Both walkways then fell to the lobby floor. [4][21][23], In months following the disaster, more than 300 civil lawsuits sought a cumulative total of $3 billion. La construction de l'hôtel Hyatt Regency Kansas City (en) a commencé en mai 1978 ; elle est marquée par de nombreux retards et incidents, comme l'effondrement d'une partie du toit sur 250 m2. The owner of the Kansas City Star Company guessed that the huge victim count ensured that "virtually half the town was affected directly or indirectly by the horror of the tragedy". [15] Blood centers quickly received lineups of hundreds of donors. [4] Described by the newspaper as fast-tracked, the Hyatt's construction began in May 1978 on the 40-story Hyatt Regency Kansas City. « After the walkways were up there were reports that construction workers found the elevated shortcuts over the atrium unsteady under heavy wheelbarrows, but the construction traffic was simply rerouted and the designs were apparently still not checked or found wanting. [4], Jack D. Gillum himself would later reflect that the design flaw was so obvious that "Any first-year engineering student could figure it out", if only it had been checked. [33][34] This included a $25,000 donation from Hallmark Cards. Jump to navigation Jump to search ... That lawsuit yielded $10 million, including $6.5 million dedicated as donations to charitable and civic endeavors which Hallmark called a "healing gesture to help Kansas City put the tragedy of the skywalks' collapse behind it". A Federal district judge gave tentative approval today to a $10 million settlement in the collapse of two suspended walkways at the Kansas City Hyatt Regency Hotel in … Le 17 juillet 1981, l'hôtel est le lieu d'un festival de danse rassemblant environ 1 600 personnes dans le hall[6]. In the revised design, however, the fourth-floor beams supported both the fourth and second-floor walkways, but were only strong enough for 30% of that load. U.S. settles in for long vote count, with early results close in many states, Postal Service refuses judge's order to quickly sweep facilities for ballots, 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Erika Jayne files for divorce, Pfizer to bypass gov't, use its own network to ship COVID-19 vaccine, GOP wins in Senate with McConnell, Graham and Tuberville; Colo. flips a seat blue. A class action suit seeking punitive damages was won against Crown Center Corporation, which was the hotel's manager and a subsidiary of Hallmark Cards but which did not own the building. L'effondrement des passerelles du Hyatt Regency est une catastrophe qui a eu lieu le 17 juillet 1981 à l'hôtel Hyatt Regency de Kansas City (État du Missouri) : deux passerelles, l'une surplombant l'autre, s'effondrent dans le hall où est organisé un festival de danse (en). -- A judge has announced firms insuring defendants in lawsuits resulting from the Hyatt Regency Hotel skywalk collapse will provide at lease $151 million for out-of-court settlements. [18], The Kansas City Star hired architectural engineer Wayne G. Lischka[4][19] to investigate the collapse, and he discovered a significant change to the original design of the walkways. There were numerous delays and setbacks, including the collapse of 2,700 square feet (250 m2) of the roof. Jack D. Gillum (1928–2012)[25], qui a fait partie des ingénieurs de ce bâtiment, a ensuite communiqué ses conclusions lors de conférences d'ingénieurs dans un objectif de prévention des accidents[21]. Nov. 3 (UPI) -- The Norwegian makers of Internet browser Opera announced they are offering a $9,000 payday for a two week dream job: browsing the Web for fun. [24], Jack D. Gillum (1928–2012)[35] was the owner of the engineering company and an engineer of record for the Hyatt project, and he occasionally lectured at engineering conferences for years. The hotel officially opened on July 1, 1980.[5]. [1]:6, Investigators found that the collapse was the result of changes to the design of the walkway's steel hanger rods. [16] The hotel was renamed the Hyatt Regency Crown Center in 1987, and again the Sheraton Kansas City at Crown Center in 2011. Four and a half months after 113 persons were killed in the collapse of two suspended walkways at the Hyatt Regency Hotel here, the survivors of the disaster and the relatives of … [4] The Missouri licensing board, the state Attorney General, and Jackson County would investigate the collapse over the following years. Guests heard popping noises moments before the fourth-floor walkway dropped several inches, paused, then fell completely onto the second-floor walkway. Le public entend plusieurs détonations puis la passerelle du quatrième descend de plusieurs centimètres et se stabilise brièvement avant de tomber sur celle du deuxième ; toutes