They would be appointed by the President (who was not accountable to the public) and approved by the Senate (also not accountable to the public). As Madison’s comments suggest, the other main reason why the framers did not trust the masses with power was their concern that this would undermine the interests of those with property – the upper class. You may print, reproduce, and use the articles on this website for personal, educational or non-commercial purposes. If we want to understand the democracy gap that exists between the United States and other Western democracies, we need to go back to the founding of our country and the framing of our constitution. The popular branch of the legislature, the House of Representatives, can have its will thwarted by a majority of the unrepresentative Senate. Senators were not popularly elected but chosen by the state legislatures – so this body would represent the views of local political elites, not the public itself.

There are only two ways to do this: through amendments or a constitutional convention. For most students coming to college straight out of high school, it is somewhat of a shock to realize that the American founders were not fond of democracy. In practice, the president and the Congress have rather dissimilar constituencies as revealed by the competitive struggle of votes from the electorate in elections (Hardin 11). It frustrated conservatives when the Court upheld the, To those who envy Great Britain, we have a question. They were also capable of better things. No one knew that they had quickly abandoned their instructions to revise the Articles of Confederation and had moved on to creating an entirely new constitution. Forth, the original Constitution failed to curtail the power enjoyed by the judiciary to proclaim as unconstitutional statutes that had been aptly approved by the Congress and duly signed by the sitting president (Dahl 18). The Framers of the original Constitution of the US can be credited for creating a republic rather than a democracy. It is easy to find out through polling what the “majority” believes at a given moment. What may the executive do? Instead of a “democracy,” most founders wanted to establish “popular government” or a “republican” form of government. Many of the framers viewed voter restrictions as another essential way to reduce public influence on the government. Are we talking about the Constitution as it was written prior to any amendments? The framers, the elites of their time, met in secret. In Teddy’s day, the Constitution got in the way of confronting the trusts. .

However, the same civil liberties, under the auspices of civil rights groups, were instrumental in campaigning for the rights of the women to vote a century and half later. The original United States Constitution, often cited as the foundation of the US democracy, was created in 1787 by the country’s founding fathers. We alone remain trapped in the political world created by our distant ancestors. I. mages and photos that appear with this essay are not available for republishing. The framers were the political and economic elites of their time. In a few months, the rebellion was crushed. Take note, you who do not worry over the tendency toward increasing judicial legislation: this is the impulse from which judicial legislation springs.

Levinson repeatedly describes his participation in constitutional conferences with senators and other eminences.

For example, what did white Americans think about black Americans in, say, 1955? For these and other questions, the answer will always involve the American Constitution, a document more than two centuries old that has been amended (not counting the Bill of Rights) only 17 times.

For many, the lesson they learned from Shay’s Rebellion and its demands for economic justice was that the common man was untrustworthy, violent, and a direct threat to the economic and political interests of society’s elites. These requests fell on deaf ears in most state legislatures where bankers wielded considerable influence. Anything worth doing well is worth doing carefully and with the appropriate deliberation. Indeed, they equated the term democracy with mob rule. Recall Publius’s reference to “honorable determination.” Citizens need to do more than simply demand things. Hardin, C.M. . Through this provision, the US is often led by unpopular and incompetent presidents, who have lost the popular vote but goes ahead to be chosen by the Electoral College. 2019. .

Ironically, some of the harshest critics of the anti-majoritarian elements of the Constitution will, in other venues, echo Hillary Clinton’s, The Framers’ view of human nature explains the anti-majoritarian elements that have earned for the Constitution the label “undemocratic.” To take one example, the, All the constitutional restraints on majority rule are buttressed by the Supreme Court, whose constitutional responsibility is to say what the law means, especially the fundamental law of the Constitution. I guess that is just the way some people want it to be. Philosophically rooted in democratic ideals 2. Let’s see how that was done.

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