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A good answer would be along the lines of being unable to solve a  problem due to factors outside you control, like hardware failure for instance.

Q #11) Can you manually edit the BOOT.INI file? 6. Walk us through the steps of adding a new printer to a user’s network.

Say that your career progression to date has been quite good (give examples of how you think you have been successful). The IT officer first needs to check if the computer takes a long time to start. it support interview questions and answers pdf. Save the file and then close it. You could also mention the value of social networking. 22.

Universal Serial Bus – the current version is 2.0. Proper homework is mandatory to answer the question in the right manner. What help desk tools have you used in the past? It lacks intimate knowledge of file systems and that results in copying of source hard disk into image block by block. It looks for all the OS available and passes the control to the most capable one.


What did you do to handle the stress? Commonly, users store applications and OS data on one partition and user data on another. To get recruited as IT support, the candidate needs to possess technical skills. Get the free PDF in your inbox * Send me the PDF. These are a few common IT support interview questions and answers.

Why do you want to work for this organisation?

Your answer should present that you focus on communication skills, technical aspects, problem-solving skills and also interested in customer satisfaction. It also enables transfer from one PC or disk to another. An SDK is a complete workshop that allows us to create beyond the scope of API.

The following mentioned are few technical questions to ask in an interview for technical support. If written communication is important for this role, you may want to add a written take-home assignment as part of your hiring process. Power light - indicates if the power is on, Link light - indicates if the modem is receiving broadband or internet signals from the ISP, Data light - indicates if the internet is working, Connectivity light - indicates if the modem is connected to a computer.

Log in customer’s and employee’s queries.

And if they need help, they should be able to make the right judgement call and ask for it.

RAM is a random access memory that use to store data temporarily. It ranges from 8 to 64KB. High-frequency clocking offers better gameplay experience had a faster response time. Your career is of utmost importance to you.

Technical support interview questions and answers for freshers beginners and experienced pdf free download.these are most frequently asked Tech Support Questions. This is not an invitation to give your life story. Read our in-depth interview tips designed to help you land that role. Sep 26, 2020 // slider setup There could be an issue with the heat sink.

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Answer: This question is meant to check your approach towards identifying a problem and finding its solution.

Which operating system are you famed with? Discuss the desires that you want to perform and be noticed as a perfect employee. For Example, Intel Pentium Quad Core I3, I5, and I7 are the latest processors as of today. BIOS is abbreviated as a basic input output system and present in all computers. Assure them that all these will make you a valuable employee of the company.

Add to your answer that you can quickly find out the problems, prioritize them, and solve them with your experience. Device drivers are also a piece of software that considered mandatory to run the hardware components in the system. There will be questions related to hardware and software.

These are a few common IT support interview questions and answers. The answer would be that the hardware components for desktop and laptop computers are the motherboard, processor, RAM, monitor, mouse, soundcard, keyboard, graphics, hard disk drive, power supply, and floppy disk drive. 24. The answer should formulated in a manner that satisfies the needs of the company. Assure them that you can deliver the results with your hard work, skills, and interest. Answers: With this question, the interviewers are looking to test your technical expertise.

Are you the only user who has access to the system? The section with operating systems that contains boot entries, one or more, for each bootable program or OS that is installed on the computer.

How do you remain abreast of new developments in technology? Mention aspects like the challenges of working with new systems and meeting new people. To make this question an apt one, you can state an example where you made a mistake and learned from it and also never repeated the same.

Assure them that you can deliver the results with your hard work, skills, and interest.

Determining the nature of the problem by talking to clients and all those who use computers, and solving them.

Front Desk Representative interview questions, Best interview questions to ask candidates (and how to evaluate answers), A guide to interview preparation for employers, How to interview candidates for better hiring results. How would you proceed? He/she should be aware of the latest trends in IT and software. It helps in organizing data efficiently and effectively.

You can also mention that since the company accentuates on research and development, you can get a chance to expose your skills and talent for the same. Describe image testing and the attributes of particular software to show your familiarity with imaging. Managing the stocks of supplies, equipment, and other things.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol – it assigns dynamic IP addresses to network devices allowing them to have a different IP address each time they are The main job role of IT support is to help customers who have technical queries and solve them. + Free ebook 395 interview questions with answers pdf 2.

