I just thought that I could be a big girl and hold it for a long time like Mommy.”, “But you are a big girl.” Sidney’s mother said, ruffling her hair “Needing to take lots of potty breaks isn’t anything to be ashamed of.”.

Sidney hung her head. “No diaper!” Sidney shrieked. Chloe looked up. “Poo-poo!” Sidney said, pointing at Evan’s well-padded crotch. “What?” She asked. A couple of the girls in dresses were even hugging their knees, causing their skirts to ride up around their waists, giving anyone in front of them a clear view of their crinkly undergarments. Cause everything I do it's always done for a reason

She blinked, her smile gone. Aly’s transformation sped up.

Sidney waved goodbye to the other two and started walking home. To her complete surprise, there was a splash. Her? “I didn’t poop! “You’ve been turning me into a baby this entire time!” Chloe exclaimed, finally realizing why her reality had been getting messed up at school. His mother followed him. There was a long silence. “Can you go in the potty?” Evan’s mother asked, “You must need to pee, can you do it in the potty?”. Just make poop “She can even walk? The people who live in the UK

I'm Mr.Safety, but my real name is Cory

Maybe in a pool? Sidney watched her friends’ butts crinkle a little as they went to pull-ups while she had a full baby diaper wrap around her waist. She got so excited whenever she felt her stomach rumble, letting her know that soon her bowels were going to be full. How hard can it be?”.

The two boys were on the floor laughing. Usually he would have stayed inside but tonight he had a once in a lifetime chance to watch a meteor splinter directly overhead in the night sky.

“Do you need to go potty?

Mia couldn’t understand it, why was she being treated like she was two? When it was done Evan jumped up and quickly checked out the window.

Make poop

Her padding was thick with two tapes on each side. Doing it in front of everyone hadn’t gotten any easier. It takes maybe two years to go from basic addition to advanced calculus.”, “So shouldn’t they all be super advanced if that’s the case?” Sidney asked, “Not necessarily.” Chloe said “Individually a 50 year old from our reality and a 50 year old from here are about the same IQ-wise.
Holland!” Chloe said, desperately looking for help as she hugged the wall, trying to avoid contact with the rapidly increasing number of babies.

Her uncle calmly pulled her onto a changing mat and pulled off her pull-up and taped the diaper around her waist. He walked to the bathroom.

“You need to try.” Chloe’s mother said. .

“No way.” He pushed a hand into the seat of his diaper “Come on, this is the third time this morning that I’ve needed a diaper change! Chloe was bright red while she got her messy butt wiped in the middle of the room.

She still had fleeting thoughts about college and being an adult, but even to her they were little more than a fantasy. Hello everyone, my husband masterbates with pee n poop baby diapers, used poopy toilet paper and trash. She stumbled and fell on all fours. I no know how.”, “Of course you do Sidney!” Evan said “You’ve done it plenty of times before!”, Sidney gave him a blank stare “I no wemembaw.”. sucking your thumb “I just changed you!” His mother said, fanning the air, Evan’s mother pulled back his pants “Phew, looks like you definitely did a big boom-boom.”. Sidney’s butt crinkled and puffed out.

Sidney got showered with a near endless stream of praise from adults for getting into pull-ups so quickly and walking and talking like an adult. [Eminem], since you became a bunch of diaper eating, potty mouth kids No point going to her first period class, the teacher never took attendance anyways. But the thought only made her angry again. Evan and Chloe looked at each other. When she was done, she stood up, trying to get away, but Ms. Edwards stopped her, holding up a roll of toilet paper. She was in the original reality… wasn’t she? She squatted to finish her poop.

She was fine just two days ago!”, “Maybe the other reality is a lot stronger in other places?” Sidney suggested, “Mia?

“No!” Chloe said.

Without knowing what he was doing, Evan made Sidney’s undergarments change back into panties. ... sucking your thumb She wandered towards the nearest bathroom where she knew she would hide from any inquisitive teachers until second period. Her hair was in pigtails and she had a pacifier in her mouth, except the rest of her was dressed like a normal 18 year old, though she did have a pull-up on under her jeans. Besides, she could go through potty training a third time.

She stood up and threw the used pull-up in a nearby diaper pail. It wasn’t long before pooping became the high point of Chloe’s day. Didn’t you potty train a baby to poop in the toilet before you trained them to pee?

Or you will slip on poop and "good night"

The people who get stuck in the rain

He took a moment to check.

Her bed still looked normal and everything!

Sidney looked down at herself and imagined herself in diapers.

Honestly she didn’t see the point of school, she was doing it for her mother. So there I was wearing some new white jeans with a big puffy nappy and crinkly blue nappy cover showing through my pants making the loudest of noise. Chloe sighed. There was a baby bottle sticking out and some pacifiers too. Developmentally behind? After the loss of Evan, Chloe braced herself for Sidney to come and regress her too. She wasn’t really into it though. African people do it with a beat “See?” Uncle Tony said “She’s just a dumb baby.

She jumped and stomped down hard on the floor and grabbed a pillow and threw it as hard as she could. Chloe looked and almost didn’t recognize who it was. Or was her mother playing along?

It took a long time, hours just to get out of diapers, but they both were back to pull-ups by the time they went to bed. Every time I try to make it to the potty but I almost never do. “Wow!” She said. Nothing happened.

Her first thought was that at least she wasn’t in diapers. So don't slip on poop!

a good one Sidney spent the rest of the day trying to forget what had happened. She understood what Sidney had done for her. Your Source for the best Diaper and Regression Stories on the net.

“Sure.” Her uncle said.

I like the word poop cause when you say poop your ... your butthole does when it poops. “So sorry about yesterday.” Sidney’s mother said “I have no idea what was with her. “All right Sidney, let’s go potty and then do your bedtime routine and then go to bed, all right?”. Just make poop Her mother slowly took her hands away.

“That’s nice Mia.” Aly said, gently trying to get her to let go.

Does that look like a child ready for potty training?”. “Wow! So look here, open up, sure you don't touch your poop-poop.

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