“Merica.” No, that’s not a misspelling.

It’s almost always used by people who consider themselves to be liberal, educated and/or enlightened, and almost always to make fun of people who they do not consider to be liberal, educated and/or enlightened.

Ooh, you like something, we’re all so very impressed with that. Do you know why? Waters scoffed at O’Reilly’s disrespectful “joke.” “I am a strong black woman,” she tweeted after the moment began making media rounds. Why is a supposedly grown woman going fan-crazy over an actor from a show marketed to tween/teen audiences? Administrators should be guiding the students as they did here.

Perhaps if you weren’t so rude and deliberately abrasive towards people you would not have coped a bullocking. While we all love the fun of an excessive representation about American patriotism, the culture we live in today is interesting to say the least. Many Americans rejoiced at what seemed to be an affirmation of the very ideals their country was founded upon. Why would knowing the celebrity my kid niece has a crush on mean anything? Fast forward to May 2, 2011. Just calm down, have a glass of water and go for a walk or something. I’m picturing a lot of gun toting and beer drinking and cut off sleeveless shirts. Merica day, with all the memes going around, sounds like a day where people dress like ignorant hillbillies.

Normally, I am all about paying attention to the nuances of language, especially for kids and teenagers. In a statement, officials said: “When students first proposed Merica Monday, building administrators felt that it was against this unifying theme and disrespectful to our country. A heavily armed man by the name of Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez murders five servicemen in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

It only makes a difference here because like I said the internet has it’s own language that “outsiders” just can’t understand, it’s like a whole ‘nother culture, which is why it was a bad idea for them to even TRY for a “Merica Day”, Let me give you an example, “I may be a ship glutton but I still only have 5 true OTPs (I say “true” because I have fandom OTPs like Sterek but that’s different), which are, in order, Klaine, Spirk, Merthur, and Dryler PLUS my IRL OTP which is CrissColfer, but I believe they are in a league of their own, you know because RP. Let the dang teenagers have their funny, ironic Merica Day and be done with it. It’s about USA pride. Close. Cyber Bullying is never ok, more and more teen and young adult suicides are being linked to Cyber Bullying. I didn’t think they were real either. Listen, you are NOT the weirdest, most different person who frequents here. your own words: it (merica) is about pride. *chin up* “Merica” sounds like what’s wrong with America, not what’s right with it, and I’m picturing something along the brilliance of the YOLO crowd when I think of it; not what our schools ought to be encouraging. Probably why the school didn’t want to celebrate it . I may be biased. does a space between the too syllables mean something? But as I got older & read more about our actual history, I started questioning so much if it. 6104 W Pioneer Pkwy Ste 212Arlington, TX 76013, Proudly managed inthe great state of Texas. I see you know your Colorado (I’m a Denver native and went to college in Greeley). I can see people totally mocking a school for that, and I would give benefit of the doubt and appreciation to a school official who was trying to stay out of a media brouhaha. I agree. We needed permission; not “oversight.” The adults are in charge, and they would be the ones called out publicly for allowing this in the school. that was a beautiful story, i’m so touched.

Oh, no, I would never say they did. At least to me. I’m horrified by some of the crap coming out of both sides, and usually slightly more horrified by some of the stuff coming out of the “conservative” side (who seem to have forgotten what “conservative” means when it comes to anything but taxes).

And she know’s different things than we do!! Why would you be proud of wilful ignorance? Technology for understanding the digital world and mitigating electronic threats. They jump out of their seat and scream when their team gets a touchdown, and I don’t get that. No, this problem applied to our national morale, our collective belief that what America did in this world was, on the whole, right, and it came to be symbolized by people shouting “Merica” instead of “America”. sorry i can’t give you two. “Merica.” No, that’s not a misspelling. He doesn’t need you to defend him, or his life partner or his ship or whatever. There are many who would say that “the energy, the faith, the devotion” we once put into defending freedom around the globe has diminished, an uncomfortable truth that modern Americans try to brush off with a joking Merica here and there.

So we were taught a lot of respect for our country & flag. No probably not, but I never said it was, I just said that just because you don’t understand something that doesn’t give you the right to go cray-cray on those who do. 26. Lots of camo, lots of waders, lots of fishing gear, and someone once dragged a buggy to school in the back of their truck…, lol at the buggy. Really you are your own worst enemy. Chris Colfer. That’s my problem with the whole ‘Merica/’Murica thing. This thread is archived . Had this theme been what school officials feared, they would have received criticism for letting it go on. I didn’t believe they were real, until now….or at least…knew how to find the internet beyond the NRA website.. . Just because someone uses and understands the internet doesn’t make them a neanderthal (are you 80). Please excuse my passion, and Chris DOES know about and acknowledge his Stans, (he loves us btw), he says FanFiction (stories written by fans with him in them) is like the ultimate high-five, he likes his fanart, and even reads his FanFiction (which is both awesome and terrifying for us writers), so don’t worry ’bout him k. Look I know you don’t get it (as that’s what this whole conversation has been about), you think I’m crazy for knowing so much about certain actors and characters and understanding how the internet works, and ok whatever, but there are guys out there that know every single thing about certain football players, and spend REAL money on the sport and obsess over who will win and scream at the TV when they watch a game! Merica is a disrespectful term. Use of the web site constitutes acceptance of the Yolla Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Carrie, I know I would have celebrated the shit out of Merica Day in high school! You’re either from the internet or your not, and if you don’t know what it means then you’re not.

