In September 1983, the national Democratic Party named him Democrat of the Year, and he was later made the party's lifetime Honorary Treasurer. [13], Both Democrats and Republicans were concerned about the presence of S. Brewer Erwin, nominee of the newly formed Populist Party, in the race; he enjoyed strong support for a third-party candidate, despite the fact that many believed his party's platform was too radical.

John Y. Terry McBrayer, a Democrat who had lost to John, also spoke of Phyllis saying, "She won it for him, there's no doubt about that. [17] Major legislation advocated by Brown and passed by the General Assembly included improvements in tax collection processes and tighter controls on corporations. [20], During the 1894 legislative session, Brown advocated and won passage of several government efficiency measures, including a bill to transfer certain state governmental expenses to the counties, a bill to reform state printing contracts, and measures clarifying laws governing asylums and charitable institutions. [4][5] In 1855, he graduated from Centre and returned to Hardin County to read law. Among his other accomplishments as governor were the implementation of competitive bidding for government contracts and passage of a weight-distance tax on trucks. [33] In addition to Brown, the Honest Election League nominated a full slate of candidates for the other state offices. His father was a member of the U.S. Congress from Kentucky and a member of the Kentucky state legislature for nearly three decades, including a term as Speaker of the House. Brown Jr., Kentucky's Democratic candidate for governor, and his wife of seven months, Phyllis George, constantly hug and kiss like newlyweds … Accordingly, he hired a group of young executives to find "the perfect hamburger". Outgoing Senator Blackburn also charged that Brown was bolting the party again, just as he had in supporting Stephen Douglas over John C. Breckinridge for president in 1860. Neither he nor any of his people were accused of corruption." eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), Voters in his district refused to elect another representative, and the seat remained vacant throughout the term to which Brown was elected. He had no pulse for a period of time, and one of his lungs partially collapsed. As noted by Kentucky historian Lowell H. Harrison, Brown's hands-off approach allowed the legislature to gain power relative to the governor for the first time in Kentucky history, a trend which continued into the terms of his successors. Brown's Cave Hill estate was officially designated the temporary executive mansion, and the state agreed to furnish Brown's groceries, reimburse him for entertaining official guests, and pay for telephone calls made in his capacity as governor.

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