Later, in "Jail Break", she imprisons Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven on the ship. Jasper is the third Homeworld Gem introduced in the series, with the first being Lapis and the second being Peridot. Quartz Hobby "Hello!

This occurs again in the episode, this time as a result of Steven's feelings to similar memories he has. In "Coach Steven", Garnet and Amethyst lose themselves in Sugilite, going on a rampage and refusing to split up. Because of what YOU did to my PLANET! The exact full-range of abilities is unknown but Zebra Jasper appears to be very strong judging by its size and how physically strong both gems are. Whenever a fusion with a smaller, more stable fusion as a component undergoes an unstable de-fusion, the smaller fusion briefly de-fuses as well but can still hold themself together once the larger fusion has broken apart. She debuted in the episode "Earthlings". After this, she briefly gloats at Steven (whom she still thinks is Rose Quartz) by showing him the two inactive gems and walks away into the blizzard, laughing evily. While she fights Steven and continues to put him down, she does show to be impressed by Steven's strength and the two do reach something of an understanding. Gem Type An example of a stable fusion (and de-fusion) was shown in "We Need to Talk" when Rose and Pearl fused into Rainbow Quartz. A fusion of two Topazes as seen in "Are You My Dad?".

Fairly simple, fusions of two gems ((see Opal, Garnet)) tend to be taller than regular unfused gems, but shorter than fusions of three gems. Species Jasper points out how Peridot was stripped of everything that made her great, and Peridot explains how the Earth is not a bad place and that she is always learning new things. After getting healed from her corruption by Steven and the Diamonds in "Change Your Mind", she still wears a sleeveless bodysuit, however, the torso now has a different design. However, the only gem who is supposedly not a fusion to have pupils…is Jasper. 3. GemCrust created a lot of designs for fusions with his Gemsonas, mainly Ice. Previous Jasper stood down after realising that the Diamonds were watching. It is triangular and faceted onto a low point. Malachite, an unstable two-Gem fusion, was formed and held together by anger and mistrust and easily towers over the stable Garnet, who reaches up to a fraction of her forearm. Gem Fusions: Alexandrite • Crazy Lace Agate • Garnet • Mega Pearl • Obsidian (Rose Quartz Fusion) • Opal • Rainbow Quartz • Sardonyx • Sugilite Deep underneath her victory first and militaristic personality, Jasper does have an insecure side that sprouts on occasion.

Some dominant features in Gems can occur in their fusions, such as Pearl's nose shape. Gem Homeworld (formerly)Steven Universe (former superior)Pink Diamond (former superior)Yellow Diamond (former superior)PeridotLapis Lazuli (former captor) When Gems fuse, their bodies and minds become one.

But it's only you. The hostile Malachite fusion has an internal fusion realm where Lapis Lazuli and Jasper struggle for control. As of the events of "Change Your Mind", it has been revealed that fusion can occur while one or more of the participating gems has been poofed and retreated into their gemstone. Though she still retained her cunning, her cruelty has been increased significantly, and she has been known to pursue immoral methods to get her way. Humans: Connie Maheswaran Zebra Jasper, despite being caught off-guard by the attack, managed to withstand it and slowly advanced toward to Smoky, ready to attack.

Ask About a Theory (Use submit box for your theories!). *FUSION ALARM*. The physical bodies of these Gems usually embody the incomplete fusions, with limbs being stuck together at seemingly random places.

In "Little Homeschool", Steven heads into the forest outskirts of Beach City to visit Jasper; the latter having chosen to make her home in solitude after being uncorrupted. This method of fusion is usually incomplete and often against their will, simply binding fragmented gemstones together on the edges instead of changing their colors, as shown in complete fusion. In "Alone at Sea", Jasper begs Lapis to re-fuse with her, claiming they were better together than apart. Jasper is also determined, even to the point of obsession, as she is willing to get revenge and retribution on anyone who has wronged her. 4. Steg's double-necked guitar combines the guitars of Steven and Greg, in addition to acting as his "weapon". However, dialogue from Smoky Quartz implies that they did not "decide" to be called Smoky Quartz, making the specifics unclear. She replied that it is "more than the dance, it's about a mutual understanding. This isn't always the case, as Lapis Lazuli fused with Jasper, whom she did not trust; but fused with a purpose to stop her. Status A fusion of hatred is inherently unstable. As seen with Sugilite and Malachite, certain fusions will cause the loss of individuality between their fusing Gems if fused for long periods of time.

These similarities include: Jasper and Amethyst both have wild and unkempt hair. Jasper was put in charge of overseeing Lapis, following her return to Homeworld. Some fusions are stable due to how close in connection the Gems fusing are, such as Garnet, since Ruby and Sapphire are so romantically involved. The "fusion dance" displayed by Gems is very similar to the Fusion Dance shown in the anime, During NYCC 2016, Kat Morris was asked about how characters are sometimes able to fuse without dancing.

Garnet defeats Jasper and Peridot retreats to an area on Earth just as the ship crashes into the Gems's residence. Steven Universe Theory.

Each fusion's dance is different. Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak Gems stronger. Jasper has to make sure that she always comes out on top so her thoughts of being a failure don't consume her, and if she has to break rules to win, she will. [8], ♫ Can't you see that my relationship is stable? She now wears a brown-orange square neck tank top and between is a pale orange triangle with a brown-orange keyhole shape, which contains a small pale orange triangle through it.

She has thick, beige-white-colored flowing hair.

After getting too carried away with the fight, Steven ends up shattering Jasper. While not bearing any hostility toward him, Jasper still bears some animosity toward Steven, making it clear that he is not her Diamond and that he'll have to fight her if he wishes to prove he can lead her as one. More stable fusions like Garnet and Stevonnie tend to be more compact and humanoid, while more volatile fusions like Sugilite, Alexandrite, and Malachite tend to be larger and more monstrous. Not much is known about the relationship between Jasper and Pink Diamond, though from Jasper's ideology shows that she had a great deal of respect for her as she served under her.

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