Before leaving, she looks at the locket with both photos.

Chuck admits that even if Elizabeth is his mother, she never acted like his mother and the past should stay the past. Diana appears in fourteen episodes. This was never about money." Chuck says he has no interest in hearing her out, and Serena tells him he has no idea what happened 20 years ago and he needs to hear her out. The real reason she stayed away is unknown. Upon seeing him, she says his name and takes off into the night. However in Despicable B, Nate realizes that Jack could have been paying Diana to tell Chuck whatever he wanted. In The Lady Vanished, Chuck pays off an employee at Elizabeth's hotel to get a key into her hotel room. Chuck comes back to the room, and tells Blair that several employees at the Palace are suing him for sexual harassment. She explains to Chuck that she is in love with Jack, and Chuck insists that Jack is incapable of love and is using her. After reading the story, Bart tells Chuck that he never blamed him for her death and that he has trouble being close to him because every time he looks at him, he sees her. This is the place to discuss the original CW show and the HBO reboot. -Elizabeth, "What kind of "loving person" would convince you to do this to me?" I'm pretty sure Bart is his dad. Dark Fic. He finds out she's been living in Vienna for the past six months.

At the Empire Bar, Jack shows up and announces that he's come to protect Chuck, seeing as his mother mysteriously reappeared. A few years later when she heard Elizabeth had died, she came back.

Elizabeth Fisher Who else do you have besides me?"

Chuck tells Blair that writing the check was a test, and the second he handed it to her he didn't want her to take it. He searches the room, eventually finding a picture of Elizabeth and him wrapped in a napkin. Although the popular CW show, "Gossip Girl," ended in 2012, its six seasons continue to live on streaming services like Netflix. I'm gonna try to be the person I forgot." Elizabeth asks how she ever loved him, and Jack replies that's a fair question. -Elizabeth, "Where are you gonna go? Its Elizabeth. Follow/Fav Broken Bass. Chuck replies that he doesn't trust other people, other people aren't his mother, and signs the hotel over to her. XOXO, Press J to jump to the feed. He tells her he thinks Elizabeth is his mother.


Elizabeth reveals that it doesn't matter how long it takes, she will stay in New York because she wants to know Chuck and goes to leave. On the one year anniversary of Bart's death in The Debarted, Chuck goes to visit his grave. Once there, he sees a woman bringing yellow roses to the grave, coincidentally Elizabeth's favorite flowers. -Chuck, "I love him. Jack says that she didn't want him to know and Chuck replies that he wants to thank her. It's also shown that Chuck has a picture of her in his room. -Chuck, "I know he's not perfect. "The Debarted" Elizabeth says she wants nothing further from Jack, and that she told Chuck she wasn't his mother.

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