Watch FOX Monday night at 9 PM for our special, “TMZ Investigates, Tiger King: What Really Went Down?” He explains exactly why he’s suspicious. In the 1980s, Exotic was working as the chief of police in a town in Texas called Eastvale. Brandon Chappell’s identity came as a surprise to everyone.

Naturally, you might be curious to know about Joe’s son and the woman who mothered him. Currently, Brandon is 38 years old and has three children of his own. It's never specified whether Kim is the ex-wife, or if there was another marriage to a woman outside of his relationship with Kim. “Joe was in and out of Brandon’s life when he was growing up, at one point just a few years ago Brandon and his then-wife both worked at the zoo with Joe,” Putman revealed.

He had his son sweeping the park instead of giving him a decent job, feeding the animals, or something like that.”, Rick has also implied that Joe might have regretted having a son or being married in the first place. You can unsubscribe at any time. While Kirkham doesn’t outright say who it was, he teases that Exotic’s secret ex-wife was his ex-girlfriend Kim. Privacy Notice | Terms of Use | More About the Knewz App. They’ve also created a behavioral mess. It's said that Joe's relationship with Brandon was spotty, as Joe was in and out of Brandon's life frequently while he was young. Although Brandon’s not mentioned in ‘Tiger King’, Joe never kept the existence of his son a secret. In the Daily Mail interview, her final words to her uncle capture her lingering feelings toward him: "I hope you rot in hell. “Tiger King” has exploded onto the streaming airwaves with its bizarre tales of Joe’s big-cat zoo in Oklahoma and the fur that has flown between him and Carole Baskin. It was almost as though he regretted having a child, that he regretted having been married.”. She said: "If it would up to me, I would have sentenced him to life behind bars, he wouldn't have ever seen the light of day.". Exotic's niece says that he was very open about Brandon being his son. Rick stated that Joe belittled Brandon by giving him grunt work to do in the zoo and treating him worse than he did the other employees — a nearly rock-bottom bar as it was.

But in roadside parks, closely-related individuals are bred together, generation after generation. We know that he’s been married to, and has had relationships with several men. When Joe became a father, he was working as the chief of police in a small town in Texas called Eastvale. Getting to the truth of the matter may require the granting of immunity to a key stakeholder.

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