Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions. Introduction to Ethics & Morals Chapter Exam Instructions. event that is immediately caused by an person's decision.

Kant: What does it mean to have a good will? Aquinas: how can laws be unjust to human good (3 ways)? Kant: What type of beings are Rational Beings?

), - In actions in accord with duty, but without immediate inclination or contrary to immediate inclination, - indirect duty to secure our own happiness as a safeguard against temptation to act against duty, Duty: a necessity of an action done out of respect for the law. Human free will often explains evil in the world, Mill: Act Utilitarians and Rule Utilitarians. project 1.xlsx Liberty University Intro to Ethics ETHC 101 - Fall 2017 Register Now project 1.xlsx. • Rule: Accumulated experience of humanity gives good evidence that certain actions either promote or undercut happiness. No need to calculate pleasures for each act - follow rule. the study of the meaning and logical structure of moral beliefs, The branch of ethics that analyzes which actions are right and wrong, The branch of ethics that uses normative ethical theories to evaluate and prescribe actions in specific situations and contexts, The branch of ethics that analyzes people's beliefs about value, definition of an action in philosophy and ethics. Ethical truths are decided by society or culture. Morality is objective.

A consequentialist theory may define the good as, pleasure, happiness, well-being, or flourishing, A major reason for devising a moral theory is to, A moral theory is ________ on an issue such as euthanasia, an explanation of what makes an action right or what makes a person or thing good, A moral theory that judges the rightness of abortion by the end result of the action is, A moral theory that suggests that our moral judgments cannot be rationally supported is inconsistent with, A moral theory that would have us torturing infants for fun conflicts with, A person who reasons that the morally right action is the one that produces the most favorable balance of good over evil, everyone considered, is a(n), A traditional natural law theorist would say that lying is immoral because it, According to Kant, the principle and the maxims derived from the categorical imperative are, According to ________, right actions are those that directly produce the greatest overall good, everyone considered, Applying the moral criteria of adequacy is, Evaluating the worth of a moral theory requires the application of the, If Erika maintains that killing the innocent is wrong because the action is contrary to God's will, she probably accepts the, If John always acts to produce the most favorable balance of good over evil for himself, he is probably, In addition to being consistent with our considered moral judgments, a plausible moral theory should be consistent with, John Rawls says that ________ are those judgments rendered under conditions favorable to justice, as opposed to judgments made with hesitation or little confidence, Suppose a moral theory is inconsistent with two of your most trustworthy and important moral judgments (and other considerations do not counterbalance this fact). LeGuin/Omelas: Theodicy attempts to answer evil by three statements: LeGuin/Omelas: What often tries to explain evil in the world? ETHC 101 Intro to Ethics - Page 2 .

• Comes from the principles of volition (voluntary), - Maxim - Generally any simple and memorable rule or guide for living, • I should never action except in such a way that I can also will that my maxim should become a universal law, Kant: If the maxim is bad, universalizing it can be... (2 things), Kant: What (adjective) are rational beings, - Rational beings are autonomous (self-lawgiving), Saying yes an no to the maxim; making myself an exception. and rigorous ? Moral knowledge is impossible. Choose from 500 different sets of intro to ethics flashcards on Quizlet. T or F - Philosophy teaches students how to learn, T or F - Philosophy examines evidence and support, Define an action in philosophy and ethics.

d. The only thing that matters in order to live well is to get what you want. Willing what is right (for its own sake) is to have a good will, Kant: Kinds of Actions in Respect to Duty, - Immediate inclination (do you want to be doing it? Learn ethics quiz 3 intro with free interactive flashcards. Happiness as the sole criterion for morality.

b. Intro to Ethics ETHC 101 - Fall 2017 Register Now Fall 2018 ETHC 101 Ethics 101 Quiz 7 Liberty University .docx. as any philosophical pursuit.

c. The right thing to do is whatever maximizes happiness. • Pleasure and the absence of pain are the only things desirable as ends in themselves, the only things inherently "good.". - Evil is a privation (lack of something due or proper to "x"), Aquinas: Components of a Human Action (3 things), - (1) Object of the action: what I'm doing. School: Liberty University * Professor: Andrea Lucas, ... QUIZ 3.docx.

