0000011114 00000 n 0000000897 00000 n ‘In Verrem’ (Against Verres), a series of speeches made by Cicero in 70 BC, during the corruption and extortion trial of Gaius Verres, thrust him into the public view. This Study Guide consists of approximately 26 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - This item is part of JSTOR collection But if he were as secret in acting as he is audacious in attempting, perhaps in some particular he might some time or other have escaped our notice. Pages 110-263. If there be any one who prefers an uninterrupted speech and the old mode of conducting a prosecution without any break, he shall have it in some other trial. 0000011931 00000 n Translated by Charles Duke Yonge. Abridged. Cicero is serving as prosecutor against the infamously corrupt governor of Sicily, Verres. 0000004816 00000 n But now he has established great and numerous monuments and proofs of all his vices in the province of Sicily, which he for three years so harassed and ruined that it can by no possibility be restored to its former condition, and appears scarcely able to be at all recovered after a long series of years, and a long succession of virtuous pretors. The Philippics round out Cicero's life, as Marcus Antonius eventually has occasion to have him murdered. Cicero weaves an alternative narrative of events, alleging that Roscius' relatives conspired to kill the wealthy Roscius Snr to claim his property. %PDF-1.7 %���� The only one of Cicero’s six orations against Verres that was actually delivered. When he first returned from the province, he endeavored to get rid of this prosecution by corrupting the judges at a great expense; and this object he continued to keep in view till the conclusion of the appointment of the judges. 0000002558 00000 n when Hortensius and an ally would be elected to consulships and their friend Marcus Metellus elected praetor and president of the extortion court... (read more from the Chapter I, In Verrem I Summary), Get Selected Political Speeches of Cicero from Amazon.com. 0000030036 00000 n For they said that Verres said, that you had not been made consul by destiny, as the rest of your family had been, but by his assistance. In Verrem is another notable oration, wherein Cicero represented the province of Sicily to prosecute the corrupt governor Verres for changes of corruption and extortion. The appeal to core Roman values, such as pietas and honestas, is central to Cicero's argument. He was widely regarded as one of the most intelligent and civilized 'old men' of the republic, even during Caesar's dictatorship. The American Journal of Philology The first speech, "In Verrem I" is one of two 'juridical' orations included in the book - it is given in court and is intended to defend or convict a defendant. It lists all of Verres's crimes in detail and was rather damning. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this On Oratory study guide and get instant access to the following:. O trials worthy of being recorded! What! The people of Sicily despised him as did many in Rome; so, they backed Cicero. No. This Study Guide consists of approximately 26 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - The case was a success and brought Cicero much renown as both an orator and advocate. Speaking out against Sulla's regime, Cicero also takes great care in flattering the dictator for his personal and professional safety. ‘In Verrem’ (Against Verres), a series of speeches made by Cicero in 70 BC, during the corruption and extortion trial of Gaius Verres, thrust him into the public view. Purchase this issue for $44.00 USD. Think who you are and in what a situation you are placed; what you ought to give to the Roman people and what you ought to repay to your ancestors. Series:Sammlung Tusculum. We shall not only, says he, avoid having a man too scrupulous in investigating, too subservient to the opinion of the people, Marcus Glabrio, but we shall have this advantage also: Marcus Cæsonius is the judge, the colleag of your accuser, a man of tried and proved experience in the decision of actions. 0000012499 00000 n and that, at a crisis of such danger to the republic and my own character, I would consult anything rather than my duty and my dignity? The most faithful of the allies were classed in the number of enemies. O splendid reputation of our order! It will never do for us to have such a man as that on the bench, which we are endeavoring to corrupt by some means or other; for before, when he was one of the judges on the tribunal of which Junius was president, he was not only very indignant at that shameful transaction, but he even betrayed and denounced it. Nothing, if the consul-elect wills it otherwise. After that I was released from the great anxiety about my canvass, I began, with a mind much more unoccupied and much more at ease, to think of nothing and to do nothing except what related to this trial. This same man while pretor plundered and stripped those most ancient monuments, some erected by wealthy monarchs and intended by them as ornaments for their cities; some, too, the work of our own generals, which they either gave or restored as conquerors to the different states in Sicily. FURTUM AND STOLEN OBJECTS IN CIC IN VERREM 2.4 365 One source of difficulty is the fact that auferre is also a technical term from the delict of furtum. With warehouses on three continents, worldwide sales representation, and a robust digital publishing program, the Books Division connects Hopkins authors to scholars, experts, and educational and research institutions around the world. their condition; I will not, I say, when the cause has been summed up by me, permit them after a delay of forty days has intervened, then at last to reply to me when my accusation has already fallen into oblivion through lapse of time; I will not permit the decision to be given when this crowd collected from all Italy has departed from Rome, which has assembled from all quarters at the same time on account of the comitia, of the games, and of the census. 0000014971 00000 n 0000013143 00000 n 0000011820 00000 n I will adopt this course, not an unprecedented one, but one that has been adopted before, by those who are now the chief men of our state,—the course, I mean, of at once producing the witnesses. And if you come to a decision about this man with severity and a due regard to your oaths, that authority which ought to remain in you will cling to you still; but if that man’s vast riches shall break down the sanctity and honesty of the courts of justice, at least I shall achieve this, that it shall be plain that it was rather honest judgment that was wanting to the republic, than a criminal to the judges or an accuser to the criminal. I in fifty days so traveled over the whole of Sicily that I examined into the records and injuries of all the tribes and of all private individuals, so that it was easily visible to every one, that he had been seeking out a man not really for the purpose of bringing the defendant whom he accused to trial, but merely to occupy the time which ought to belong to me. We say that Caius Verres has not only done many licentious acts, many cruel ones, toward Roman citizens, and toward some of the allies, many wicked acts against both gods and men; but especially that he has taken away four hundred thousand sesterces out of Sicily contrary to the laws.

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