Honda Silver Wing 600 Dyno-Boost power tuner is designed to maximize the performance potential potential of your factory engine. Never dangerous but you need a bit more concentration which, IMHO, is no bad thing. [quote="exavid"]For GL riders my '90 1500 would top out very near 115mph and my '06 1800 hit the limiter a bit over 125mph. I'm really glad I bought it and I'd recommend one as a utility vehicle over anything else. For example, when I went to the Isle of Man last year, my 4 man tent, roll up and clothing items fitted under the seat. GPS and speedo the same. Vast amounts of storage space. and the high screen is not quite high enough for me, so wind noise can be quite high. Oh just trying to talk someone out of riding wot.

These modes eliminate wheelspin off the line and they improve fuel economy when power isn’t needed. I think it's overpriced new but used ones seem reasonable. I ride fairly conservatively but not slowly and the bike usually does long enough runs to get properly warmed up. Out on the open road it's not lacking either and happily cruises between 80 - 85mph and doesn't take long to get there either. You really don't realise your riding a scooter. For Big Bird on pictures----looked back thru pictures...have only a few-----trip to North Cap, found 2 or 3 Honda XBR500s, Pacifico fairing---have 3, 2 with snow background,,,then looked at 1998 in Canada---CB750 NightHawk &Kwik Camp trailer & dog....going to present SilverWing----all have the same pair of aftermarket CB750 type mirrors. I will say this though, "It is an amazing machine even at that speed it was very stable." Yes I know there are better maxi scooters out now (not £2k to £3k better though). The only possible downside really is the image but as an older bloke I no longer give a rats about that! Indeed but the title of the thread is 'Silverwings Top speed' and the OP asked how fast it was possible to make the Silverwing go not 'How fast have you made your Silverwing go?' don't know how.
Had the Regulator burn out twice, but this was caused by a loose wire shorting out both times. Apart from a few cosmetic additions, I cannot fault thisvlovelybmachine. On a '64 plate. The storage pockets add that little extra and includes a 12v charger for my phone. It was sold for a total of 12 years with barely any changes. Only have 57 miles on it but like it so far! I did it myself and will wear the risk of any issues arising but it is very off putting.

The CVT found the Silver Wing was also impressive in that it has 3 difference acceleration modes that it uses depending on how far the throttle is pressed. I changed the standard screen for a Givi screen which eliminated buffeting, and I altered the riders buttstop to a backrest which was quite simple to do and cost pennies to achieve. – 2004 Honda Silverwing 600.

Supremely capable, do it all maxi-scooter. Stainless exhaust has rust??? I was at a Honda dealer for a test ride day and after doing a Pan and Crosstourer I was waiting for a guy to come back with a Dullsville when the sales guy said why don't you have a go on the Silver Wing. This can save some brake pad wear in the long run. With brand new belt and OEM rollers speedo hits 184 kms(114 miles) to the rev limiter.With worn belt round 175 kms(108 miles) to the rev limiter.With Dr pulley 28 gr sliders 195 kms(121 miles) with no rev limiter yet(speedo indication). With a fuel injected, 582cc parallel twin knocking out nearly 50bhp, we could easily be talking 'proper' motorcycle here. Its not a sports bike, but it can shift if you need to get a move on. Not positive but I think that's what they were. To achieve this, Honda designed their impressive 582cc parallel twin cylinder ‘DACT’ engine. I don't know where my K1100LT hits the wall... yet. Mpg's averaging around 45mpg. Dunno why i waited so long to get one.

Thanks for the info onf the LT, I'd read it should do 130mph, I haven't pushed it over a ton yet and that's by speedo which seems to be off about 5-10%. Suzuki gets a lot of credit in the maxi-scooter scene as they were the first seller overseas, but Honda deserves kudos as well. they over-read by about 10%.

I do my own servicing which is a doddle on this bike.

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