tip of the needle into the second layer of wicking material within the cartomizer. Dedicated to the memory of Melissa!

Step 2- Add 1ml (about 35 drops) of EJ Mix to the Mixing vessel. Working my way from the bottom of the cartridge to the top, I inject the tincture as evenly as possible. This guide will show you 2 different ways of how to turn your own concentrates (shatter, Wax,Crumble) into a vapable e liquid that can be used like any vape juice, in any setup! Step 1- Make a double boiler using a pot filled with a few inches of water and an empty glass mixing vessel with a heavy bottom. Here’s How to Turn Your Wax into vape Juice. Closed loops systems are much safer and don't hurt the environment and save you money in the long run. I have started another thread with the same information in the Hash/Oil forum, also here at The Farm. Vac purged is best, but budder works too. Boil in water for three minutes. Vac purged is best, but budder works too. If you don't have a way of measuring temperature, Just get the water hot enough to where you just start to see bubbles forming at the bottom of the pot. I saw that tractor stores had them but they are way too far from me. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the CannabisExtracts community. Butane is extremely flammable and can ignite from from any type of spark, even static electricity.


disposable cartridge designed for thick oils, 1/2 gram or more concentrate of your choice. Turning BHO into e-liquid becomes a simple process with Wax Liquidizer. Step 6- Stir until all the tiny pieces of the wax dissolve. BHO or Butane Honey Oil or Butane Hash Oil as it is sometimes called is a cannabis extract that is legal in some states that make the extract in a closed loop system. We find its best to store BHO sealed in the freezer as to not let the terps escape. A shot Glass works great! Attach to your favorite battery, match voltage and ohms, and puff away. Now Everyone here is telling me otherwise lol. This system type protects the environment as butane and hexane are considered greenhouse gasses. For oils with a shatter or sappy consistency this only takes a couple minutes. I heat the PG/BHO combination to 140f in a small jar on a double boiler placed atop a hot plate, and then I mix, mix, mix with a needle of a syringe...when the wax is completely dissolved in the PG, then the combination/tincture is ready to be injected into a blank cartomizer (melting usually occurs within 2-3 mins for small batches, ie: less than 7ml PG, 3gr BHO). 1 ml of this tincture is carefully injected into the blank cartomizer after removing the small rubber end cap. Refilling is fine. How To Turn Bho Into Vape Juice Posted on June 11, 2020 June 11, 2020 by Tricia Webster However, not everyone how to turn bho into vape juice knows this method of … Vac purge at -29.55 mb at 70 degrees Fahrenheit for 72 hours.

Method #1 Slow method (recommended) You'll need: 1/2 gram or more concentrate of your choice; Small glass for mixing; Pot to boil watter; Metal Dab Tool or paperclip To turn your BHO into ejuice, you need to take 1 gram and place in a Farm to Vape boilable dropper bottle, then fill to the shoulder with Farm to Vape and close. Scrape out the BHO from the bottom Container. I fiddled around with a bunch of blank cartomizers before settling on the SMOK Brand Dual Coil, Low Resistance (1.5 ohm) cartridges available at most online places. I believe your ProVari automatically senses resistance, but the above figures are what work best if you need to dial it in manually.

We will be describing the closed loop systems. For Crumble and sugar wax it may take up to a couple minutes. Therefore we at Farm to Vape do not condone openly blasting butane to make BHO for the above reasons. All that is necessary to make this tincture is heating a small quantity of propylene glycol, melting a bit of your bho into the heated PG, mixing a bit, and injecting the resulting tincture into a blank cartomizer. Give oil about 15 minutes to fully soak into the wick / coils of the cartridge. ](/r/CannabisExtracts/wiki/faq) before posting. Or run it at a higher thinner ratio for more 'e-juice' consistency...just my two cents. This seems like a fine place to post this.

Step 4- Stir until all the pieces of the wax dissolve. Good luck! Press J to jump to the feed. Life is short, and sick people are suffering. For Crumble and sugar wax it may take up to 10-15 minutes. You now have BHO ejuice that's ready to fill, Ratios for Different Types of Concentrates and Vape Cartridges, As Always, Farm to Vape is Vitamin E Free.

How to Make BHO into Vape Juice. 9.

For oils with a shatter or sappy consistency this only takes about 30 seconds.

Some of my best wax can be thinned much further and still remain efficacious -- your results will vary, but the ratio above is a fine starting point. 3. Step 5- Let the mixture get back up to temperature for a couple minutes. Step 7- Use a syringe and blunt tip dispensing needle to extract the infused vape liquid and fill your favorite disposable vape cart. I usually use 80% vegetable glycerin to 20% propylene glycol for my ecig, would I be able to do this with some of the flavored juices that i already have?

Step 1- Add 1 Gram of concentrate to a glass mixing vessel.

Close valves, take outside, remove line. aspire vapor coils Reductionism is, at best, an empty and meaningless point of view, not to mention that it often how to turn bho into vape juice causes bho into juice great misunderstandings. You can use a candy thermometer to get an accurate reading, but keep in mind it doesn't have to be perfect. Optional- At this point you can add flavoring if you want. You now have BHO ejuice that's ready to fill any cartridge, tank or atomizer Made and bottled in the USA. I have great success using a combination of 0.7ml PG : 0.3 grams BHO. I have read in the web that Propylene glycol is much "safer" than poleythylene glycol. I like ejmix, but it is pure PEG - and the taste kinda sucks. 2.

