Brown 13 (Season 1)14 (Season 2)15 (Manga)20 (Special Episodes)22 (Season 3) Audience cookies make it possible to collect information relating to the connection and behavior of visitors for statistical purposes. The second season drops multiple small hints throughout, that this admiration and friendship has grown into a romantic attraction, though Amalia doesn't seem ready to admit it. He reveals to her that his appearance is a problem and that he doesn't want her to wait for him to grow up. Designed by She cares a lot about him and when he was sick she stayed by him at all times, even when her friends asked her to accompany them to stop Ogrest, she needed her father himself to demand she goes. English VA Yugo kisses Amalia during their fight with Black Bump, however, Yugo abruptly stops the kiss. She is very over dramatic too, although, like stated previously, can be very kind and cares deeply for her kingdom and family. However, as said by their father when the guards brought him a souvenir from the gobbowl tournament she participated in his happiness was like a child that had been given a wonderful gift. Amalia was the biggest dick throught the show, specially during the second and third season. Behind the scenes Season 3 However, the total Wakfu only sent them back twenty minutes, resurrecting Yugo and the Sadidas, ultimately depriving Nox of all the Wakfu he'd worked to acquire.

Social media make it possible to enhance site conviviality and help promote the site through sharing. Yugo was inexperienced and unable to control the power when he first used it.

In the beginning, they show signs of affection to one another. Krosmoz Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community.

The two grew steadily closer during their adventures, with Amalia often treating Yugo as a confident and playmate. We can expect the upcoming season to be similar to the previous ones. Aliases These cookies are only placed if you allow it. In season 3 however, she takes a large turn. But Evangelyne cames in and saves the team and she gets Dally back into his body. By the finale Amalia and Yugo have shown a strong desire to be with each other, in spite of the difficulties caused by the difference in their races. These features use cookies that notably allow these sites to track your navigation. Of all the Brotherhood, Yugo is the only member that Amalia treats with the same respect and admiration as her bodyguard and best friend Evangelyne.

After her brother battled Percedal, Eva's bow was destroyed and both her and Evangelyne were confined to her room. You may learn more about the type of cookies used, and allow them or reject them either in entirety for the entire website and services, or on a service-by-service basis. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In the ambiguous ending, it is unknown whether or not Yugo and Amalia choose to pursue a relationship. When they tried to go to the Tree Of Life, both her and Eva were trapped in a dream state by the tree. Following several adventures, the group arrived at the island, where they met with Adamai and Grougraloragran. Princess of the Sadida Kingdom Nox's next target was sure to be the Tree of Life, the largest single source of Wakfu on the planet and the source of her people's life and magic. Season 3 is the only season I watched in its entirety without skimming through stuff, it's just that much better (imo). Learn more and set cookie preferences{"target":".ak-modal-privacy-cookies"} Later, they witness the village of Emelka being attacked by some sort of bugs that turns people into trees. Count had made a arranged marriage with Amalia to save both their kingdoms and separate them from the rest of the world. Yugo opted to allow Nox to retreat, instead choosing to stay behind and mourn the death of Percedal, who had been killed in the battle with Razortime. Armand and Amalia argue a lot although they do seem to care for each other. Daughter of King Sheran Sharm, Amalia is a princess who's as charming as she is spoiled. They begin to argue afterwards, with Amalia childishly denying Yugo's request to talk about their issues, which is immediately stopped by Ruel. That is until she see's Harebourg and falls for him.

Height Amalia Sheran Sharm is a Princess of the Sadida Kingdom and a member of the Brotherhood of the Tofu.

Amalia Sheran Sharm Gender Grougraloragran is defeated in the battle, and his wakfu was retreating to his Dofus elsewhere. He further states that Amalia can be very selfish at times, stating that she ignores the problems of others as Amalia secretly begins to cry in resentment. She gets into most fights with her aunt Evangelyne and husband-in-law Yugo, despite the fact they're some of her closest friends.

Yugo and his gang of friends form the “The Brotherhood of the Tofu”. Appears in Amalia believed Yugo to be selfish for leading her on and storms off in anger and sadness. Amalia then continues to feud with Yugo within the Sadida Temple but is told off by Sipho, who states that she is only thinking about herself, which makes her guilty of her treatment towards Yugo. Amalia also bore witness to the death and sacrifice of Percedal after he sacrificed himself while trying to protect Eva from Razortime.

Anthony "Tot" Roux She has a bit of a rocky relationship with her brother as she believes that he treats her like a little child and was surprised when she found out that he actually cared for her and was the reason why she was able to run away. Although he grown a little in height, Yugo kept his young teen appearance because Eliatropes age very slowly in comparison to the other races (and also because France 3 didn't want him to grow up).

