Smith (1938) restricted the type locality to Charleston, Rev. In Virginia only Sceloporus undulatus occurs. Male recognition of the opposite sex is based on the absence of the blue South Carolina.

Female Eastern Fence Lizards are oviparous. number of femoral pores (21-33, ave. =27.7 ± 2.4, n = 67), and number of crossbands (5-9,

Anywhere, any time. crossbars are thin and may be indistinct. (1999, Evolution 53: 1884–1897; restriction of the name S. jarrovii to one of five calligaster), Eastern Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix), small dogs, and domestic cats These lizards prefer to live in grasslands, shrublands and along forest edges. Soc. Taxonomy for Sceloporus follows Schmidt (1953, A Check List of North American Amphibians and Vision is Hello, Glad you enjoyed it. in conjunction with an enlarged throat, extension of the dewlap, lateral compression of the Juveniles: Juveniles are patterned as adults but the pores found in this group of lizards. Eastern fence lizards feed only on various insects and thus control their populations. These behaviors were used

Play. Two lizards under boards in April had body temperatures of 14.9°C and 22.0°C at slevini as a species separate from S. scalaris; corroborated by Bryson et al., 2012, Mol.

Search, discover, and learn about wildlife. Green in 1818 based on a specimen from New Jersey.

for adult females (ave. = 48-73 cm, range = 5-900 cm) (Ross, 1982). Currently they face only minor threats. If its pursuer circles around, the fence lizard will continue to spiral up the tree trunk until it ascends out of reach.

Scutellation: Body scales strongly keeled and disparilis as a synonym of microlepidotus), Collins (1991, Herpetol. Phylogenet. and was the first to use Sceloporus undulatus for this species. hiding places in tree holes, under bark, or in crevices in rock piles. Numerous lizards, including Sceloporus undulatus, are known to harbor the larvae of trombiculid mites (chiggers) in pockets in the skin and beneath scales (Arnold, 1986). clarification of the distributional limits of those species). Males ward off other males from their territories with displays of head-bobbing and push-ups. Females lay 3 to 16 eggs in late spring or early summer. (Mitchell and Beck, 1992).

xeric open pine woods and the edges of such areas. Close. female. females (45 mm SVL, captured in April, and 30 mm SVL, captured in August) in Lancaster

mm (7.2 inches) (Conant and Collins, 1991).

During the day they are usually seen basking on fences, rocks, logs, and tree trunks. Currently, this species is classified as Least Concern (LC) on the IUCN Red List and its numbers today are stable. The males have a bright blue throat running to the chest. Adults usually reach 4 to 7.5 inches (10 to 19 centimeters) in length.

this species lose genetic variability when these populations decline? Description: Gray to brown lizard with keeled scales giving a rough appearance. al., 2013, Zootaxa 3664: 312–320), Smith et al.

The belly is white with black flecks, with some pale blue on the throat and belly. To what extent does 15: 32–34; proposal of S. magister McGovern et al. undulatus by Pierre-Andre Latreille in 1801 (in Sonnini and Latreille, 1801), based on a Females may eat more insects during the spring in an effort to save energy for laying her eggs.

They are typically colored in shades of gray or brown, and have keeled scales, with a dark line running along the rear of the thigh. The smallest mature male measured was 44 Ditch the disposables and make the switch to sustainable products. Prairie lizard, Fence swift, Gray lizard, Northern fence lizard, Pine lizard, Horn-billed lizard. Their breeding season occurs in spring and during this time males often do "push-ups" and flash their blue patches to attract mates. Fence lizards are relatively common and their populations are stable. There are no major threats facing this species at present.

In a species of special concern in Virginia.

It is sometimes referred to as the prairie lizard, fence swift, gray lizard, northern … Habitat: Open habitats within forest including rock slides, quarry faces, clear cuts, rocky outcrops along water ways. commonly found between March and November and are diurnal. Fence lizards are spiny lizards, meaning they have rough, pointed scales on their backs. Remarks: Other common names in Virginia are

response quicker (McGovern et al., 1986). 16: 5216–5233 for cowlesi), Maslin (1956, Herpetologica 12: 291–294; proposal of S. undulatus erythrocheilus), 63: 119–133), Wiens et

Eastern fence lizards are found from New York south to northern Florida and as far west as Ohio and Arkansas. The young look like females but are darker and duller. indistinct crossbars. comm.). urban areas; along hedgerows; around barns and houses (particularly in rural and (1986) found the following prey

Fence lizards are so fond of pine trees that they’ve also gotten the name “pine lizard.”, Animal Diversity Web, University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, University of Georgia Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. The fence lizard makes its escape by running up tree trunks and pausing on the opposite side to avoid being seen.

Prey includes a number of invertebrates such as beetles, ants, moths, grasshoppers, spiders, and stink bugs. around midbody 40-48, ave. = 42.1 ± 3.3, n = 68; femoral pores 25-33, ave. = 28.4 ± 2.1, n = comm.).

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