Most importantly, they redesigned the muffler to make it way smaller and in doing so, freed up enough space to make a super handy storage compartment possible in the right side panel (shown at right). The Aero 80 is also a bigger scooter with a better suspension so it’s better for bigger riders or 2-up riding. Consumption can be higher when the engine is new. The engine tested with Honda Genuine Oil remains with no discolouration and with its original consistency. This scooter is not without its flaws, but it’s a great scooter to pick up if you can find one cheap in your local online classifieds. More oil is consumed by high speed driving, high engine revs, frequent acceleration and deceleration Climatic and road conditions encountered Viscosity of the engine oil. Honda Genuine Oil The recommended viscosity range is between 0W-20 to 10W-40. This new front end is more similar to the larger Aero 125 scooter. Regular 4 stroke oil while not good for a 2 stroke, a bit of it shouldn't mean it's on the way to the scrapper. The NH80’s headlight array may look awkwardly wide, but it actually serves a very useful purpose as a wind guard for your hands. The ACEA also uses letters to denote classifications. 1983 1984 Honda NH80 Aero Service Repair Manual DOWNLOAD ( 83 84 ) This is the most complete Service Repair Manual for the 1983-1984 Honda NH80 Aero ever compiled by mankind. If the engine is compressing it should run. All Aero 80’s have a glovebox (below right), which is quite a nice size. Honda ditched the external rear blinkers and replaced them with new blinkers integrated into the body of the scooter above the rear bumper. Perhaps most noticeably, Honda changed the look of the front headlight array (new array shown at left). On the downside, 1985 models lost the kickstarter found in the ’83-’84 models. If you’re in the market for an 80’s Japanese scooter, the NH80 is an awesome choice. A good quality lubricant keeps its viscosity constant under different temperatures and usage conditions for a longer period of time.

The visual result after only 5,000km is quite remarkable. - Visit the forum on this site to chat about your scoot. The front reflectors (between the headlight and front blinkers) on the early (’83 - ’84) NH80’s are prone to falling off and have been discontinued by Honda so replacements are hard to find.The ’85 NH80 has the reflectors integrated into the blinker lens, so there’s no danger of this happening. Award-winning Honda e inducted into world-renowned Red Dot Design Museum Design…, Speaking with FM104 Strawberry Alarm Clock , Katie Taylor surprised an unsuspecting…, Saturday’s qualifying session proved crucial, with Max getting through…, After the 2020 Formula One season commenced with two exciting races in Austria,…, Honda will be at the forefront of both safety and competition when the WTCR…. Lubricants vary in their use and quality. The Genuine Oil Application Guide enables the dealership network as well as the customers, to choose the right engine oil for your Honda ensuring efficiency and best performance. 1983: Stream Red (R116), Starlight Silver (NH131). After the NH80 was discontinued in North America, it was redesigned in the late 80's and rose from 80cc to 90cc (Lead 90). Mineral lubricants are composed of molecules present in crude oil that are separated in the distillation process at a refinery. Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) – defines oil according to its viscosity.

They are defined by two numbers. You might have some initial issues if it’s been sitting for a long time (like old gas, clogged carb jets, bulbs burning out, rusty fuel tank etc) but once these are sorted out your NH80 should be bombproof. The carburator in the Aero 80 is quite small for an 80cc 2-stroke, so going with an improved reed cage, intake manifold and carburator should raise your top speed to 45-50mph. This minimal underseat space is what makes the new side panel storage found in 1985 models so handy.

This graph reveals that the NH80 makes in excess of 5 horsepower all the way from 4500 RPM to 8500 RPM. Get the best deals on Scooter Parts for Honda Aero 80 when you shop the largest online selection at Recommended Oil: Honda GN4 10W-40: Manuals : Service Manual: The Honda NH80 is a motorcycle produced by Honda in 1985. For performance and peace of mind, use only Honda Genuine Brake and Power Steering Fluids. The only aftermarket part for the Elite 80 is an exhaust from Battlescooter which is primarily for looks. Most notably, Honda’s AF16E engine uses the same intake manifold bolt pattern as the NH80, so you can buy aftermarket intake manifolds, reed cages and carbs intended for these scooters. Even two oils optimised for the same engine and weather conditions can have vastly different levels of performance. The second and higher number indicates the lubricant’s viscosity under great temperatures (i.e.

