If you choose to turn them yourself we will furnish you with a plate to chuck the jaws against to steady them. Impulse traps cannot give a dead tight shutoff and therefore the use of impulse traps is relatively limited as compared to other types available. The Piston Vise is also great for gas porting. When a predetermined amount of oil pressure is reached to raise the oil pressure in the liner 31 above a fixed value, the relief valve 40 is opened to release part of the oil in the liner 31, preventing generation of a pulse pressure above a fixed value. When fully retracted, pistons are two blocks tall in their respective grids. The easy-to-use Vise holds pistons firmly, yet delicately from the pin centerline and accepts piston sizes ranging from 2.375" to 5" in diameter. 5, illustrating the shut-off valve in a closed state; FIG. The oil passageway 45 opens into the rear chamber 50a of the oil chamber 50, so that when relief oil flows through the oil passageway 45 into the rear chamber 50a, the piston 51 is pushed by the relief oil to move forward (to the right as viewed in FIG. This torque tool is adapted to produce an impulse torque by hydraulic means instead of by conventional mechanical means and is characterized by little noise and vibration, as compared with torque tools using mechanical means for producing impulse torques. The sine plate locks in the angle of the pocket. A valve body 74 is rotatably received in a bushing 75. In a fluid driven torque tool having motor means for generating torque pulses, fluid passageways for conducting a driving fluid to said motor means, moveable pressure relief means coupled with said motor means for maintaining pressure in said motor means below a predetermined amount, an elongated member coupled to, and moveable with, said pressure relief means, for controlling fluid flow through said passageways, and means for automatically blocking flow of said fluid to said motor means when said pressure exceeds said predetermined amount, the improvement comprising: said blocking means comprising a valve having a moveable portion continuously engaging a portion of said elongated member, said elongated member and said valve moveable portion being moveable in directions normal to each other. Strange Engineering (1) Tanner Racing Products (2) Taylor (1) Vibrant Performance (1) Wilton Tools (68) Specials yes (1) RATING 5 Stars (5) Between 4 & 5 Stars (8) ... Proform Heavy Duty Multiple Angle Piston Vise Fits Up To 4.5" Diameter Pistons.

The rear end of the rod 54 is in contact with a shut-off valve actuating member 56, which is slidably received in a cylindrical hole 57 formed in a casing rear cover 58. 6. All rights reserved. 1. The Piston Vise is also great for gas porting. 7 establishes the communication between the holes 77a and 77b and between the holes 77c and 77d and setting it in its broken line position shown in FIG. 2. due by 5 September 2021, for IMPULSE ENGINEERING LIMITED (01984714), 43999 - Other specialised construction activities not elsewhere classified, Companies House does not verify the accuracy of the information filed, 31 Jan 1986 - A hose joint 85 attached to the end of a handle portion of the casing 19 provides a connection to an air feed hose from a compressor or the like, so that high pressure air is first fed to the valve section 15. Only the highest quality materials are used in construction ~ anodized aluminum for a professional look. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. 1 in an opened state; FIG. A rod 72 formed on the lower region of the valve body 63 fits in a hole 73 in the threaded lid 71, preventing lateral movement of the valve body within the valve chamber 64. Owner name: The operating lever 92 is pivotally supported on a pin 93, allowing the operator to manipulate the operating lever 92 with the fingers. When the liner 31 is rotated, the main shaft 30, which is disposed within the liner 31, contacts its wall surface with the inner wall surface of the liner 31 at certain rotative positions, and concurrently therewith an oil pressure difference is temporarily produced across the driving plate 32 within the liner 31, resulting in a pulse pressure which acts on the main shaft 30 and produces a torque in the latter.

Just set desired angle for one piston, lock vise and machine all eight pistons from one setting. Although this is bled away through hole F it does create an intermediate pressure over the piston, which effectively positions the main valve to meet the load. The fluid impulse torque tool of claim 5 wherein said actuating member defines a first axis and said shut-off valve second portion defines a second axis, said first and second axes being substantially normal to one another. No. Hi, I'm looking for a way to get/set the value of the Max Impulse Axis property in a piston. 4 is a section of the same portion as that shown in FIG. Required fields are marked *, Precision Measurement Supply All Rights Reserved © 2020 |. The rotor 21 has vanes 23 radially movably received therein. The inner wall surface of the cylinder 24 is circular, as viewed in cross-section, but the center line at the origin of the inner radius of the cylinder 24 is deviated from the center line of the rotor 21. Thus, when the rotor 21 is rotated within the cylinder 24, the vanes 23 are rotated with their front ends centrifugally pressed against the inner wall surface of the cylinder 24 at all times while the vanes 23 are radially outwardly and inwardly moved as they are rotated.

an oil pressure pulse generating motor driven by said air motor for generating a pulse torque as said air motor is rotated. At ‘start-up’ the main valve rests on the seat leaving a passage of flow through the clearance between piston and cylinder and hole at the top of the piston. Jaws for 8" and 10" chuck available on request. Compound Angle Piston Vise. However, when the pressure in the liner 31 rises above the the fixed value, the oil pressure moves the ball 41 against the pressing force of the spring 43, as shown in FIG.

When the operator releases the operating lever 92, the combined action of the air pressure and spring 94 moves the valve body 87 into contact with the valve seat 89, thus closing the valve. In addition, there is a very small clearance between the piston 51 and the inner wall surface of the oil chamber 50, so that as the piston 51 is retracted, the oil in the piston rear chamber 50a slowly moves through this clearance, flowing into an oil passageway 53 opening into the oil chamber 50. and a movable actuating member connected at one end to said piston, said piston and said actuating member moving in unison in a first direction, said actuating member including at its opposite end first and second distinct surface means for moving said automatic shut-off valve to respective open and closed positions.

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