“Fugitive” was guitar-driven funk and "Last Night (I Had a Long Talk With...)" was introspective. The Brooklyn, New York-based trio consisted of vocalist and main lyricist Jalil Hutchins; co-vocalist John Fletcher, aka Ecstasy (who wore a Zorro-style hat as his trademark); and turntable artist DJ Drew Carter, aka Grandmaster Dee. [4], Many of these songs were also groundbreaking in hip hop culture, as each one of the songs told a unique story from the urban perspective. Louella Fletcher-Michie, daughter of actor John Michie, died after taking the drug 2C-P at Bestival on September 11, 2017. "Magic's Wand" also has the distinction of being one of Whodini's most-sampled songs. They were contemporaries of other hip hop groups such as Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, Afrika Bambaataa, Run-D.M.C., The Fat Boys and Warp 9. Russell Simmons was the manager of the group in the 80s.[3]. In an episode of Everbody Hates Chris, the song Friends is playing in the background. The vinyl album is long out of print and the CD (only released twice, once in 1992 and again in 2002) is also out of print and any copies of either of them are extremely valuable to collectors. This page was last edited on 15 August 2020, at 18:03. The entire album was fully produced by Larry Smith. [4] Synthpop and electro pioneer Thomas Dolby helped produced this single. Comedian Chris Rock has cited Whodini as one of his favorite rap acts. The album was produced by influential German pioneer Conny Plank at his own studio near Cologne, Germany. The bulk of production on their releases was done by Larry Smith, a bass player who also handled much of Run-D.M.C.’s early work. The second single, "Haunted House of Rock", was released in time for Halloween, 1983.

In July 1986 they appeared at Philadelphia's Spectrum Stadium in front of an audience of 18,000. Jermaine Dupri's verse in "Welcome to Atlanta" samples the intro to "Five Minutes of Funk". Rapper Ceon Broughton has had his conviction for the manslaughter of his girlfriend overturned by the Court of Appeal. Since the Six album, the group has not released any new music, but its older songs have been featured in many various old school compilations and three greatest-hits collections have been released: The Jive Collection, Vol. Bone Thugs N Harmony re-recorded "Friends" and remixed it on The Art of War. In 1986, the group released a third album Back in Black fully produced by Larry Smith. The group made its name with good-humored songs such as "Magic's Wand" (the first rap song accompanied by a video), "The Haunted House of Rock", "Friends", "Five Minutes Of Funk" and "Freaks Come Out at Night". Live performances of the group were the first rap concerts with the participation of breakdance dancers from the group UTFO. The album was fully produced by Jermaine Dupri, except for three tracks, which were created by Dave Atkinson and Andy "Red Spyda" Thelusma. In August 2012, Whodini was presented with the Icon Award by the Underground Music Awards. The group was involved in the first Fresh Fest tour, which was the first hip hop tour to play large coliseums nationwide. Hip-Hop Database Wiki is a FANDOM Music Community.

Larry Smith produced the entire album except for two tracks, "Be Yourself" and "I'm Def (Jump Back And Kiss Myself)", produced by Sinester. and, You Make Me Wanna (JD's Remix) (as J. Fletcher), Rap'N House (The Hottest Trax Currently Available), Keith Haring - A Retrospective, The Music Of His Era, Presents The History Of Rap, Vol. The group was involved in the first Fresh Fest tour, which was the first hip hop tour to play large coliseums nationwide. The group signed with London-based independent record label Jive Records in 1982; they enjoyed a string of hits for several years, mostly charting on urban and R&B radio stations. to create what is the rap equivalent of horror movies. 1 in 1995, Rap Attack in 2003, and Funky Beat: The Best of Whodini in 2006, which featured the seven-minute "Whodini Mega Mix", which was a medley of some of the biggest hits.

In the movie Next Friday, characters Day-Day and Roach were singing Whodini's song "Friends" while tied up when the Main Joker told them to shut up and said, "I don't even like Whodini". The Brooklyn, New York-based trio consisted of vocalist and main lyricist Jalil Hutchins; co-vocalist John Fletcher, a.k.a. As a child in the 1980s, Dupri did a brief stint as a dancer for the group.[8]. They even began to sample, as a snippet of Cheryl Lynn's "Got to be Real" is heard on the song "Now That Whodini's Inside the Joint". As they were contemporaries of other hip hop groups such as the Fat Boys, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, and Afrika Bambaataa, the group was managed by Russell Simmons, brother of Joseph “Run” Simmons of Run-D.M.C. In March 2012, Whodini was featured in Season 5 Episode 3 of the TV One hour-long music documentary series Unsung. The group has released six studio albums.

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