On the other hand, Maine has the 16th lowest priced pack of cigarettes in the country. Peixer Strato was expelled from the to turn bho into vape juice country twice, so in the 33 years before and after, he had only been in office to turn into for 17 years. Incidentally, I do not re-fill my cartridges, but this a personal decision because I want the most pure flavor possible. Some people use regular e-cig flavoring. Butane by itself isn't toxic to humans but can displace oxygen and cause dizziness or even death by lack of oxygen. To turn your BHO into ejuice, you need to take 1 gram and place in a Farm to Vape boilable dropper bottle, then fill to the shoulder with Farm to Vape and close. Also, aside from asking a pharmacist to order propylene glycol or online. For legal use only. They give users the ability quickly and discreetly enjoy their extracts without having to carry around pipes, papers, lighters, ect. Vacuum out all the air of the bottom chamber to 29.55 mb. Must use food/medical grade propylene glycol. How To Turn Bho Into Vape Juice Our vape pens are made of the high quality standards, the design that flows with the mood of today’s vaping generation as well as seniors who are now joining the vape industry. Step 2- Heat the water in the double boiler to about 175 degrees fahrenheit (about 80 degrees Celsius). Happy Halloween Sale! The overwhelming demand for these products means that retailers will often charge high prices, sometimes $60 or more for a 500ml cart. We find that fresh frozen material makes the best BHO. 6. Sorry was a bit confused. Place plant material side that is full of butane in 110 degree Fahrenheit water. Step 5- Use a syringe and blunt tip dispensing needle to extract the infused vape liquid and fill a disposable cartridge designed for thick oils.

But, I recommend using 1-2 drops of natural terpenes for a more authentic flavor. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you encounter along the way. Any more details tips you or anyone else can provide are greatly appreciated. Step 4- Add EJ Mix formula at a ratio of 1ml (35 drops) of EJ Mix per 1 gram of concentrate (wax, Oil, shatter, budder, rosin, ect). 8. Portable vape cartridges are taking the medical and recreational weed markets by storm! I expect 100 full hits from each 1ml filling, but there's more than that in there. I've been mulling the decision to share this recipe for a while, and finally decided it is time.

Vacuum out empty Chamber, place in ice, 7. Second best is freshly dried that has been frozen. See Picture. Place the bottom chamber in ice water. 10. Any material that ages will produce a darker, less desirable BHO run.

I hope this helps, and I also hope that you share the good results of your effort with somebody who needs them. Step 3- Add you concentrate to the empty glass mixing vessel and let it melt for about 5 minutes. That should about cover things. Connect to room temp butane chamber with line, open nozzles at each end letting butane flow to vacuum chamber with gravity for about 30 minutes. Question: Are you mixing 0.7ml PG to 0.3 grams BHO or 7ml PG to 3gr BHO...or is the second just a bigger batch. Connect the line to the two chambers (not the plant matter cylinder, this one is closed off at this point).

The method is very simple if you start with some nice pure BHO. I found a new mix called MJmix - and it's has added VG for a much smoother vape, more cloud, and neutral taste allows the hash taste through. First you pack your material in the vegetative matter cylinder, then attach to the bottom chamber. All that is necessary to make this tincture is heating a small quantity of propylene glycol, melting a bit of your bho into the heated PG, mixing a bit, and injecting the resulting tincture into a blank cartomizer. Call me naive for sharing, but this is what feels right... Below is an excerpt from a conversation I shared with another user regarding my method for creating a usable tincture for ecigarettes. This is the stuff I plan on mixing it with. Close both ends, take outside, remove line. its made to be mixed with "concentrates" I used it and it works amazingly but you have to use a dripper. I really want to know if the method works and apologize for being tedious but can you elaborate a bit more. if you haven't ever used ejmix then you should.

The benefits of a tasty e-juice that is quick and easy to make using BHO concentrates are readily available by simply using Wax Liquidizer. If your wax is strong to begin with, then the 0.7ml : 0.3gr ratio will be very satisfying in terms of potency and flavor.

Open valves and let butane switch sides. Farm to Vape products contain NO vitamin E, nicotine, MCT oil, PG or VG. After 2 or 3 1ml refills the heating elements are fairly gunked up and become unreliable. 10% Off At Checkout + Free Shipping, I've been experimenting and found that with ceramic dual coil carts you can use very little thinner to keep it mostly concentrate (as long as the cart can handle it). as for making hash into a cartige, yeah, that works, its popular in legal states, but proplyene glycol is really bad for this purpose, its harsh, and separates over time (not as bad as glycerol), so companies who make hash cigs use Polyethylene glycol 200, 300, 400, 600 blended together.

Always keep your BHO in thin films, not in thick globs as thick globs can hermetically seal itself and not let the BHO concentrate breathe, and the terps trapped inside will start to cause sugaring from the inside out. A 2018 study found that 1 in 4 Cannabis users prefers using THC Vape Cartridges instead of flower, a stat that is up 400% from 2017! Very interested in doing this but don't want to waste shatter until I am certain it will work. This guide will show you 2 different ways of how to turn your own concentrates (shatter, Wax,Crumble) into a vapable e liquid that can be used like any vape juice, in any setup!

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