There you will find the startup and recovery option, move to its Settings. He/she should be able to work with people and must have strong communication skills. Core system interconnections happen due to the former while the latter manages the connection between the other components. To edit the file, go to the control panel and then to the System option. Q #5) Do you know the difference between SDK and an API?

So far, how successful do you feel have you been? Though it may be usual, it is important to answer the question carefully. Making sure that there is electrical safety and repairing or replacing the parts as and when required. 23.

Then, you will have to go through all the necessary steps for rectifying that problem. Formulate and implement a plan to solve the problem, Verify that the problem is solved and take steps to prevent it happening again, Record your findings, what action you took and the outcome. Answer: First, make sure that the selection of media and paper is proper in the print driver. Q #19) My printer prints faded words, images of poor quality and smudges. Remember to list down all the steps for solving in the right order and also answer that each organization has its own set of procedures. What is your preferred operating system and why? Article 2187 PDF Download.


These commonly asked interview technical questions and proper preparation would surely fetch you more marks and help you clear the interview. 25. Q #9) Tell us about Disk Partition. Answers: With this question, the interviewers are looking …

7. The employee must have detailed knowledge of the system, its software and hardware.

Special software is another name offered to BIOS as it interfaces the main hardware components of the system with the operating system. And ask them to wait till further assistance provided by your colleague or supervisor. This question is best answered by reference to a successful outcome to a difficult situation that you have encountered.

13. Answer: The basic Input/Output System or BIOS is found on motherboards as a ROM chip. If so, why? 3.

This is a test of your ambition and possible loyalty.


What, if anything, have you done to fix the problem yourself?

Goals and missions of your professional life.

For an average call, what is your expected period? The other two cache memories are larger than L1 but also takes longer to access. Can you tell me a little about yourself? Answer: A gateway is a hardware device like a Firewall, Server, Router, etc that acts as a gate between networks. What is one of the latest Computer Processors (CPU)? Intel Pentium Quad Core, Intel I3, I5 and I7 processor are some of the latest Computer Processor. Add a few personal touches and you’re good to go. It is always found on the primary hard drive’s root directory i.e. In the assignment, try asking them to walk you through a process or request a paragraph explaining a basic IT concept. Start hiring now with a 15-day free trial. The question is a test of motivation. What is active directory?

Focus your answer on those systems, but also mention other systems with which you have experience.

What does DNS stand for and what is it used for?

Don’t let jargon stand between you and your to-do list. L1, L2, and L3. Hard disk partitions divide the hard disk drive into smaller segments to enable As an IT support engineer have you learned from your mistakes?

Must be able to establish a good working rapport with the clients quickly.

While carrying the specific instructions for functions like performing logical, arithmetical and control operations is the job of the Processor.

Your email address will not be published. Here are a few reasons for which you can’t see the display: Q #17) Why do you need the Jumper and Heat Sink? Your answer can that you want to be a part of the team because the organization possesses a strong management style. Here's the deal: Don't give your complete employment (or personal) history. And finally, the system to check for the space available in the hard disk drive.

What are the tools you think are mandatory for problem-solving? The employers would like to know what the candidate would do while they work. Describe yourself professionally in a few words. SDKs are the origin point of almost every program that we use. connected to the network. If so, why did you have to do so, and how did you approach the situation? The best imaging software is expensive and commercial. It copies the hard disk contents to another server in one compressed file or a set of files which is referred to as an image.

Your focus should be to minimize the downtime of your client. It is best to avoid being too specific but do not give the impression that salary is unimportant. While Chipset is a particular component set that is integrated directly into the motherboard and usually consists of northbridge chipset and southbridge chipset. But before manually editing the BOOT.INI, make sure that you save a copy in case anything goes wrong. Are there any viruses, malware or spyware? What does a ‘?’ sign in the device manager indicates?

It is used to configure peripheral settings. The real fact is that everyone who works makes a mistake.

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