Kyo and Takuma both have two different ways to use SELECT, and they work in any mode that uses the normal character select screen. 2. How do I unlock 100% in story mode? Gives Iori some CvS2 style combo options since he can buffer, Iori's hitbox extends very high vertically, so much that this move can easily anti-air and control the vertical space just above Iori that no other attack of his can cover. The King of Fighters XIII – Cheats PlayStation 3 . It is also special cancelable. qcb+C is easier to input than hcb+K but due to the super shortcut you might get accidental super. Highest damage, but again difficult to confirm. The kick can be blocked high or low, though it's usually more beneficial to block it standing since Iori can't hop over certain standing characters. If timed later during a hop, this attack will hit standing opponents. For instance, K's Ein Trigger > Second Shoot (. All rights reserved. Unless blocked at tip range, the opponent can punish Iori with a fast special or cancelable light attack or even run forward for a Close Heavy Attack.

If the opponent is thrown into the corner, Iori can go for a meaty attack of choice which includes a hop mixup with j.C, empty hop cr/cl.B, or either of Iori's grabs. If you press SELECT to choose him, he will change into NESTS!Kyo in all modes except Arcade, where he just change outfit to School!Kyo('94-'98 outfit). © Valve Corporation. More basic EX juggle > SDM combos. In the intro he appears. However, Iori can more use the attack much earlier against standing opponents so he doesn't have to time the kick as late as against a croucher. Jero, I wish to make this clear. Keeps the opponent on the ground for a while which sets up for a potential safejump or empty hop mixup, though the added damage isn't that spectacular and Iori already gets hard knockdowns left and right, so it's more meter-efficient to save this move for when it'd either kill or leave the opponent with a sliver of health. Reacting in time for qcf,hcb+P can be difficult but in the corner it's really easy to confirm into qcf,qcf+P since it has to be done late as the opponent's close to the ground so it should be free once you learn to look out for it. Do you know if Billy Kane is in the game? If you really want to do it, combo would look like any starter xx qcb+C x2 DC qcb+AC x2, qcfhcb+AC. They don't add too much damage though. Kyo and Takuma both have two different ways to use SELECT, and they work in any mode that uses the normal character select screen. Raiden - Big Bear Outfit ... Clear all of the 10 stages of Time Attack with a Character to unlock that Character "Chibi Icon" to use in the online profile., Only cancels into DMs. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII STEAM EDITION. Use this if you're over 2/3 from the corner. Done alone, that attack functions as an overhead. XIII definitely succeeds in recreating the feel of his classic self: easy to use, not so much in utilizing him to his full potential. This move's recovery is safe on block and by not canceling it Iori can bait a guard cancel roll should the opponent try to counter his standard blockstring into 108 Shiki: Yamibarai (. The first two hits of Iori's Aoihana can be canceled on hit to tersen the recovery speed. For those unfamiliar with the original Iori, he is infamous for dominating the metagame of the most common tournament-played versions of KOF ('98, 2002, and their updated rereleases Ultimate and Unlimited Match) before this game, and for good reason. OHH I see. Iori can input this command from a backdash to greatly increase the length of his backdashes which allows him to bait the opponent, make more space to work with, or avoid having the recovery of his normal backdash punished. Due to the buffer of the game, trying to do dp+C DC qcf+AC is basically impossible. Causes massive hitstun or blockstun and sucks the opponent in, so Iori can safely attack afterward. Both do the same damage, so choose as you want. Delay your cl.C to be as close as possible to make sure to land this combo. Arcade Games Xbox 360. I really like that character, Something about Kyo. Not too useful overall. While Iori has all the aerial tools he needs to cover most approaches and distances, each one has a weakness that can be exploited by the opponent. Very easy to combo into to extend hitconfirms and the added hitstun allows Iori to combo into his "C" rekkas on hit where he can normally only land his "A" series by canceling Light attacks. Is Rugal an unlockable character in this version? This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. This move's safe on block though Iori can be interrupted between the hits.

Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. © Valve Corporation. will using continues, even "continue services" still allows for saiki to be unlocked? Causes a soft knockdown; if the opponent techs it from midscreen then Iori can't land a true meaty followup, not even with (. Can tag in an extra qcb+A after the last dp+C before the supercancel, but this is difficult and only adds 9 damage. This page has been accessed 77,761 times. Iori's mixup game is absolutely amazing, and his combos can deal massive amounts of damage both with and without meter. hey, cheat engine is great for color unlocking (quick comment for those who have it), also can confirm that using mr karate will not work (unless if its just the alt outfit on takuma and not actually mr karate then ye it works). If you press SELECT when choosing one of the colors for Andy Bogard, Elisabeth, Joe Higashi, K', Kyo, Raiden, Ralf, Takuma and Yuri, the characters will change in some way. This might sound like a stupid question. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. 1. Billy is in the game as an unlockable character. This means that, for example, even if you do play normal Iori 10 times to unlock a new colour set, you won't unlock the extra colour set for EX Iori at the same time. When canceled into, the kick can be special-canceled though it loses its overhead property.

Thanks! Some little tips on how to unlock various things in the game such as icons, colours and the other two characters. Basically gives you the best knockdown for higher damage without using meter. Basic SDM combos. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. This page was last modified on 10 September 2014, at 17:16.

However EX Kyo and Iori and Mr Karate have their own separate customization table. This combo will work till you are further than 2/3 from the corner. Still a decent throw on its own despite being rather basic. Can do st.C xx qcfqcf+A instead for 30 damage loss but easier.

A basic roll punisher. Iori's qcfx4+AC addon to regular qcfhcb+P DM does about 2 damage less than SDM, but you get more knockdown time, so you may find it more useful.

Once Iori enters into his recovery period, the player can input. Standing Light Kick ()- Quick low hitting kick to the shins. *Complete*.

Dreamcast! To select EX Iori, highlight Iori and hit Back/Select after downloading him. I was stuck for a bit, but tried it out. Special cancelable and good to hit hop happy people. Because of the hitbox and range, Iori's sweep is a good tripguard anti-air against jump-ins (compare it to Chun Li's sweep) that are outside Crouching Light Kick range. Causes a soft knockdown; if the opponent techs it from midscreen then Iori can't land a true meaty followup, not even with ( + ), but he can run forward to get in close or use the gained distanc… Standing Light Punch ()- Quick short elbow jab. This can also anti-air by way of run-under. This move can combo into itself. Iori can combo into this grab from Crouching Light Punch and Close Light Kick/Punch. Can also choose to ignore f.A and do cl.C hcb+K instead to secure the best possible knockdown for the cost of about 40 damage.

Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). In order to unlock Billy and Saiki, you must make sure that time isn't on the infinite setting. A poor beginner gimmick tactic is to use Iori's sweep liberally and then mash out a reversal in hopes that the opponent messes up a punish. The biggest weakness of this move is that it whiffs on crouchers and leaves Iori heavily susceptible to tripguard anti-airs. Worked like a charm. I like Dream Match '99 Kyo better than any other version.

And in XIII their wish was granted in the form of Classic Iori as DLC. Hitconfirming into a DM is possible, though an HD activation has to be done almost in anticipation so it's a heavy commitment.

Thank you Valentine, I was puzzled when I didn't saw NESTS!Kyo in Arcade Mode. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), If you end in/near the corner, you can do qcfhcb+P, qcfx4+AC to get 578/550 damage instead respectively. Terrible recovery on block or whiff. You can choose to end any of these combos with qcb+A x 3 instead to secure about 20 less damage but have better knockdown time.

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