The KRX hits its stride 10 mph slower. Both cars carry a spare tire, too. We were not only paying attention to how well they ran and handled, we were looking closely at squeaks and rattles, along with wear items like suspension bushings, tires and skid plates.

Honda made a good machine, and something as simple as a set of 2-inch-taller tires can make it great.

The Talon is the only UTV on the planet that can do that, and it’s one of its best assets. All Rights Reserved.

And they do, but factor in the size and quality of Fox suspension on the YXZ. The big difference was in slow-speed comfort and high-speed bump absorption; the Yamaha was the clear winner there. I'm sure there are other things I can think of but these are the first that come to mind. But, in stock trim, the YXZ has a “clutch pop” feature that helps the car get up and over sharp, steep inclines without having to back up and hit them at speed.

And now that our comparisons are over, we will work on maintenance articles and tips for making it ride a little bit better.

But, the Talon is quicker off the line for sure, and the YXZ has the top speed advantage. Either Talon still has one clear advantage over any YXZ. The Talon has a repurposed anti-lock brake manifold that operates constantly as a traction-control system. We hammered both cars over and over the whoops in both directions.

Both have 999cc of displacement and fuel injection, but that’s where the similarities end.

We immediately ventured out to see how the Talon vs KRX1000 vs YXZ1000 comparison turns out and help you pick which machine is right for you.

Furthermore, the lack of sidewall  makes them more prone to punctures and takes away even more from the overall comfort factor. Honda hasn’t learned that lesson yet. We have been in situations from 15-50 mph where we could just leave it in third gear or shift to fifth and leave it in that gear from 50 to 75 mph.

The engine oil can be checked without tools; although, since it’s a dry-sump engine, you need to let it warm up before checking the oil. The biggest benefit is not having to worry about CVT belts or breaking drivetrain components.

Clutch work on the YXZ is easy and can be accessed under the car. You can see over the hood much better when duning, racing or rock crawling, and the overall room in the cockpit is well laid out.

The 2019 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS gets that title.

It’s hardly noticeable, so it’s not a huge issue, but compared to the others, the Honda feels rough. Talon vs KRX1000 vs YXZ1000 CABIN COMFORT. In the Honda, we played with the compression settings front and rear and could get the car up to 50 mph in the same section. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. So, regardless of how you are driving, the brakes are always warm, have great peddle feel and stop on a dime. We don’t like where Yamaha places the cup holders down by the passenger’s feet, but they do work, and they don’t heat up your water bottle like other brand cup holders do. We have done miles on end just leaving it in third or fifth.

All three of those measurements should alone equate to better suspension action.

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