With a buddy in the home, they learn to be model “kit-izens” and use their very best behavior.

A lonely cat can become neurotic and will sometimes let his/her owner know about their unhappiness by destructive behavior or inappropriate urination. Fading kitten syndrome is a set of symptoms that are associated with a failure to thrive in neonatal kittens. Adopt one, and you’ll likely come home to a crying kitten desperate for attention. Mondays & Tuesdays: Closed. Generally before that age, they are not up for adoption yet. But a dog (or any other kind of pet) can’t show a kitten how to use the litterbox or pounce like a tiger. Having another feline around helps reinforce good habits like using the litter box and scratching post. If they’re lucky enough to have a momcat around and she hears the ruckus, she will often give a warning “that’s enough of that” to the kittens and they settle down. Very young kittens, only a day or so old, will usually succumb to fading kitten syndrome before you even realize it is happening. Fading kitten syndrome is not a single disease. What we found repeatedly was that single kittens adopted into homes without other young cats frequently develop behavioral problems. Understanding Overstimulation. https://www.seattleareafelinerescue.org/adoptable-pets/ If you have your heart set on a particular kitten, it’s best to visit sooner rather than later. Best of Adopting a Cat < How to cure Only-Kitten Syndrome. They’ll still bond to you as their favorite person, but they won’t require the many hours of attention that a single kitten craves each day. The good news is, Only-Kitten Syndrome (OKS) is easy to cure! a search box on your webpage. Usually, though, adopting two kittens is the best choice if you already have a cat at home. Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. My new cat is hiding and won’t come out! Litter box habits are learned at an early age and kittens actually play a large part in teaching each other how to faithfully go to the proper place when nature calls. MEOW will not place a single kitten under the age of six months into a home without an appropriate feline playmate. So, be on the look out! The most common age you’ll see single kittens up for adoption in rescues and shelters starts around 6 weeks old. Getting pounced on or hearing a youngster cry “Will you play with me?” over and over isn’t usually a grown cat’s idea of fun. https://www.seattleareafelinerescue.org/adoptable-pets/, Moving Outside Cats Inside: 9 Tips for a Happy Transition, Too Much Love?

Let's try again. Many of these are young mothers are scarcely more than kittens themselves. There are some exceptions: young, playful cats are sometimes thrilled to get a buddy. Fading kitten syndrome (FMS) refers to neonatal death (death within the period of birth until weaning.) Two kittens playing together is one of the most entertaining activities in the world, both for you and for the kittens. Kitten mortality is highest during the first week of life, accounting for >90 percent of deaths. We'll start sending our monthly newsletter, The Scoop. When two kittens play together, they give each other strong cues not to bite or scratch too hard. ~Shelley. It’s not a scientific condition, but it is very real. Baby kitties are still figuring out how to grow up to be cats.

It looks like you have some kittens at home, correct, Hi Julia, it sounds like the kitty you have at home would likely be a great playmate for a kitten. We’ve never had anyone tell us they wished they had only adopted one. Surgery On Site: An Important First for SAFe Cats! It will be much less cute, not to mention annoying and painful, when your cat is full grown. IBS can usually be identified by frequent bouts of diarrhea, vomiting, and upset stomach, but other more common causes of digestive problems in cats, like dietary intolerance and worms, should be ruled out first. A human is not a substitute for a feline companion. For the best chance … Kittens have been returned because of litter box problems. Cat Hiding Behavior and What You Should Know, Resource Center: Cat Behavior and Training, Resource Center: Choosing the Right Dog and Dog Breed Facts, Resource Center: Dog Behavior and Training, embed That’s why having an adult around doesn’t necessarily prevent Single Kitten Syndrome.

We do not want 3 cats. This is not something most people would like to risk. The good news is, Only-Kitten Syndrome (OKS) is easy to cure! Estimates show a 10 percent rate of stillbirth and a 10 percent mortality rate by day two of life. Adopt two, and you’ll come home to happy kittens ready for extra play and snuggles. Many people have been skeptical about adopting two kittens rather than one only to thank us later for sticking to our policy. The kittens bite and scratch each other, sometimes quite hard. If they don’t learn limits in their play as youngsters, they often develop inappropriate playful aggression. That’s why having an adult around doesn’t necessarily prevent Single Kitten Syndrome. If you’re not able to take two, but still want a young playful kitty, we can help you find a young adult or teenager over 6 months for your home. * Animal Shelter services are currently available by appointment only. The nipping and scratching are normal cat-to-cat behaviors, but they don't translate so well to us non-furry humans! Consulting a Veterinarian Bring the kitten to the vet at the first sign of trouble. You can learn more on our, If you’re wondering whether the kitty you have at home would be a good companion for a single kitten, you can email. Our website, with the list of available felines, is updated every morning. Single kittens can be found all the way up to kitty adolescence, which is around 10 months old. Kittens are almost always born in a litter with multiple siblings, and along with their mom cat’s nursing and other care, the kitty pack plays an important role in kitten social development.
Some of this play is painful, as confirmed by the yowling and complaining that occurs. As humans, we’re less fluent in feline behavioral signals. Single-Kitten Syndrome; Single-Kitten Syndrome. If you’ve ever raised a litter of kittens or adopted a pair of them, you know how much they play together. But sometimes, a lone kitten is left on his or her own, either lost or otherwise unfortunately separated. Obsessively suckling on your clothing, your hair, your other pets, Destructive behavior like chewing wires, eating paint off surfaces that smell like humans (doorways, cabinets), Going to the bathroom on the human’s bed, pillow, couch, or in their shoes, Help your dog stop crying when left alone, Stop Your Dog’s Territorial Marking Inside, 6 Steps to Introduce a New Cat To Your Dog. You can provide attention and love but there is simply no way you can replicate the play behavior of the species. Cat behaviorists now believe that kittens raised without kitty companionship transfer the playful biting behavior, which is so important in developing proper manners, to their humans. Kittens have also been returned because of aggressive play biting. You would not need to adopt two kittens.

But a happy cat can bring you joy and companionship for twenty years or more.

All the while they are learning from one another that this behavior is not the best way to make friends! Here at rescue, we want you and your furry family members to be happy. Fading kitten syndrome is a medical emergency, do not delay in seeking veterinary attention. That’s why we offer a discount to make it more affordable to adopt two kittens at once! we have a sweet 9 month old cat and want to get her a playmate, can we adopt 1 kitten there as we have a 9 month old one at home? Some dogs and cats even love to play together!

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