Mill: What is the objective/natural basis for associating conscience with principles? Mill: How are higher faculties and contentment related? • Answered by self-reflect and observation of others. strong because, if the premises were true, then the conclusion would be probable.

o in respect of the end • (1) Contrary to human good - fails to meet proper criteria (can obey) • (2) Opposed to Divine Good (no obey) Aquinas: how can laws be unjust to human good (3 ways)? Choose from 500 different sets of ethics quiz 3 intro flashcards on Quizlet.

- Happiness cannot be the purpose of reason. Mill: What are the only things inherently good? - Rational Beings are persons (vs. things), - Everything seeks pleasure as end and avoidance of pain, Pleasure and avoidance of pain (greatest happiness principle), - Action is right in proportion to its promotion of pleasure. Mill: Is it possible to prove first principles by reasoning? 6 pages. - Not possible to prove first principles by reasoning. Introduction to Ethics Quiz Three Answer the following question in 200 words or less. Kant: What does the moral worth of an action come from? Mill: Why are higher pleasures better than lower? Start studying Intro to Ethics (sophia). This would imply that each person is morally infallible, which shows the theory to be, The first step in any theory assessment is to ensure that the theory meets the minimum requirement of, The theory asserting that the morally right action is the one covered by a rule that if generally followed would produce the most favorable balance of good over evil, everyone considered, is, The ultimate goal in the give-and-take of theory and judgment (or principle) is, To a(n) ________, breaking promises is wrong because if the implied rule were universalized (if everyone followed the rule), then no promise anywhere could be trusted and the whole convention of promise making would be obliterated.

• Powerful natural sentiment: social feeling to be in unity. • (1) Contrary to human good - fails to meet proper criteria (can obey). Mill: People who choose lower pleasures over higher pleasures, - Not everyone overwhelmingly chooses higher pleasures over lower, Mill: Response to "Virtuous people renounce happiness", • Based on the happiness of all people, not just an individual. - Rational Beings with Free Will have potential for good wills. Start studying Intro to Ethics quiz 3. Kant: What is good without qualifications? Mill: How is utilitarianism rooted in the social nature of humans? Kant: What cannot be the purpose of reason? An event caused by a decision made by a person. • All ethical standards judge actions in themselves, Mill: Connection of Religion and Utlitarianism, • If God desires the happiness of all His creatures, then utilitarianism is more religious than others, Mill: Stance on acting against society's interests, • Rejects the idea that there is not enough time to weigh effects of an action before taking action, Mill: Repose to theories are too allowing, • External sanctions: exist externally to the human agent as an individual, • People are more likely to follow moral principles if they are based in objective fact. Each individual forms his or her own ethical truths. Kant: What is the basic for principles of an action? You should then regard the theory as, Suppose your favored moral theory says that moral rightness is relative to each individual.

premises are true and the conclusion follows necessarily from the premises. • Desire to be in unity with other humans and fear others' disapproval. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. It is uncogent, however, because the first premise is false. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Ethics demands the process of ? Those who believe moral principles are always dependent on the particular situation. - Reason is the basic for principles of action, (1) Hypothetical: if you want x, must do y. Kant: What do rational beings have potential for? the belief that certain things, especially moral truths, exist independently of human knowledge or perception of them.

4 pages. Thus no one would be willing to live in such a world, We are entitled to accept our commonsense moral experience as trustworthy evidence unless.

2 pages. Ethical truths are decided by society or culture. a.

an argument that reasons from known premises to an inevitable conclusion, there is no universal, objective truth according to relativism. belief that reality is not a firm absolute, but a fluid, plastic, indeterminate realm which can be altered, in whole or in part, by the consciousness. Learn intro to ethics with free interactive flashcards. T or F - Philosophy encourages a subjective worldview.

Mill: What is a criticism of all morality? ETHC 101 DB#1 (2).docx Liberty University Intro to Ethics ETHC 101 - … An action that is ethically required to perform, An action that goes beyond the call of duty. Mill: What is the sole criterion for morality? Mill: Do people really only desire things of happiness?

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