Click the Learn More button below for details. And I never said it didn’t *exist*. I’d be lying if I told you I’ve never uttered it myself jokingly.

It is for me, too, apparently. A) they change it to America Day, or B) they keep it as ‘Merica Day and each student writes an essay, or participates in a debate regarding the matter. Medical Bag Updates: Repacking & Maintaining Over the Counter Medications, Go-To Preparedness Bags and Food Selections, Consider the Three P’s Before Packing for Your Next Trip, Foot Care: Treat Your Feet the Right Way to Avoid Blisters. Much of that overtness is embarrassing to those of us trying to have a civilization here; though it is absolutely your right.
In fact, you have been pretty abrasive, not to mention obnoxious, from the beginning. High school students in Fort Collins, Colorado wanted to have Merica Day for their spirit week. If American patriotism and unity is so weak that it would fall apart if it lost an “A”, maybe it deserves to die. Am I 80 or am I half your age? It’s not something I take lightly, or something I find myself needing shortcuts to express.

Why do we need to stop saying, Merica? Usually though, administrators don’t step in unless the themes are majorly offensive. Your last few sentences sum up how conflicted I feel about being American. In the end, terror is an idea, one that we must ultimately not defeat with physical weapons, but with ideals we have touted since our country’s founding. ©2009-2020 ITS Tactical // Imminent Threat Solutions. You know, ‘merica. So I agree with your comment on that level. It helps keep things in perspective. I have to admit some of those memes are hilarious, but I can’t help seeing it as a shortcut, or a trendy way of being patriotic. Bye. This is what it means’. And I will argue with you till death that every single one is canon (because they are) even CrissColfer, (which has by far the worst ship wars, I blame the feels involved), although some swear up and down RP ships can’t BE “canon” I highly beg to differ, same rules apply. We have things that we desperately need to change. That doesn’t sound like general badassery. Lol. Oh no. They are the sons and daughters of immigrants, human beings who each overcame immense struggle to build new lives for themselves and their offspring. Yet slowly, as the decade continued on and public opinion turned against both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, a distinct problem could start to be felt, especially among the young Americans of my generation. shh, there there. Hold up, you can insult me, that’s fine, you can insult the internet, that’s fine, but do.

Your post was more along the lines of ‘Hey, you stupid retards! Surely, this would be our generation’s Pearl Harbor. ANYWAY, back to the flip’n point, I’m not comparing Chris Colfer or CrissColfer or Star Trek or ANY fandom to Italy, this is not about FANDOMS, I don’t know how you came up with that… This is about the INTERNET, and how people who don’t really use the internet don’t understand all the things that come from it, and just like Italy or Scotland or Canada, it has it’s own culture, is it equivalent to the taj mahal? But we also have many things that we should NOT be proud of, should, in fact, be ashamed of. It was your snotty attitude towards everyone that landed you in hot water.

I am Australian, but we suffer from blind patriotism here too.

Just because I’m from the internet doesn’t MEAN I’m not a normal person, I have a life and a spouse and a kid, I run my own business, I live in a house with a lawn, I have a library card and read books, I go grocery shopping and cook for my family… I mean I’m just like every other person.

At ITS, our goal is to foster a community dedicated to learning methods, ideas and knowledge that could save your life. I would probably not choose to live anywhere else.

I don’t know that I would have replaced it with America Day, but I have never, ever seen someone use “‘Merica” or “‘Murica” respectfully.

Holo, I think it is time for you to step away from the internet, go outside and breathe in some fresh air. But do I go around jumping all over those guys and questioning their mental stability?? You know, having pride in your own country… is supposed to be a good thing.

I honestly don’t know the origin of the abbreviation, maybe as a way to save characters in a hashtag like #merica?

Knowledge and tips to give you the mental edge and prevail in any situation.

But this (these pics) isn’t pride; pride comes from accomplishment, not from who can yell the loudest or tote the biggest gun. He was also a Rhodes Scholar and a Fulbright finalist. Yes, they are being paid, but if it was OH SO disrespectful in their eyes, then they would not participate, right? Oh you warrior you. These are sacred truths that our society has to stop uncomfortably acting like it does not accept, lest they be forgotten to the forces of time. It is also ok to be against the decisions and history of your country – that does not have to take away from the respect you have for those who serve in the armed forces. have you spoken yet to a professional about this?

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