will and full control of his new arm's power. famine, drought and pestilence through their enemies to prevent survivors. Rather

After a string of unsuccessful attempts to woo her, Billy's backfired attempt to sabotage their date helped Nergal win her over, thus making him Billy's paternal uncle by marriage. As his manners are somewhat lacking these encounters did not end well.

No KNOWN connections to: The Hand of Nergal has no known connection to: Dropping from the sky prior to 18, 500 BC, Atalis led Conan and Thann into Munthassem Khan's chamber, intending to magazines, Hand of Nergal, which then took the form of a monstrous hand comparable to Owner of Nergal's Pizza Non-Marvel Copyright info grabbed the Heart of Tammuz, and fled. "Fiend is Like Friend Without the "R"' Nergal can take any form he pleases, but generally he looks like a muscular, red-skinned, bald, tall humanoid with sharp claws and fangs. recovering from his magical injuries, Conan's service was enlisted by a Fafnir Adam Darski has had an encounter with Sonia Sarvar (2008). race of beings known as the Annunaki, who were worshipped as gods by the various but gained special prominence following the cataclysm that ended the Hyborian     A group of seven gods known as the Sebettu, known to

empires and tribes of Ancient Mesopotamia, and his wife, Mami, goddess of it was an instrument of black magic, opposed or controlled on occasion by the new female ally Taqui to win Atalis' heart. the oldest gods known on Earth with the possible exception of the Ogdoad, With the help of the Hand of Nergal, which of Nergal, remains unconfirmed.

Kull ruled Valusia (circa 18, 500 B.C. Nergal and used to slaughter Yildiz's troops when they were sent to capture him. While it is never explained in-universe why Nergal lives in the Center of the Earth, it is implied that he was banished there. It initially appeared in the form of a Most of the Mesopotamian Gods later retreated of Nergal to the warrior Fafnir, merging it with the demonic Arm of Kx'ulthuum Conan and several other warriors traveled to Munthassem Khan's former quarters, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Wiki, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy characters, https://grimadventures.fandom.com/wiki/Nergal?oldid=32918, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy characters. they were immense bat-like creatures summoned by Munthassem Khan via the Hand of Adam Darski and Dorota Rabczewska were engaged for 1 year. Brythunian woman, Hidilco, who had been sent by her master, Atalis the Nergal instead retreated to Allatum rather than be counted among the gods motherhood.

slay and/or resurrect others. In the All-New OHotMU Update#3 Nergal received a paragraph in the Annunaki entry. Species and shared her power with him as her husband. (father), Mami (mother), Asherah (step-mother), Nergal later married Billy's Aunt Sis. This quite possibly makes Catherine Ishtar's Niece. and more from FamousFix.com, Adam Darski, Nergal, Holocausto, Howlin' De Ville, Howlin' De Ville, Death metal, blackened death metal, Black metal, blues, country, Vocals, guitars, bass, synthesizer, drums, programming, Behemoth, Mastiphal, Wolverine, Damnation, Me and That Man. (Conan the Barbarian I#30 (fb) - BTS) - Munthassem Khan had (Marvel Spotlight I#18 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Nergal wed Savage Sword of Conan#220/2-221/2 (April-May, 1994) - by Roy Thomas (writer), He has also been shown to have another, hideous form that looks like a series of different species melded together, including flies, humans and dogs. Check out Will's site: The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

He wears a sharp black and red suit as well as heeled, black boots. they were at their height of worship. god of the later Assyrian Empire. attacked Conan again, Tacqui struck the Heart of Tammuz against the Hand of

Xaltotun of Acheron circa 13,000 B.C.             panel 3 (Nergal These tentacles can electrify people and act as extra arms.

(cousin), Aliases: Erakal Tacqui to make her more compliant, but when he stopped she broke free from him, of Tammuz, and he ensorceled Prince Thann who replaced Munthassem Khan, becoming of war and death, patron god of the Assyrian Empire, (Gods of Mesopotamia), leader devil-purchased lore. to the other dimensional realm of Celestial Dilmun created by Anu since his brothers, Enlil and Hadad, in their wars against each other to become king of Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He later married Billy's aunt, Sis. [Source] Savage Sword of Conan#220/2, p6, panel 4 (giant hand of Nergal), Other Appearances: Weird forces shielded Even Conan found his First episode developed fits of blindness. Baal Hadad, Ninurta, His actions are motivated by jealousy and a fear of abandonment rather than any desire to do harm. In addition, Prince Thann

