Since mongeese are generally voracious eaters, you shouldn’t have any problems on what bait to use; they generally are not very picky eaters.

This is a really great fun joke to play on people who are curious and unsuspecting.

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Joke Mongoose Trap Plans? Austin caught a mongoose today in the trap his sister brought from Texas! You could use just about any tail of an animal that would fit in the bag (squirrel, fox, beaver, big rat tail, etc). Keep us updated as i'm sure myself and other would be interested in any plans you find.... Perhaps an ible if you feel so inclined. was trialled on two Hawaiian islands to test its feasibility as a humane kill-trap for use in mongoose control.

Though I'd suggest putting some foam or something similar around the bar to soften to blow from the killing bar in case someone accidentally sticks their fingers in the trap.

All you need for this trap is a five-six foot length of 6 inch PVC tube.

He told me he hung in in a tree by the road. You can spray or smear some cooking oil around the inside of the tube, around an arm’s length down.

. Here, I drew up some quick plans in paint. 820wards Addicted to ArboristSite. Just thought, perhaps modify robert's live catch trap so that it works almost in reverse.

If you want your victim to hold the box, then a spring loaded device might be your best bet. Aug 20, 2007 #2. packrat Senior Member.

You must log in or register to reply here. I googled it and the site came right up saying "plans" and that's as far as I went before I replied above. Mayor Dan. 12 years ago, Do you have the actual plans for this.

Place the trap inside (secure it) and hinge the cover to the can itself.

Obviously, if you are using the trap for hunting, you’re going to kill it. For those that have not seen this novelty, it is funny to watch their reaction to it. TRAP They Used To Have One Of Those At The General Store In Sautee.

This will make it doubly difficult for the squirrel to escape. Allow enough slack to open the cover only a slight bit to attach the string (magnets, Velcro, etc) to the lid. I didn't even go there to see that. PS: You may also want to attach the "trigger string" to the lid using a small piece of Velcro, so that once the trap has been sprung, the lid can be opened the rest of the way without the string breaking (the Velcro will detach itself from the lid/door). Proud member of the Southeastern Primitive Skills Association. I'm gonna make one... Does anyone have plans on how to make a joke Mongoose trap that flips a piece of fur out when the lid is opened.

It’s up to you, if it is a pest squirrel, you can either re-home it somewhere else, or you can kill it. Allow enough slack to open the cover only a slight bit to attach the string (magnets, Velcro, etc) to the lid. Attach the fur/fabric to the killing part (top of the spring) of the trap and have the trap set to go off towards the door. But the dogs went so bonkers, he had to go ahead and kill it. Have you ever seen a "raccoon bag" ? The DOC 250 trap was also effective in trapping mongooses in a landscape setting. This trap is humane, in that it doesn’t kill or harm the squirrel once caught (providing you check it regularly). I want to make one of these to trap design, or good lures for the mongoose, in order to avoid detrimental effects on native rats. When the lid is pulled open, the trap is set off, flinging the "animal" out of the opening.This idea will only work on ground pranks. Best of luck.

Does anyone have plans on how to make a joke Mongoose trap that flips a piece of fur out when the lid is opened. No, but I got tricked by that gag when I was about 18 years old - wow! Attach the fur/fabric to the killing part (top of the spring) of the trap and have the trap set to go off towards the door. Place the trap inside (secure it) and hinge the cover to the can itself. Box 9781, Marion Street, Wellington, New Zealand. This is a big deal. If you are planning to dispatch the squirrel, the easiest way to do this is to hold a hessian/burlap bag over the open end of the tube and simply tip the squirrel out into the bag. JavaScript is disabled. One end is closed with a cover and when you lift the cover, it whips out a piece of fur or fabric which looks like an animal escaping. The DOC 250 trap was effective in humanely killing mongooses. Log in. Does anyone have instructions on how to build the infamous 'mongoose trap' ? A heavy whack with a piece of wood etc should kill the squirrel quickly and humanely.

Sounds funny as... My g/f would hate that! I just found mongoose box plans at http://themongoosebox.comThey've got some pics and videos there, too. Attach a wire/string to the trigger and the other end to the cover.

Does anyone have plans for a "Mongoose Box/Trap"? Reply

Potential operational evolution in pest eradication through use of a self-resetting trap S. Barr, C. Bond, and R. Greig Goodnature Limited, P.O. He said he was going to keep it alive – I guess maybe to show off, maybe to take to the coast and release. Talk About Making Some … In combination with best-practice wooden trap boxes, the DOC 250 caught more mongooses than live-traps, which were made of wire mesh. I have seen pictures of them, but want to build one myself to 'show' a few people! TIA. The Forager’s Harvest: A Guide to Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Edible Wild Plants, How To Buy Ex-Military & Government Equipment & Vehicles At Very Low Prices, How To Get Used/Working Solar Panels For FREE, Preserve/Store Eggs For UpTo 2 Years ** Without Refrigeration **, The US Election: One Important Thing You Should Know Right Now — 2 Min Read, Homemade Bushcraft/Frontier Knife Made From A File/Rasp — No Forge Required – Simple Tools Only. How To Make Your Own Disinfectant Wipes -- Quick, Easy & Cheap!

This is just an idea, but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You can adjust the size of the box if you are familiar with woodworking to make a larger or smaller box that suits your needs. top! Basically it is a raccoon tail sticking out of a cloth drawstring bag, and inside the bag is a battery operated motor with an off center flywheel on it to make it bounce about as if the raccoon was trying to get out of the bag - (protect the motor from damage). The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments. If you want the authentic feeling of having a classic wooden breadbox, you can build one yourself with only wood and a few simple tools. This is a rectangular box, looks like a live trap. Aug 20, 2007 #2. If you are hunting squirrel for food, make several of these homemade squirrel traps and set them in several locations. I know this is an old thread but if you google mongoose box plans you'll find a site by that name that has them. You can also try to trap the mongoose using an old-fashioned cage trap. Attach a wire/string to the trigger and the other end to the cover.

Just a word of advice: don’t use snakes as baits for mongeese. Use old-fashioned traps.

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