After deciding to stick around, Bex does her best to become the best mother for Andi. Bex has a box filled with stuff from her past. 13 Luckily, school gets cancelled due to a power outage and Bex spends the time bonding with Andi and playing games. Dennis Wise Fifa, Authentic Uga Football Jerseys, Andi is worried about Bex getting her in trouble and wishes Bex could just act like her mother. BuffyCyrusJonah BeckBrittanyCelia Mack Bex is worried (like a typical mom) about Andi, Buffy, and Cyrus going on a bike ride. Disney Xd Shows 2014, During the commotion, baby Andi uttered her first word, "Mama!" She tells CeCe that even if they are not proud of her, she is proud of herself for finally starting something and sticking to it until it's completed. This puts Bex and Bowie in a good mood and they dance together, just like the old times. Since Ham is not answering their calls, they use Andi to get him home. Cyrus comes to Bex for help when he needs someone to review his script and provide honest feedback. Bowie asks them to explain but Bex just says "Um.". According to the creator, the show won’t as much talk about sex-ed but focus on how their lives and relationships now are shifted. She asks CeCe to call off buying the Fringe. Bex later painfully watches Bowie take Miranda and her daughter to the same mini-golf course. Bex is graduating from her professional makeup artist school so that she can finally get a certificate. Brown Bex signs a note to let Andi spend time with Bowie. She's worried-sick about it only to find that Andi skipped school to be with CeCe. Believe me, I live for the day you tell me you're proud of me. Bex convinces Andi to throw a party while their parents are out of town, Bex and Andi go shopping for party supplies. Bex admits to Bowie that she's only mad because Andi didn't invite her. Pembroke Ga, AmberMiranda Patrick Andi and Bex is the pairing between Andi Mack and her mother, Bex Mack. Bex is rebellious which leads to friction between her and her strict mother, Celia. Bex and CeCe had returned from taking Andi to the pediatrician for a checkup and were fighting over how CeCe made it look like she's Andi's mother. Even after revealing the secret to Andi, Bex still acts more like Andi's older sister as opposed to her mother. When Bowie arrives, Bex's attempt to act cool doesn't work out so well. Bex cancels her planned wedding to Bowie. Andi and Bex's relationship forms the core of the show. Aston Villa Players 1990s, On Andi's 13th birthday, Bex comes back home ready to finally settle down. By the time Ham found Andi, it was almost an hour later. Mother - daughter / Previously supposed sisters Your email address will not be published. But it's not gonna be today, is it? 13. On realizing that she bought it for her so that they can make it better and turn it into a boutique salon, Bex asks Cece to get the deal back on. The series stars Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Joshua Rush, Sofia Wylie, Asher Angel, Lilan Bowden, Lauren Tom, and Trent Garrett.It follows 13-year-old Andi Mack and her best friends, Cyrus Goodman and Buffy Driscoll, as they attend middle school. He also goes to Bex's apartment to help in delivering the bad news about Andi Shack to Andi. She is kind and friendly towards Andi and her friends.Despite being seemingly care-free, Bex has th… So, Bex confronts her mother about it but CeCe insists that Bex needs to do something bigger especially now since she's got the certificate. Bex wants Andi to tell her friends the secret. Later that night, Andi finds that Bex has been keeping the photo of the boy from "Shhh!" Portrayed By Andi apologizes and says she's was thinking of Bex the whole time. When Bex gets sleepy, she asks Bowie to sleep on his shoulders. Disney Channel’s new show, Andi Mack, centers around 13-year-old Andi (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) who finds out a life-changing secret from her older sister, Rebecca “Bex” (Lilan Bowden). When Bowie leaves to take a call from Miranda, Bex is not surprised. Capacitor Value Calculator, Instead, she finds a plant doctor called Miranda Patrick sitting in for Bowie. Andi says she wished she was more fun and adventurous like Bex. Rise Of The Footsoldier 4 Ending, She is the valedictorian and is practicing her speech. 32-33 2020 Alabama Football Tickets, She was thinking of making some adjustments with Andi Shack when Celia and Ham planned to move but stopped doing that when Celia chose to stay home. While this is a mother-daughter relationship, it comes off as a sister-sister relationship because Andi grew up believing that Bex was her sister. She takes Andi to the graduation so she can take pictures. Together, they convince Celia to allow him to stay for a while. Season 3 Gammer Gurton Needle, High school boyfriends like Bowie don't keep well, she says. Bex doesn't want to give a quick answer right away. Stargazer Lyrics, The next day, Bex tells Andi that she is going to ask Bowie to marry her. Bex is the daughter of Celia and Ham Mack. She apparently had a very bad break-up with someone named Gabriel, which convinced her that long-term relationships never work out. Name And Explain Various Juvenile Justice Responses To The Youth Gang Problem, Disney Channel's Andi Mack To Cover Teenage Pregnancy for the First Time, Tipsy Elves: The Clothing Brand Dedicated To Expressing Yourself And Having Fun, A Growing Yet Controversial Trend: K Pop Reality Shows, Dear South Asian Movies, Let's Stop Romanticizing Problematic Tropes, Martin Pakula Labor Faction, Bex wants to get a drawing of her and Andi from a caricature artist, Walker, but then Bowie joins them. Aside from that, it’s also the first show on the channel to star a majority Asian-American family. She helps Andi sneak back into the Andi Shack to get art supplies but they get busted by Celia and Ham. They find a ring with the yin-yang symbol, which represents the universe - meaning that it is the perfect ring for Bowie. Andi Mack is a family show at its core, and Lilan Bowden (Bex), Lauren Tom (Celia), Stoney Westmoreland (Ham) round out the Mack family. Affiliations But Andi insists they should still propose. When Bex admits to her that she hates the script too, Brittany forces Bex to tell Cyrus the truth or she will do it herself. Bristol Rovers Shop, Bex helps Andi throw a birthday party for Bowie. 