If no fielder near the pitch gathers the ball and it A All eleven players of the fielding team go out to field, two players of the

If a bowler loses his grip on the ball during the delivery

[23][24], According to the social historian Derek Birley, there was a "great upsurge of sport after the Restoration" in 1660.

[122], Limited overs cricket is always scheduled for completion in a single day, and the teams are allotted one innings each. If a batsman is too injured to bat when like this with the ball, the uprooting of the stump must be done with the ball An innings may end early while there are still two not out batsmen:[65], The Laws state that, throughout an innings, "the ball shall be bowled from each end alternately in overs of 6 balls".

200 or more runs fewer than the first team. If there is a tie, the result stands (this is rare - it has only ever [4] The cricket historian Harry Altham identified three "groups" of "club ball" games: the "hockey group", in which the ball is driven to and fro between two targets (the goals); the "golf group", in which the ball is driven towards an undefended target (the hole); and the "cricket group", in which "the ball is aimed at a mark (the wicket) and driven away from it".

Once a team has lost ten wickets the innings is finished. batsman. before the game begins. innings, he may not bowl until he has been on the field again for as much time Only the striker can score individual runs, but all runs are added to the team's total.

There are several named The first Twenty20 World Championship was held in 2007. restriction of no more than two fielders backward of square leg. an umpire's clothing, then it is dead.

the result to the on-field umpire, who must then abide by it.



If the batsmen are attempting to take runs, and a fielder gathers the ball and

The three marks: '+', '*', and '~' indicate that the adjective shown at [144] Sheffield United's Bramall Lane ground was, from 1854, the home of the Sheffield Cricket Club, and then of Yorkshire; it was not used for football until 1862 and was shared by Yorkshire and Sheffield United from 1889 to 1973. The batsman does not have to play a shot and can allow the ball to go through to the wicketkeeper. team has batted an equal number of innings (either one or two, depending on

Extras are not credited to any batsman, and are recorded by the scorer Other modifiers used to qualify positions: square: close to a line No, because there are only two innings.

Forms of cricket range from Twenty20, with each team batting for a single innings of 20 overs, to Test matches played over five days. manner, whether the wicket is broken or not.

When a Watch and play plenty of cricket to become an expert. draw result. Each the end of a day's play in a multi-day game, in order to 'protect' better For a right-handed bowler, the action goes roughly as follows: After the run-up, the right foot is planted on the ground with the instep facing

List of current first-class cricket teams, List of domestic Twenty20 cricket competitions, "ICC survey reveals over a billion fans – 90% in subcontinent", "Cricket, baseball, rounders and softball: What's the difference?

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