“Stephanie and Hae were best friends,” Meg said and described Stephanie as “gorgeous inside and out, a lovely girl, just like Hae.” Tom said Stephanie was one of the smartest students in the school and an amazing athlete. “They had to chase me around before they could corner me to talk to me, and there came a point where I was just sick of talking to them. Meg said she doesn’t see how Stephanie could even be part of the story. Adnan did not know that Jay had spoken to the police. First of all, to recap, it seems clear to me that Hae's murder was not a premeditated act, on anyone's part. Nothing about the day sounds like a plan, to me. This could have made Jay want to keep Stephanie away from Adnan, and could have contributed to Jay's willingness to implicate Adnan. This article was written completely independently, see more details here. I remember Adnan standing next to me.”. The new documentary series includes much of the material in the 2014 Serial podcast about the case and further re-examines Hae’s murder and Syed’s case. The interview is just the first installment of a multi-part series, and covers the basics of the case, Wilds’ motivation for helping Syed allegedly bury Lee’s body and his account of what happened on January 13th, 1999, the day she was murdered.

Hae’s murder has become part of the Woodlawn folklore. We drank coffee, flipped through the 1996-99 yearbooks and talked with no filter.

“What else could motivate you to choke the life out of someone you cared about? Though she confirmed that Jay was a rebel, he wasn’t this wild Dennis Rodman-like character, as portrayed in the podcast.

order back issues and use the historic Daily Express JR and his daughter Demi’s mother Shirley decided to make a move and “just get married.” Here’s the thing though, JR had a girlfriend that he has been with for a few years named Ashley Weatherspoon. In the winter of 1999, Tom said, “Within the school, the story died off rather quickly and things moved on. He just couldn’t come to grips with those feelings. Thousands of avid Serial listeners and bloggers with their conspiracy theories are convinced Stephanie was involved in the murder. Peter DeCandia teaches Geometry and Advancement Via Individual Determination at Woodlawn High School in Baltimore, Maryland. Are garden centres open in second lockdown?

Aftér Adnan and Haé break up, Adnan will get with Stephanie or at minimum appears to have got some kind of romantic relationship with her. The Case Against Adnan Syed is streaming on NOW TV now. There was no physical evidence against Adnan at his trial in 2000 and there is still none to this day. She was also my senior intern, hand-chosen by me. Speaking exclusively to press, including Express.co.uk, director Amy Berg said that she tried to reach out to Stephanie, but she declined to feature in the documentary. Adnan questioned in the documentary why Jay would leave him alone with his girlfriend is he thought was capable of killing her. “But there was a grand jury hearing on this case,” Wilds said, “and I have an idea who might have [called] based on that hearing.”, Despite Wilds’ certainty, not everyone is convinced. Will There Be a Mafia-Style Peaky Blinders Game? Getting them in trouble for anything that they knew or that I had told them — I couldn’t have that.”, Though he did eventually begin cooperating with police, Wilds said he was not the anonymous caller who tipped investigators off to Syed in the first place. In Wilds’ newest version of events, Adnan was in his car with Jay instead of being at his last period of school. Stephanie is the former girlfriend of key witness Jay Wilds. She said: “The one person I really wanted to speak to from the beginning was Stephanie, but we haven’t spoken with her, unfortunately. However, at that prom, Adnan’s date was Hae. In episode two of the documentary, Jay had originally told police that if Adnan had allegedly threatened Stephanie's life. It also clarifies why Adnan might not be capable remember everything about that day. After the party, Adnan drove Jay home and then dropped Stephanie home afterwards. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls.

As reflected in the many photos of Stephanie in the yearbooks, she was as much the golden child of Woodlawn as Hae was. While “Serial” host and producer Sarah Koenig spent the podcast’s 12-episode run dismantling various aspects of the State’s flimsy case against Syed, she honed in on Wilds, questioning the inconsistencies of his police interviews and trial testimony. The documentary unearthed new evidence and cast more doubt on the case against Adnan Syed and what really happened to Hae Min Lee. No — until they told me they weren’t trying to prosecute me for selling weed, or trying to get any of my friends in trouble.

However, at that prom, Adnan’s date was Hae. I was even taken aback by hearing my para-educator, Catrice Sneed, a Woodlawn 1998 graduate and track star, whom I share my classroom with, speak about her friendships with the “characters” and her perceptions of them. Jáy Wilds followers say his tales are reliable but maybe they are reputable because hé did it. However, as the documentary shows, Wilds testimony is highly contradictory and very significant.

Hé knew specifically how the homicide happened, therefore who's to state that he didn't perform it and whiIe retelling the tale to the police just merely omitted himself and placed Adnan as the great (in fact Jay) and himseIf the accomplice ánd “loyal friend” (Jénn/Another Accomplice/LoyaI Friend).

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