As for mention in tales and mythology, the only known mention of sheep from these times is from the Poetic Edda, a collection tales from earlier Scandinavian periods compiled by Snorri Sturluson in the 13th century. It needs no sweetener or fruit to make it palatable. Haying season was very short and frequent rain was always a problem. In additional to being popular among knitters, crocheters, and weavers, it is also a favorite among crafters for felting.

Aslo that little lamb is build like a tank. The cows and ewes that were being milked were kept behind. However, some breeds of sheep descended from these of these early forbearers have distinctly goat-like body and horn characteristics. The ewes were then milked 2 to 3 times a day and most gave a liter. They fulfill much of the same role that sheepdogs do in other flocks, keeping the flock together while going out to and returning from pasture, keeping the flock calm when necessary, and alerting the flock to danger from predators. The shepherd, a milkmaid and a teenage girl who would help with the milking and cheese and butter-making occupied these shelters. In the morning at 6AM the ewes were corralled and milked out. Interestingly, the wool of these early sheep didn’t require shearing, as Icelandic sheep do today; they shed their wool, meaning that it could be gathered by hand from the sheep. We are a Family owned and operated farm. Icelandic ( 2 Icelandic/Jacob ewes, 1 ram lamb, ) 3.Cotswold/Icelandic (2 ewes, 1 ewe lamb) 4. Even more fortunately, the sheep from Scandinavia at this time, like the Icelandic sheep that survive to this day, were double coated. The fine undercoat is called Þel (pronounced “thel”), which grows to 2-4 inches in length and has a micron count of 19-22.

A forum community dedicated to living sustainably and self sufficiently. These sheep produced a fine undercoat, and also produced a longer outercoat. Even though not much information about early Nordic sheep has survived from early art or mythology, there is plenty of evidence showing sheep were being raised. It took Vikings less than one hundred years to begin to use their newly acquired sails to begin to raid and explore the rest of Europe. Thick, woolen blankets called sjøryas, similar to shaggy, knotted rugs, were also used by early Viking sailors to keep warm. Sails first arrived in the Nordic parts of Europe in the early part of the 8th century, and wool was what made them possible. Looking for some Lopi of your own? Lambing took place in May and June and was timed for warmer weather and the emergence of grass. Icelandic Sheep have been used for the main dairy animal in Iceland and known as the poor mans cow for 1000 years. But they did have sheep. Nålebinding is thought by some to be a predecessor of knitting; the finished fabric looks very similar to knitting, and the remains of early nålebinding has even been initially mistaken for knitting by some archaeologists. Icelandic Sheep. It was difficult to grow large quantities of grain or hay in Iceland, which meant the most successful sheep were those that could survive by foraging from the natural landscape. Icelandic sheep on the other hand are a hardy grass based breed that produces high yields of milk on grass alone.

Suite 500, Troy, Michigan 48084 USA. My girlfriend raises only jacobs but got this shetland as hers for spinning the fiber. Archaeological evidence suggests that first short-tailed sheep arrived in southern Europe from the Middle East around 6000 BCE, and arrived in the northernmost parts of Europe sometime between 4000-3000 BCE. I've wondered if there was a good cross to get the weight of the fleece up, and maybe the size of the animal a bit, but keep the quality of the fleece. His twin sister looks 100 % jacob and has more of a Jacob fleece. After milking, the lambs and ewes were reunited to spend the day together. Icelandic sheep on the other hand are a hardy grass based breed that produces high yields of milk on grass alone. Here on the Tongue River Farm our lambs gain at the rate of three quarters to one  pound a day on mothers milk and grass/clover alone. Although knitting and crochet had yet to be invented at this point in history, wool in Scandinavia was spun into yarn and turned into cloth through weaving or through nålebinding, a single needle technique that produces fabric through interlocking loops. The lambs were separated from the ewes and put in a separate shelter for the night and the ewes were again let out in the care of the shepherd to graze all night. These challenging farming conditions in Iceland quickly created a very sturdy sheep with a strong constitution. Icelandic sheep are one of the oldest breeds of sheep still in existence.

Icelandic wool is a sturdy and durable wool, best suited for outerwear. Funny how genetics work. Sheep milk is also being made into very profitable yogurt, which is velvety smooth, creamy and naturally sweet. Click on thumbnails  to enlarge, Kind Horn Farm, All Rights Reserved, Copyright 2009-2011, Icelandic Roving for spinning and felting. The relative isolation of Iceland from Europe meant that Icelandic sheep retained many of the same characteristics of the original sheep brought over by the original settlers, including the double-coat that makes this breed so valued. In some districts, the farmers would establish shelters at the upper reaches of valleys or on the edge of moors, which in essence were summer dairies.

In addition their fleeces bring top dollar as specialty wool. Outdoor Hub, LLC (d/b/a Carbon Media Group), 3290 W. Big Beaver Rd. Growth this fast is the product of an excellent milk supply. My girlfriend has a black shetland ewe.

In North America presently, the Icelandic ewe is catching the eye of the sheep dairy breeders. Until now the leading milking sheep breed was the East Friesian which has been selected for high milk production. This is and excellent udder for hand or machine milking. Come join the discussion about livestock, farming, gardening, DIY projects, hobbies, recipes, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Icelandic sheep are reliable twinners and have vigorous lambs that thrive. The ewes produce an abundance of milk that are rivaling the commonly used dairy sheep breeds and are amazingly docile in learning to stand for daily milking. All Icelandic Sheepdog found here are from AKC-Registered parents. In this collection, the god Heimdall, a god with acute physical senses and the gift of foreknowledge, is said to have hearing so keen that he could hear wool as it grew on sheep. The outer coat, called tog, is a true wool and should not be confused as being the same thing as the longer guard hairs on other breeds of sheep. We can supply milky breeding stock from a diverse pool of bloodlines some of which are from semen imported from Iceland and include the best sires from that country. Some farmers claim that leadersheep can even predict the weather by refusing to lead the flock out to pasture when the weather is about to take a turn for the worse, or even lead the flock home on their own ahead of a bad storm.

This has led some people to joke that the popularity of woolen sweaters in Iceland is at least in part so that humans can blend in better with the majority sheep population. When he returned home he told tales of this place, prompting Floki Vilgerdarson, his family, and a few other Norse explorers to set out to find it six years later; Floki renamed the new land Ísland (Iceland). However, the majority of Icelandic sheep are still found in Iceland, where they outnumber humans by about half. In the example below, I’ve left off the locus designation (S) for simplicity in reading; the letters indicate the alleles present. When I got my Shetlands in 2005, they came with a 3/4 Shetland 1/4 Icelandic cross, a wether named Leon. Descended from the first short-tailed sheep to arrive in Northern Europe during the Paleolithic Age, these hardy sheep still populate most of Iceland’s sheep herds today, producing meat, milk, and sturdy wool. Icelandic sheep are reliable twinners and have vigorous lambs that thrive. For this reason, dairy sheep folks are taking a serious look at the first Icelandic sheep dairy in the USA, True North Farm.

Only rich farmers could afford to put up enough hay with hired labor to keep a cow.

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