The citric acid prevents the sugar to fall out and also preserves the sirup. Jeff, I was in the bar last year. Add cinchona bark, herbs and spices to the water and boil for ten minutes, stirring occasionally. We’ve actually charged the tonic mix directly (with soda stream) and that holds for as long as it sticks around. I’m wondering if there’s a third choice. Note that this will preclude using your syrup as a non-alcoholic beverage, though. My question is if there is a way to get your homemade tonic water any more clear? It’ll work just fine without it. I HATE how quicky tonic goes flat. I think I’m going to try with the aeropress next time. I don’t know, but as much of the point of a Brita is to filter out impurities, I can see it removing much of the flavor. (I prefer it on the bitter side, so I keep the agave to a minimum – most people like more). It’s just wonderful. And secondly, is that 1/4 cup of citric acid in a powdered or liquid form? I don’t know how much to recommend, but play with it and report your findings back here if you would. also really enjoyed it with the m millers westbourne. My husband just bought me the ISI siphon so now I can stop waisting all my money on store bought tonic. $10 for 4 oz.

That’s neither important nor why I’m here. Has anyone tried sweeting the tonic with Stevia? Some believe that color and bitterness are related but they are not. Great recipe – I made many batches and sincerely doubt I will ever buy tonic from a store ever again. The term quinine comes from the Peruvian, Peruvian Bark , Red Bark. Kolbe – I settle for a slightly opaque syrup.

Make sure the filter paper fits the buchner funnel. Hi Jeff, I have been unable to find citric acid in the store. Jesuits' Powder. Unreal. Put the syrup in a glass, and just spritz the seltzer into it. Aw, Dood, that’s the best way I could have started my morning. Being a huge fan of G&Ts I’m preparing to make my own tonic per your recipe. Did anyone try freezing the mixture in ready to use “ice” cube form to which you can just add the seltzer water?

In theory it might work, but I imagine it would take quite a few bottles of tincture and would be very expensive. 209 pairing, those tweaks were almost exactly what I was thinking (though I’ll admit star anise didn’t spring to mind). The sludge settles out pretty well, and while I might be ending up with less final product than I would with patient filtering, the simplicity makes it totally worth it. Howdy, I just made my first batch.. Zahchary – I took the name of the bark into a Chinese Herb Shop (Wing Wang on SE 82nd near Fubon). In a covered saucepan, bring all ingredients except the simple syrup to a boil and reduce heat immediately; simmer on low for a half hour, then remove from heat and allow to cool fully. They sold me a pound of the bark in a paper bag. 5) Oh, and I fresh-ground the cinchona in my Braun coffee grinder that I use for spices. But I’m not entirely secure about the stuff now. You’d have to use a *lot* more citrus in the recipe if you omit it. The bark itself will take way more to get the same flavor, but it also won’t leave so much debris behind. After making the mistake of reading a bottle of tonic, I wanted to try my own. The color particle is usually the larger size particle and easier to filter out. The bag had a different English name on it – they said the English name was wrong. It’s my favorite; thank you Travis McGee . if you bring some to New Orleans you might as well carry some to the Berlin Bar Convent…I’d love to sample the stuff;-). Anyone try boiling some irish moss in the batch like one would to avoid a murky beer? There’s a distinct bitterness, but not to excess. I’ve been using this formula for a couple years. Clicking on a product takes you to Amazon, which helps me keep this site running, so thank you in advance! It will go quite fast this time. How many grams should i use as a substitute to your recipe? That first gin and tonic, made with my own syrup, was nothing short of a revelation. Is there a website where one can buy online? I used this lovely recipe as a launching point, but then made the following additions on my next batch: -made a lemongrass tincture first, then added it to the mix for a more concentrated (but subtle) flavor -doubled the lime zest -added microplaned apple peel and clove for a more autumn-y feel for my bar’s fall cocktails.

If you can see bits of zest, you need to strain again, IMO, but I am very sensitive to the particular bitterness of zest. The zest will continue to add bitterness as long as it’s steeping. I suppose you could also use filled teabags, empty the tea out and staple close. -FREE SHIPPING – The cost of shipping is included with all the products on to locations in the United States including APO/FPO addresses. I look forward to experimenting with the ingredients in the next batch. …cracked me up, and furthermore reminded me of a great line from a Texas Meat Purveyors song: “I know you ain’t no doctor, but could you pour a dose about yea tall?”. I add agave or organic sugar simple syrup along with the tonic concentrate to the water prior to carbonation. I filtered ten times through paper towels before using a coffee filter with good results. Is it possible to just get pre-extracted quinine (and where)? I used cinchona bark chips, so I didn’t have the challenges others have mentioned about filtering. Jeffrey – first of all, what a great idea .. Just discovered your site and this tonic is the first of your projects I’m attempting to tackle. It tastes MUCH cleaner and has a bright, reddish-yellow color to it. My reasons for wanting to make my own tonic are far different. More lime juice may help, but the rinds will only add citric “essence” when what is needed is acidity. Matt. By the way, in Seattle, cinchona can be purchased really cheaply at Dandelion in Ballard. To make quinine syrup: In covered saucepan, combine water, powdered cinchona bark, citric acid, lime zest, lemon zest, orange zest, lemongrass, salt and lavender.

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