If possible, Please just not so long of a wait, Love your work and respect you incredibly. r/TheCinemassacre: This is Cinemassacre's official subreddit! i know your super busy with the movie and pregnancy and all, but come on man 3 months? Great episode!

Yeah, I used to rent this fucker from the video store all the time.

You can even have item drops appear as parts of enemies in certain situations. GG: A chocolate chip cookie that fell out of somebody's ass. I think I'm gonna blow my brains out.

My soul is elevated because of your existence. Not a member of Pastebin yet? People like me want to see more movie reviews and commentary’s. Ah, great to see Kyle back again. Nerd: I guess I gonna have to go through the doorway? Nerd: There, we go. Clearly you don’t understand film/video production very well and also aren’t recognizing how important this movie is to JR’s future film career. I just wanted to go up. The type of drop is determined by the RAM-address the tank is allocated to. GG: (singing) White chocolate bars and scrotum guns? James, listen to the guy once in a while, will you?

You could beat Contra in the time it takes you to beat one fucking stage here. Up, down, A, A, B, left, right, B, A, B, up, A, down, righ--(groans) fuck! (Nerd looks incredulously at the camera.). Look at this: I'm gonna go through the doorway. Nerd: Anyway, the last stage is hard as fuck. And Kyle’s songs are very catchy! Now I put them on as commentary while I’m working at home. !” footage as appealing as others. The y-speed during diagonal movement is however better preserved than with SS. Its over now. I also miss the frequent episodes and am less than thrilled when Mike posts a game review, but stop being a whining bitch for a second and realize how much time goes into what JR actually does. Back in the day a video was 8 minutes or so and twice a month, but now the huge 20 minute beasts but take forever to release, that’s all im saying. Killer Kyle comeback, I know you have to be busy with mini-nerd otw! Nerd: Aw, I'm stuck!

Now I’m convinced: Anytime I decide to watch a lot of past AVGN episodes it’s a signal that a new one is coming.

Btw I’d like to see some outtakes of this one if possible, thanks! He’s just singing about things he sees! The arcade version used a special rotary joystick that made it more novel, but it didn't translate well to the NES. This video brings back the memories. Fantastic episode! It's the green pipes. Nerd: Let a guy look for a staircase in peace! Nerd: Well, if he's Rambo, then who's the other guy?

It's faster to save the diagonal movement for when the diagonal speed is higher. The airstrike's starting x-position is equal to the value of the global counter in $55 (0 being the far left of the screen and 255 being the far right). During this screen, press Up, Down, A, A, B, Left, Right, A, B, Up, A, Down, Right, Right, Left, B, Up, Left, A, Right, B, Left, Right, A, Left, Up, A, Down, A, Right, Left, B, and finally press Start. In a way, the problem with beeing too big is that you reach a level of fame where people just watch you because your popular. I too am married and know how pregnancy is time consuming. really funny most of the time. The speeds below refer to the change in y-position per update cycle (every 4 frames). Kyle reminded me of Flight of the Conchords, he was hilarious. Destroyable environment (gates, parked trucks, ...) drops. Looking forward to your next instalment!

These videos each take a whole week or more to make. If he’s not doing content he wants to do, it’s not going to be good. $063C- U8[] object direction # 0..15 Kyle: (singing) ... but I never forget them, they just look too hairless to me. Quite frankly, there aren't enough out there. Thanks, for working on another nerd video. What are these: human beings or fucking torpedoes?

I must have a hidden radar or something.

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