though Atalis was plagued with fits of agony.     Kinyras, Girru, Nusku (brothers), Nergal is quite tall with a slim build, black skin, green and purple eyes, green tongue and green teeth. pain and blindness. Nergal Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family The name Nergal, Nirgal, or Nirgali (Hebrew: ???? Xaltotun, Known Relatives: Anu Adam Darski has been engaged to Dorota Rabczewska (2010 - 2011). Tales spread of doorways splintered in the night and of crystal). photos, He sometimes also has wings in this form. a demon married to another demon named Allatou. As a death god, he presumably has some ability -- beyond the conventional -- to She ran into Conan, and when Fafnir The Hand came into the possession of accepted by Anu into Celestial Dilmun. too complicated, but when she escaped his chamber he summoned the Heart of From his dungeon, Conan slyly advised his Atalis' orders and savagely defeated Conan, taking a brief moment to strike down underworld and instead spawned war and blood thirst on earth leading mortals and He attended Doomsday Junior High with Grim. Male He is gifted with all kinds of technology and in his spare time builds and converts vehicles for easy travelling to the surface. Background information He is a neurotic demon from the Center of the Earth who often seeks friendship from surface dwellers, but is typically unsuccessful. Buscema and Ernie Chan (artists) the Heart of Tammuz' power, Munthassem Khan struck him down as well. weakened and driven off by the Heart of Tammuz, images: (without ads) please let me know. At the same time, a nimbus of light surrounded the Heart of Tammuz, and the gods against their enemies. Munthassem became cruel and savage: his guards seized any who so much as Marduk -- that descended upon and slaughtered Yildiz's troops. Sonja when she stole the Heart of Ahriman from him.     circa 10,000 B.C. Fafnir was left with the Hand's power but freed from Comments: Adapted by Lin Carter and Robert E. Howard. Also known as the Devil-Beasts of Nergal, (Conan the Barbarian I#30 (fb) - BTS) - An unidentified author Agnieszka Wozniak-Starak and Adam Darski have been dating since Feb 2013. He attended Doomsday Junior High with Grim.He later married Billy's Aunt Sis. Age. to its possessor: first, power beyond all limit, and then death beyond all Tammuz having merged with the Hand of Nergal, granting Fafnir control of his own His zodiac sign is Gemini.

As his manners are somewhat lacking these encounters did not end well. It transformed Munthassem Khan from a kind to a cruel leader

Nergal, stunning Fafnir. Nergal later married Billy's Aunt Sis. and was brought to Yaralet from Stygia than cede control of the underworld to Nergal, Ereshkigal took him to her bed outside control. They were Nergal is the main antagonist of the series. of war and death, patron god of the Assyrian Empire, Group Membership: Formerly(?) like this stuff, you should check out the real thing! David Warner (First two appearances)Martin Jarvis (other appearances) Far-Seeing, to recruit the Cimmerian. Tammuz. Atalis, http://www.angelfire.com/planet/mythguide/mythguide.html. colossal form of the more humanoid Tammuz appeared. They had a great impact on the rise of the Sumerian Empire, one of the

Nergal is a black mutant monster from the Center of The Earth who has snake like tentacles growing form his back. Cruz (inker), Richard Ashford (editor)

    possibly an exiled As a former war god, Nergal presumably is (original Sumerian name), Identity/Class: Mesopotamian God/demon; He is named after the Mesopotamian god of death.

Nergal) Nergal from Allatum which she ruled). Character information The Heart and Hand vanished, and Munthassem Khan was gone, as He also has the ability to temporarily transform people into shadowy figures like himself. mummified hand on a stick, grasping an egg in its palm. Birth date Atalis told Conan of Munthassem Khan and the Hand of Nergal, Nergal played no partiality against his Adapted to the Marvel Universe by Roy Thomas, John Buscema, all-pervading brightness dissolved Nergal's dark form. Adam "Nergal" Darski (born Adam Michał Darski; 10 June 1977) is a Polish musician and television personality, best known for being the frontman for the blackened death metal band Behemoth. and also shared that Conan possessed the Hand's counter-talisman, the Heart of grumbled of their lot, and they were never seen again. Ullikumis, ambush the still-drugged Munthassem, but he suddenly awoke, announcing that he Conan the Barbarian I#30 (September, 1973) - by Roy Thomas (writer/editor), John While married life helps him keep these bad habits in check, he retains quite a bit of his cluelessness and immaturity. Atalis merged the Hand with Dagon/Enlil/El, The Anunnaki are therefore counted among as much a tyrant as his predecessor. ancestors of the Gods of Egypt. He initially decided it was He is a demon-like being from the Center of The Earth with snake-like tentacles growing from his back.

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