deux s'effondrent dans le hall de l'hôtel[7]. Nov. 3 (UPI) -- Infectious children's song "Baby Shark Dance" has officially become the most viewed video in YouTube history, Guinness World Records announced. [16] Within days, a laboratory at Lehigh University began testing box beams on behalf of the steel fabrication source. À 19h05, 40 personnes se tiennent sur la passerelle du deuxième étage ; d'autres, plus nombreuses, sur celle du troisième étage et entre 16 et 20 personnes sur celle du quatrième[4]. Hyatt Regency walkway collapse. [10] They also brought cranes and forced the booms through the lobby windows to lift debris. Mysterious 'snake' spotted in Virginia turns out to be invasive worm. Volunteers responded to an appeal and brought jacks, torches, compressors, jackhammers, concrete saws, and generators from construction companies and suppliers. Les secouristes doivent souvent démembrer des corps pour parvenir aux survivants piégés dans les décombres[7]. O'Leary said he was pleased with the settlements made so far and indicated he was enthusiastic at the prospect of disposing of all lawsuits within a year of the tragedy. La conception d'origine ne pouvait supporter que 60% de la charge minimale fixée par la législation sur les bâtiments au Kansas[19]. The Star said a transcript of a Dec. 30 meeting between O'Leary and attorneys for the Hyatt Corp., Hallmark Cards Inc., the Crown Center Redevelopment Corp. and the insurance lawyers -- during which the agreement was made -- reflects a frank discussion on insurance coverage, the potential impact of the class action request and the out-of-court settlements tht have been reached so far. The final rescued victim, Mark Williams, spent more than nine hours pinned underneath the lower skywalk with both legs dislocated and having nearly drowned before the water was shut off. [2] As a product of a corporate culture of profound neglect, the disaster contributed many lessons to the study of engineering ethics and errors, and to emergency management. [13] Those who could walk were instructed to leave the hotel to simplify the rescue effort, and morphine was given to those who were mortally injured. One year after the opening, the walkways on the second and fourth stories collapsed under the weight of partygoers, killing 114 people in one of the most devastating structural failures … Nov. 3 (UPI) -- Wildlife officers in Colorado came to the rescue of a young deer spotted with a chicken feeder stuck around its head. Although the tragedy occurred nearly 40 years ago, Kansas City locals still remember friends and loved ones who were affected by this collapse. [26][27] That lawsuit yielded $10 million, including $6.5 million dedicated as donations to charitable and civic endeavors which Hallmark called a "healing gesture to help Kansas City put the tragedy of the skywalks' collapse behind it". [30][31], Trade groups such as the American Society of Civil Engineers issued investigations, improved standards of peer reviews, sponsored seminars, and created trade manuals for the improvement of professional standards and public confidence. Dans l'effondrement, le système des extincteurs à eau est endommagé : le hall est inondé et les survivants piégés risquent la noyade. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. I don't know if all those people got their equipment back. Each of the approximately 1,600 hotel occupants from that night was unconditionally offered US$1,000 each, of which 1,300 accepted. [16], Several rescuers suffered considerable stress due to their experience and later relied upon each other in an informal support group. The two walkways were suspended from a set of 1.25-inch-diameter (32 mm) steel hanger rods,[20] with the second-floor walkway hanging directly under the fourth-floor walkway. Celle du quatrième est directement à la verticale de celle du deuxième, la passerelle du troisième étage se trouvant éloignée des autres (latéralement) de plusieurs mètres. The $151 million pact may affect a lawsuit in U.S. District Court to consolidate the Hyatt-related lawsuits under one class action. The Hyatt Regency Hotel has since undergone renovations and refurbishments. La visibilité est médiocre en raison de la poussière et de l'absence de courant électrique, coupé par mesure de sécurité[14],[10]. [21], The serious flaws of the revised design were compounded by the fact that both designs placed the bolts directly through a welded joint connecting two C-channels, the weakest structural point in the box beams. [2] Survivors were buried beneath steel, concrete, and glass which the fire department's jacks could not move. [6] The fourth-level walkway was directly above the second-level walkway.

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