This rules out attics and non-climate-controlled garages. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration.

Remington is the worst offender for me by far.

Thirty-some-odd years later--with his gun cabinet now flush with modern .308s, .243s and .30-06s--we dusted off the old rifle off and marched out of the house with two stripper clips full of greenish-colored .303 ammo to shoot. Prior to all the 2012 madness, Cabela’s used to offer S&B 9mm for $8.95 / 50 concurrent with their free shipping over $100 deal, so I’d pick up 1k whenever that came up. Even with 22 lr ammo, I am dead serious when I say I have never had ammo fail to fire…fail to feed, yes, but not fail to fire.

I take a thermos bottle of very hot water, a funnel, and some rubber hose with me shooting. Bullet diameter is the same as the 9mm, but the case it a bottleneck design resembling a .40 S&W. Another fact is that in our mass produced world folks are hired because they can take instructions and produce profit. In fact, a chrono can tell you that a pressure problem exists even if the rounds exhibit no visible signs. The Air Force’s Suppressed M9 Pistol from the ‘80s.

How to use it and keep your guns safe. I will be inspecting all ammo one by one in future. I had the chance to shoot a case of 45-70 govt ammo back in the 60s ( right now ammo collectors are wincing) I had a friend who’s folks bought an old farm and in the loft of the barn found a wooden crate of Frankford arsenal dated 1889. FN Awarded U.S. Army Contract for the M249 SAW, Springfield Gets Into Hunting Bolt Guns with New Model 2020 Line.

I have also seen primers missing or placed sideways during the loading process. First off, when many gun owners hear the term “corrosive” they run for the hills.

It wasnt very good and there were gaps so that when we removed the bullet from the case you could look through the “primer” and see out where the bullet should go.

Tula 223’s work just fine for AR’s though there are those that will differ in opinion. We also had a similar exp with a wooden nail keg size of package that was filled with .38 colt new police ammo that was packed with sawdust around the ammo which was also black powder this ammo was in not as good condition with the slugs having white lead oxide on them and the cases with lots of green spots…. All the AR’s and AK’s ran without issue. This issue js known by many producers of lightweight revolvers, and the instruction manual will usually note which ammunition should not be used. I mostly shoot what I depend on in JHP, with some similar quality FMJ for practice or ‘guests’, cost be darned. I am completely dependant on handloads for my match rifles. How about this- there is a LGS in my area (which no longer receives my business) makes their own ammo, both reloads and new. Do not scrub back and forth.

That is reassuring. Except for one of my shooting buddy’s handloads that is. No one was seriously hurt, but it goes to show the attention they put in to rolling their own. I have two cans thats worry me which isnt hard because i worry all the time on stuff like this..

I always load my own mags or cylinders; never have I detected a defective round, and I check each round as I load it for discrepancies in weight and appearance. * tons of dead primers (usually means no priming compound in the rim at all). I’ve never known Hornady to shirk quality control. I happens with all ammo, cheap or expensive, even military-issued stuff.

Is the primer right side up and seated to the correct depth for reliable feeding/firing?

Sealed or unsealed it will last for decades.

When finished shooting I hook the hose to the funnel, put the end of the hose in the chamber, and pour a good bit of hot water through.

It’s about cheap and fast not about craftsmanship, quality and PRIDE! Cartridges with protruding primers, missing primers, cartridges with no powder, improperly seated bullets, a bullet inserted backwards and more.

Here are a few I’ve personally found over the years. It should slide in and out without hang-ups. “I’ve shot factory loads from the 1870s, and they went bang and hit the target accurately,” said NRA Museums Senior Curator Doug Wicklund, affirming that ammo can indeed last a long, long time, and the .303 wasn’t a fluke. ( See: How to clean your Ar15 ) Folks, firearms are simply machines made from steel, aluminum, plastic, and wood. What Gun Would You Use to Hunt a Werewolf? It should have no drastic temperature changes and shouldn’t be jostled a bunch.

Did Dirty Harry Use .44 Specials in his Model 29?! My Hi-Power couldn’t chamber it but my Glock 19 ate it up. While serving as a Hunter Education instructor, often I would have students come to the range qualification with a can or plastic bag full of ammunition. I have also what seemed to be a “side crimp” on a round where the case was deformed so bad that it would never chamber or go into a magazine. Apart from that by ammo’s been, well, bulletproof. Came right out of a brand new box.

LUVERNE, AL –-(’s 2013 and the Great Ammo Crisis has yet to completely abate. Tag: how to tell if ammo is bad. Bought a box of hornady superformance 308 match for a buddy to shoot through his rifle. The bullet was loaded in right in one side but crushing the case neck on the other side. The company made good on it, they sent me a new box and it had zero issues. They gave me a credit for $50 for new ammo and sent the gun to S&W for repairs on their dime. So Dan and I survived the Texas Concealed Handgun License class. make sure it is a new one.

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