2 Kings 21, Bex and Bowie want to punish Andi for this but don't know how to punish her. She tells Bex that The Fringe is not good enough for her because people only come there to buy fart machines and socks that smell like bacon. Mississippi Eagles Wnba, Liverpool Next Fixtures, When Andi is worried about Bowie embarrassing her and not respecting her privacy, she goes to Bex. He's not just the reason she can't marry Bowie. Bex's relationship with her mother gets worse when Bex asks Andi to throw a dance party while the parents are away. Georgia State Commits 2020, Meanwhile, Bex has been trying to figure out a way to talk to reach out to Andi's dad. She promises to do the same when she sees Bowie at the party because she's still mad at him since she saw him at the mini-golf course with Miranda. After that, Bex opens her eyes. Andi reveals her family revelation to her best friends, Cyrus and Buffy, and begins to embrace her mother Bex and bond with her newfound father Bowie. Rivals She tells Bex that she should consider becoming a professional makeup artist. Former Ayr United Players, Hair color Kansas State Football Tickets 2020, It's revealed that it was Bowie who walked out on Bex after a fight. Racing Seat Certification, Weather Alerts Elkins, Wv, The only tense relationship on Andi Mack has been between new mom Bex and her mother CeCe. So, she starts avoiding Bex. Bex was excited until she realized that Andi was actually calling CeCe "Mama." Andi signals Bowie to let him know that Bex is not going to marry him. Ludlow, Vt, Later on, Bex tries to help Andi miss school by giving her tips on how to fake being sick and ultimately offers to write a note for Andi. Bowie helps convince Bex to come to terms with the truth. This leaves her with no time to talk to Andi about her boy trouble. Bex denies being interested in Bowie. Bellisima Beauty Academy (graduated)Jefferson Middle School (formerly) Formula Ford 2000, But what is it that caused Bex to leave on that particular day? Bex thinks Celia is manipulating Andi when Andi reveals that she had agreed with CeCe that they won't sell the house (and Andi Shack) as long as she spends more time at their house. Bex and Andi find Bowie in Andi Shack, having invited himself to be their guest. Bex has been struggling to be the perfect mother for Andi while at the same time acting like Andi's cool sister. While fighting with Celia on whether Andi should go to school, Bex is shocked when Bowie Quinn arrives. 2019 Rugby Championship Fixtures, It is revealed she has not sent her wedding invitations and is not getting married to Bowie. Amber then goes ahead to give Bex a negative online review, calling Bex, the "wax murderer.". She also leads middle school kids to protest against unreasonable rules. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She also helps Andi realize that Jonah likes her back. When Andi stops talking to her, Bex goes to CeCe's house to ask for help. Osprey Farpoint 40 Weight, Bex is rebellious which leads to friction between her and her strict mother, Celia. Gender Before leaving, Bowie tries to wake Bex but when she doesn't open her eyes. Helicopter Crash Today, Celia is still not talking to them and even Andi starts avoiding Bex, because she feels like Bex is a bad influence on her. Mother - daughter / Previously supposed sisters. Bex is filled with joy when Andi calls her "mom" for the first time. The actress is 31 now, and was 30 when filming, so 13 years before that she would've been 17. Relationships While at CeCe's house, both Bex and CeCe are forced to tell Andi what happened that caused Bex to leave the house. Both Andi and Bex struggle to live in their new apartment despite all the issues with electricity etc. Female There is a picture of her and Bowie from when they were a couple during their teenage years and Bex has fully red hair. “I want us to be a family,” he tells Bex. Celia asks Bex to give her a makeover to go see Wicked. Andi used to think Bex was her sister until Bex revealed that she's her mother on Andi's 13th birthday. Bex never told Bowie that she gave birth to their daughter. So, she just says "ummm..." which disappoints both Bowie and Andi. Bex is adventurous and loves to travel the world, party, and have fun. Andi is very excited when her older sister, Bex comes home for her 13th birthday. CeCe comes over to Bex's apartment to apologize and ask Andi to go to a dance class with her. Pearson Logo White, When Ham storms out, Bex confronts CeCe for not telling Ham about it. She also leads middle school kids to protest against unreasonable rules. Bex takes Andi to The Spoon Diner to eat baby taters and talk about Jonah Beck. Bex mobilizes The Good Hair Crew to lead a protest against the unreasonable dress code at Jefferson Middle School. Bex continued to travel the world and whenever she came home, she - as well as her parents - told Andi that she was Andi's older sister.

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