Evangelyne cared a great deal about her when she was bitten by a poisoned rose and tearfully threatened to shove statues that Ruel stole down his throat which was the cause of her getting bitten in the first place. When she joined the Brotherhood of the Tofu, adventure got the upper hand over social obligations. The princess also served as the liberator of a secluded tribe of wild Sadida and even earned the friendship of their god, Moon, a divinely powered monkey wielding a totem pole spawning hammer! When she joined the Brotherhood of the Tofu, adventure got the upper hand over social obligations. Princess AmaliaAmaliaAmiAmalius This Ankama account is protected by Ankama Shield. Her journeys were punctuated by combat and dangerous, wild quests! Some of this website's features (content sharing on social media, direct viewing of videos) rely on services provided by third-party sites. During the invasion, Amalia and Eva where able to reunite with Yugo and Percedal. At the start of the series, Yugo is 12 (and Adamai by extension), Amalia is 13, Perci is 16, and Eva is 17, Ruel is like 300 or something. But it seems that the young princess's heart is already spoken for... © 2020 Ankama. She lost her headband and now ties her hair into a short fluffy ponytail, which i… Like everyone else, she's about the same height as before despite being 20 years old in the special episodes and Season 3. Little is known of her background prior to her adventuring days, however she claims to have been spurred into action through a prophetic dream sent by Sadida himself (though whether or not this is true or just an excuse to run off following an argument with her brother Armand is never confirmed). Amalia first appears with Evangelyne.

Despite the sacrifice, the battle ended up one-sided as Nox was able to reach and drain the Tree of its Wakfu, turning Amalia and the Sadida race into trees in the process. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Despite her claims Evangelyne decided head out on a solo expedition in search of Sadlygrove. The old dragon explained how Yugo was actually the last living Eliatrope in the World of Twelve, the others killed or sealed away during the Mechasme invasion. Yugo and Amalia will perhaps develop the already deep bond that they have. They usually get into arguments and sometimes they make Amalia upset enough she leaves for a bit, such as to how she met Yugo and the others. They are later seen in the Forbidden Forest around a small bonfire eating. Like everyone else, she's about the same height as before despite being 20 years old in the special episodes and Season 3. She was shortly after turned back. Amalia often annoys him and he does to her as well, although despite this they save each others lives multiple times and always make up as friends. 1.58 m

Yugo and Adamai then decided to stay in the Sadida Kingdom and study the Eliacube. Her brother, Prince Armand, and his wife are trying to find her a husband. Your account has been locked for security reasons. When Amalia protests Yugo rejects her advances, calling the kiss a mistake, hurting Amalia. Amalia head back to the Sadida Kingdom to warn her father and her kingdom that they were to be invaded by Nox and that the Tree of Life was endanger.

When comforting Elely, she states how the duo would make good parents, embarrassing the two. Amalia joins Yugo and the others to travel to the forest in order to find out why. 6 years after Season 2, Amalia has taken her mother's position as Queen of the Sadida.

He doesn't feel ready for anything important and says he has an eternity to live. In Season 1-2 Amalia is the average height of a 14 year old and has long lime hair, with a headband connected to a open white flower which wilts or curls up when sick. This Ankama account is already linked to a Steam account. She has long white gloves stopping by her shoulders, Beige pants covering up to her knee's, and unlike in the previous seasons wears brown shoes. Evangelyne, Nicknamed by Amalia and a handful of others, "Eva", is Amalia's bodyguard.

This may be because you're logging in on a public network and/or you're using a proxy/VPN. The king's of the world decide to use the Eliatrope dofus to fight Ogest and stop the kingdom of Sadida from being destroyed. Ruel offers to show them the way for 5 kamas but she refuses. Physical description The ancient black dragon Grougalorogran warned Amalia that she would need to warn and rally her people as the future queen of Sadida. Your parent or legal guardian refused your registration. In Season 1-2 Amalia is the average height of a 14 year old and has long lime hair, with a headband connected to a open white flower which wilts or curls up when sick. French VA Though she initially accepts his proposal she is saddened by it. Yugo and Amalia are very close friends.

To link this account, please deactivate Ankama Shield in your Ankama Account Management center. This feature is not available for your community. This was Yugo, companion to Ruel and Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove. Amalia is very spoiled and snooty and often doesn't like to get involved in fights unless her friends are hurt or her kingdom is at stake. When Amalia forcibly gets betrothed he is visibly upset and talks about it with Adamai who states that his feelings go beyond that of friendship but Yugo was worried that he would embarrass her if they were in a relationship and decides to hide it. She wears a slightly more complex outfit then before with a white top, black belt like cloth wrapped around her stomach, and what may be an autumn leaf holding the two together. She does not seem to like barbaric behavior and will retaliate through screaming if treated by it.

Look at how she treated evangeline, after her fucking boyfriend died in her arms. She is the princess of the Sadida Kingdom, but isn't terribly fond of her royal duties and would much rather go out adventuring, often dragging a bemused Evangelyne in tow. 968 From their first meeting, the girl sensed a noble soul within Yugo and decided that Sadida had directed her to his village to aid him during the war with Nox.

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