For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. One of the simplest things to check out for is the spare laces. Last but not least, the real Air Jordan 1 tag says “EN CHINE” for its french translation, while the fake one comes with the “CHINA” text. Nike x OFF-WHITE: THE TEN fake vs real guides, Pharrell Human Race NMD real vs fake guides, Anti Social Social Club Authentication Service (ASSC), Cactus Plant Flea Market Authentication Service (CPFM), Christian Louboutin Authentication Service, Comme Des Garcons CDG Authentication Service, Saint Laurent Paris Authentication Service, Valentino Rockrunner Authentication Service, Versace Chain Reaction Authentication Service, Yves Saint Laurent Loulou Authentication Service (Bag), Nike x Off White Fake Vs Real Comparisons, Nike x Travis Scott Fake Vs Real Comparisons, Alexander McQueen Real vs Fake Comparisons, Christian Louboutin Authentication Guides, Comme Des Garcons Fake Vs Real Comparisons, Saint Laurent Paris Authentication Guides, A thinner font is used on the fake Air Jordan 1 tag, As a consequence, the font is sometimes illegible, The authentic Jordan wings logo comes with thinner letters (except for the TM character).

On top of that, the fake elements are less defined (coming with fuzzier lines). In the next comparison, we’re going to have a look at the NIKE AIR logo found on the exterior side of the aforementioned tongue tag. As you can see, not only these holes are too big, but they sometimes come in different shapes and sizes on the fake example. Scared of getting scammed? This part is crucial as this is often used to determine whether the pair is authentic or not. If they go deep enough and if they are properly aligned, I’d move on to the next step. To wrap up our legit check guide, we will want to point your attention towards the patch that can be found at the rear end of the sneaker. One is our Instagram page where we’d love to get a follow from your side, should you consider it valuable. Below the medial line, keep in mind that the sneaker has to have almost a bell-shaped bottom in order for it to be authentic. As you will see in the pictures below, fake manufacturers manage to replicate 90 to 98% of the logo right, but there are some shortcomings. The retail pair has a more consistent font size and has a cleaner print with a matte finish while the fakes have a glossy finishing. Buy it from our partners! Hey guys, just need a legit check on these Air Jordan 1 Retro's in the "Chicago" color way. The fake shoe has the tag welded to the back of the tongue. The Chicago Air Jordan 1 is the most recognizable of all the Jordan signature sneakers and in 2013 Jordan Brand gave sneaker enthusiasts the chance to revisit memories with the release of the Air Jordan 1 Retro Chicago.
He felt that he needed to start with a more distinguished colorway for his first take on the shoe. We’re doing our best to make it as valuable as possible for you, as we’re aiming at building a community. And while purchasing from an authorized retailier is easier said than done, especially on such a highly anticipated release, it's the only way to be sure you get a legit pair. Based on the photo below, you should look out for the consistency of the font and the glossiness of the ‘AIR JORDAN’. As you can see, the fake Air Jordan 1 is almost straight when it comes to this angle’s view. Now, you can go out there and be the Hypebeast you want to be, without worrying about being scammed when you’re packed with knowledge. If the text is unclear, wavy (slanted) or too thin, then you’re looking at a fake — have a look at our fake vs real visual comparison below. Broadly speaking we can point out two major things: We don’t want to leave it at this broad statement, so we’ll explain these two major flaws with the highlighted areas (highlighted with the hand emoji) and then we’re going to show some other comparisons. I’d have a nice evening lecture when it comes to the text on the tongue tax — making sure there’s no “FABRIQUE EN CHINA” flaw (instead of “CHINE”) and seeing if the text is wavy/too thin. and that’s what this website is all about. Let’s have a look at this real vs fake Jordan 1 shape comparison below: The authentic example’s curvature (highlighted on the upper right side) is not something that you will find on every single original pair, so don’t take that as the go-to way every time. Not surprisingly, that same issue will be present in regards to the Black / Red Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG, which releases December 28th. The cause of this flaw is visible to the naked eye: it’s bigger than it’s supposed to be. However, that’s not the only flaw. For the best possible site experience please take a moment to disable your AdBlocker or head over to our upgrade page to donate for an ad-free experience Upgrade now. In Malaysia, we have a saying in our national language, ‘ Malaysia Boleh!’ which means , Malaysia CAN! Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. The process is simple: send us pictures of the pair you want legit checked and we’ll come back with a verdict in 24 to 48 hours (sometimes even faster). The fake “O” looks more like a zero, given it’s taller shape. Pay attention to the enlarged areas we’ve drawn on the side. Lastly, I’d have a look at the ™ character. The R and D in “JORDAN” should always be connected. It’s very visible on the “SWOOSH®” text, yet there is another inconsistency we want to point out. Here’s something else we want to point out when it comes to showing you how to legit check the Nike Air Jordan 1. As you can see, the fake R in ® comes with a bigger loop.

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