Beginning in 1959 he performed under the stage name Rob E.G.

Here to download is that EP on Mercury Records "5 Great gifts Ideas From The Reels" (6235 014). In 1979 they secured a recording contract with the Australian branch of the Mercury Records label, changed their name to The Reels and released their debut single, "Love Will Find A Way" and its follow-up "Prefab Heart." The track tells the story of young people being conscripted into the army to fight in the Vietnam War, and the protests against that war on the streets. Stay drunk to keep on goin’ Horror movie, it’s the six-thirty news.

At this time it became evident, even to himself, that Steve Hill could not fill the role of lead singer adequately.

But who the hell has a cassette player? In the 80s, Porter produced albums for Air Supply, Tommy Emmanuel and The Nauts. Tony also made many records over the years but one that stands out was his Christmas song about a Christmas letter written by "Sarah Jane" (101997) recorded on RCA Records and produced by Rocky Thomas.

Which she didn’t know existed until she was Instastalking… The post TROUBLE IN DREAMS appeared first on The Sprinkler.

Incidentally the title would provide writer Jen Jewel Brown with the title of her book, which was a best seller on the group.

ALL VISITORS: ENJOY! Born in the US of yAy, she toured Aus in 2012 where she was paid to wrestle men and choke them with her legs which are better… The post WORLD’S DEADLIEST THIGHS appeared first on The Sprinkler.

This was one of 3 singles he recorded for his Sparmac label, the others were "Gemini" 1970 and "Try And Find More Love" 1971. Here to download is a single he and trumpeter John Elder released from their mini LP in 1984 on Arika Records, "Happy New Year"(ASP 007).

He is a kick it around style drummer, versatile to fit into all the different shadings of the music he plays.

Horror movie and it’s blown a fuse The cars are a-smashin

It including gems such as, “, Just Talking Entertainment with Sean O’Kelly,,,,, ), of this album were available for what was a bargain price.

It was topical, but also a nice piece of composition with “Shirleys” singing being beautifully supported by backing voices from the others, and some nice guitar playing from “Red”. The show only faltered when in 1974, Seven decided to move the show from its 7pm timeslot to the later 8.30pm timeslot in an effort to drag viewers away from the then popular series Number 96 screening on the 10 Network. As well as being released as a single, where it reached, Incidentally the title would provide writer, Anyway the result, as we all now, is a rockin’ piece of music with some nice subtle wah wah pedal at the beginning with some nice guitar work by, Incidentally, didn’t we like the subtle little reminder of the riff in their big hit, Talking about interesting riffs, well we were talking about riffs weren’t we, when we come to, It was topical, but also a nice piece of composition with, The final track to lay before you, on what is after all, a pretty damn fine selection of music, is track, This is actually one of my all time favourite, You think it’s just a movie on silver screen, And they’re all actors and fake old scenes, Maybe you don’t care who’s gonna lose or win, Listen to this and I’ll tell you somethin’, Such hacked misinterpretations included gems such as, “, Just Talking Entertainment with Sean O’Kelly,,,,,, Various Artists – Sixties Down Under Compilation, Various Artists – The Big Ol’ Box of New Orleans, The Last Poets – The Very Best of the Last Poets, Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Down By The Riversiide, Various Artists – Sixties Down Under: Vol.

Johnny Farnham's first #1 single on the Go-Set National Singles Charts was the novelty song "Sadie (The Cleaning Lady)" released in 1967. Have to get drunk just to walk out the door Various Artists – The Big Ol’ Box of New Orleans, #8. From the Vault Magazine vol 1 #4 The Skyhooks Issue, limited copies contained the rare Skyhooks flexi-disc with "Sweet Sister" b/w "Guitar Thunders in my hand" it came out in '88. Then like a shot in the dark I’d like to take you on a… The post LOCKDOWN 2.0 appeared first on The Sprinkler. Ego – is not a dirty word The track tells the story of young people being conscripted into the army to fight in the Vietnam War, and the protests against that war on the streets.

Her first job was as a receptionist for the Australian Law Society.

Geyer was named Renée for another holocaust survivor who had helped her mother in Auschwitz after Josef Mengele had assigned the rest of her mother's family to death. We heard that thunder, Of the party to end all parties Given the excesses of the 1970’s it’s not surprising that someone would eventually write a song about the parties that became a mainstay of social activities.

He is backed by Adam Silady, Rex Goh and Dave Lesley on guitars, Anthony Corrie drums, Lorenzo Toppano keyboards and Cheryl Webb, Cassandra Delaney on backing vocals. The Rolling Stones – Singles Collection: The London Years, #13.

