’s biggest critic — joins her chef in the kitchen. Who is Lia Dias’s husband? Sandy is glad to have a second stew who takes initiative, especially after the dead weight of Lara. Hannah brings him his preference sheet to show him that he didn’t ask for oysters, and he concedes, “maybe I made a mistake.” So Kiko makes Leon some mussels he doesn’t deserve, and right after lunch at that. WATCH BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN SEASON 5 MONDAYS AT 9 PM ON BRAVO, AND GET FREAKY WITH US ON INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK. There are cameras here! In the first episode Leo and his friends starred in, Leo caused some commotion as the oysters he wanted were not available. You can find Leo under the handle @leoglore. Hey Upper East Siders, Karena Evans Is Directing HBO Max’s. Maybe you don’t, in which case: 1) You should go back and watch the wonderful Below Deck: Med season two (I promise there’s more than the “you’ve been a lousy chief stew” clip they’ve shown every episode this season), because 2) You won’t really meet Christine “Bugsy” Drake this episode. He’s also marveling at the early colors of states on his map. This charter’s offender is a financial consultant who’s obsessed with his dog and bringing a group of seven friends aboard in lieu of their usual Vegas weekend. It’s a great example of the problem of this episode: It promises drama everywhere but can’t sustain it anywhere. Popular Tags: ITV,Channel 4,BBC,Love Island,Netflix. Leo’s LinkedIn profile is a little bare and just says he is “self-employed at Glore.” It can be assumed that this is in reference to Glore Jewellery New York, his jewelry and watch brand. Justin Thornton. Each season the yachts get bigger, the destinations more beautiful, and the guests, undeniably, more difficult. Yeah, no. But Justin Thornton wants to bring his dog along, so the dog sitter brings him back- and they put him in a doggie life jacket. That shouldn’t be a problem today, since it’s still storming and we won’t be able to head out on the water anytime soon. Leo Glore is one of the guests featured on Below Deck Mediterranean season 5. Each time we step aboard, us viewers are presented with a whole new world of glitz and glamour. Eve spends her days writing about TV and film, music, and practically every reality TV show under the sun. Specifically Justin Thornton’s friend Leon, who sounds like he stumbled onto the boat off a Scorsese set and insists that he put oysters on his preference sheet. Hannah, not so much — she went in for the handshake when Bugsy went in for the hug — although she’s excited to have someone to take over table décor. Justin Thornton. This led to conflict with Below Deck crew member Hannah. And when they get back, the party isn’t over — they’ve brought four friends back and continue drinking on the boat for another two hours or so. 96% Upvoted. He is originally from New York and went aboard with his buddies Justin Thornton, Zachary Messenger, Yuki and Motoko Harata, Jane Zhao, and Daniel Rauscher. We’ve leveled up from picky entrepreneurs and D-list celebrities to the obnoxious, rich (but not too) trash who keep this show alive. Justin Thornton. Below Deck Mediterranean charter guest Justin Thornton is defending the tip that he gave The Wellington crew. We found the Below Deck Med guest on Instagram to find out more. From private jets to diamond watches and Lamborghinis, Leo definitely lives a life only few can imagine. Justin Thornton. Justin’s friend and charter guest, Leon Glore, proved to be quite the jerk. I wonder if I’ll see them walk tomorrow. Was BB Comics Luxury Competition worst challenge in show history? They get to the beach, and somehow their friends get there too. I’m glad she’s found what makes her happy.) But soon enough, our guests arrive, and they’re the sort of guests we’ve waited two charters for. The majority of Leo’s Instagram feed is dominated with snaps of his jet setting lifestyle.

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