It's a bit of mystery.... As Austen says in the intro to this not so Christmas classic "It's a quicky B side" the A side being "The Pope Downunder" featuring Wendy Matthews on backing vocals. This John Lennon song was a top 5 hit for John & Yoko in Britain in 1972. “Red” Symons left Skyhooks in 1977 and was followed by “Shirley” Strachan in 1978. The track was taken from the 1975 album by the same name and released as a single.

I might not think I was right Here to download is that single "Son of a Simple Man" b/w "Waltzing Matilda" (101874). “Shirley” passed away in 2001 as a result of a helicopter accident.

In fact it was a two-edged sword. The Cd is not readily available, and indeed the vinyl album is even rarer.

The Reels originated with the group Native Son which was formed in the country town of Dubbo, New South Wales and played in the area for about three years, mainly playing cover versions of current and classic hits.

Listen to this and I’ll tell you somethin’, It’s a horror movie right there on my TV

During 1967 he moved to the USA and appeared in several television shows. Their first recording and I think their last was this Christmas classic a cover of Ol' 55's "Rockin Christmas" (TL-001) from the various artist album The Great Aussie Christmas. However, the music legacy that the band bought has resulted in an indelible memory within the Australian music scene of a flamboyant, fun, and talented group, who certainly had their demons, but by god did they play some amazingly good music.

Here to download is the double A single recorded for Mushroom Records in 1979 "Christmastime In The Neighbourhood" b/w "Christmas Children" (K 7712) produced by Mike Brady.

Maybe you don’t care who’s gonna lose or win

Anderson led Rose Tattoo through six studio albums until disbanding the group in 1987. He became host of the children's T.V. Step inside and take a look, Chorus Mary Wilson of The Supremes does some great backing vocals on Jingle Bell Rock and Joey Perrone (Young Talent Time) sings as Little Guiseppi on I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus. If I did not have an ego His association with the bass guitarist goes back ten years. Kamahl has performed at the London Palladium and Carnegie Hall, as well as pubs and clubs throughout Australia.

The track featured, The track was seen as moderately successful reaching, This is in my mind was one of the first tracks to really put. A land where dancing is banned, tourists don’t exist… The post FANGING IT appeared first on The Sprinkler. Before its release, "Merry Christmas Everybody" received about half a million advance orders. Incidentally, I would like to acknowledge that many of the pictures in this review, were from the Skyhooks web site. We… The post KAREN – PUBERTY BLUES appeared first on The Sprinkler. He is an Australian country, pop/rock musician, producer and record label owner. But Australia, you were warned, Why Do You Need Best Career Coach To Boost Your Career Prospects, 315 nuclear bombs and ongoing suffering: the shameful history of nuclear testing in Australia and the Pacific. When we come to, It is often claimed that it is one of the most “misheard” songs, when it came to fans singing the lyrics. Graeme “Shirley” Strachan (Vocals) [source: Skyhooks website], Other members were:

Various Artists – Love Is the Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965 – 1970, #20.

But we got the wrong number She… OMG you’re a Karen I’M NOT WORTHY It’s true, we are the best. Enjoy these rare Australian classics and not so classics converted from vinyl to Mp3.

What was curious, was that a few cassettes (you do remember cassettes don’t you?

"Mary's Boy Child" (K-6210) recorded for Infinity Records in 1975 and like it's A side was produced by Sherbet's Garth Porter and Clive Shakespeare with Dalvanius Prine for Sherbet Productions. This is actually one of my all time favourite “Hooks” tracks. and this numbering has been kept to keep consistency with the published CD reviews. After leaving the band in June 1978 he stepped into a career as a popular T.V./radio presenter. His first Christmas song was a non-album single, "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" b/w "The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot". Seeing it's the Christmas season we thought we would put the B side up as the main attraction. One thing for certain, it is rightly remembered as one of their greatest tracks, it’s got power, its got catchy lyrics, it’s a good composition and, it’s played and sung with passion. Now Jody likes to party Richard has been involved in music from the age of six, learning violin for ten years, after which he began playing guitar and singing.

Yes, they can be used in content areas too! The Byrds – There Is A Season [Boxed Set], #15. One of the things that endeared Skyhooks to music fans in Australia, was that they sang about Australian themes and Australian things. The dogs are a-bitin – oh yeah, You think it’s just a movie on silver screen

The song was penned by Johnny and the single produced by him as well. Various Artists: 60’s Down Under – Volume 4, #22.

The B side is also here to download, the same song only a Funky Version. This review was originally posted on the first Toorak Times web site where.
It can be argued that this Cd does present the best of the group, but what is not up for debate is that it is a fantastic snapshot of the music considered to be their most commercial, hence the tracks released as singles. The series was called, “Cream of The Crate (CD’s)”, and they represented CD albums that I believe weree of significant musical value, either because of their rarity, because they represent the best of a style or styles of music or because there is something unique about the group or the music. Written by Macainsh it is often referred to as being one of three signature tracks by the group (along with Woman In Uniform and Ego).

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