For the i-CDTi and i-DTEC diesel engines the recommended oil for Western European driving conditions and weather conditions is fully synthetic motor oil meeting the minimum specification ACEA C2/C3. , which also debuted for ’85. Synthetic lubricants are made up of molecules that have been modified under complex chemical processes and allow for enhanced performance under extreme conditions of temperature, pressure and forces. Honda's engineers have developed a new series of engines using their unique Earth Dreams Technology, which ensures the perfect balance of efficiency and performance. Another scooter to consider is Honda’s 4-stroke Elite 80. Free shipping on many items ... 1985 HONDA NH80 AERO Battery Box/Oil Tank Cover OEM #00785. This new oil not only improves the performance characteristics in all driving conditions but also has the additional advantages of not only improved fuel economy, being environmentally friendly and is the first oil developed specifically for Hybrid engines. A liquid that has a relatively high resistance to flow can be describes as viscous. The recommended viscosity is 0W-30.

You can pick these scooters up for under a grand normally and it’ll go forever. Protect your investment and always insist on the use of Honda Genuine Oils and Fluids when you leave you car in for service.

Take the oil out you put in it and pull the spark plug. The torque curve is also impressive. Using a non-genuine brake or power steering fluid can cause corrosion and potentially decrease the life expectancy of the affected systems. This top end lean condition can also result in the power cutting out at full throttle A quite few NH80's seem to require careful throttle manipulation at about 80% throttle to achieve optimal acceleration. $14.99. Please view the website terms and conditions and privacy policy for more information or to update your preferences. Unlike a lot of other 50cc scooters that can also achieve 40mph, the NH80 makes a lot of mid range power so it can hold it's 40mph top speed even up decent hills. 3) How do i get the switch to go back to green once i change the oil. They introduced new rims (which also found their way onto the Elite 80). The rear rack was changed from a black plastic rack to a chrome one. I have heard all those ranges acceptable (depending on oil your using). 1984 Honda Aero 80 NH80 in Silver. The Aero 50 on the other hand has a better selection of aftermarket parts. The visual result after only 5,000km is quite remarkable.

Some are only suitable for particular engines, while others can only be used in certain weather. Honda Genuine Oil Comparison. For some reason, some ’83 and ‘84 NH80’s sold in the Canadian market received this name while others were called Aero 80’s. Interestingly, this new rack and even the entire rear end are virtually identical to the new. - Here’s the proper maintenance schedule as recommend by Honda. Association des Constructeurs Europeans d’Automobiles (ACEA) – similar to the API, with the difference that while the API is based on American engines, the ACEA is based on European engines. These pistons would bump your Aero 80 to 82 - 90cc depending on the size you choose. In choosing any one of our Honda Genuine Oils or Fluids you can be assured of its high standard of quality. You can probably find one for a similar price as a 50cc, but you’re getting a peppier scooter that is very reliable (due to its low stress engine). It mixes the fuel/oil in correct ratio by itself. 10W-30 where the 10W is the low temperature or Winter designation and the 30 is the high temperature designation). This results in an impressive 6.5hp at 6500 RPM, as shown in graph form by a. . My brother has done this modification with good results but moderate decrease in fuel milage. Why risk potential damage, a reduction in performance or costly repair bills by using an incorrect grade of oil? It’s possible these scooters were diverted from another market or perhaps Honda decided some parts of Canada might like the Mascot name better? For all petrol engines, excluding Hybrid models, the recommended oil for Western European driving conditions and weather conditions is a semi-synthetic motor oil meeting the minimum specification ACEA A1/B1. Honda’s specifically formulated transmission fluid offers superior performance, resulting in a smoother gear change and prolonged life. It rockets off the line and accelerates satisfyingly but it starts to run lean on the top end which cuts off the power around 40mph. You could also play with the ignition timing to add a bit more juice. Drain the oil from the bottom drain plug. I prefer the newer array, but both versions are nice. The Aero 80’s stock bore is 48mm and you can get the CR80 pistons from 49.5 to 51.5mm. The Elite 80 was not a big scooter in the asian market where most aftermarket parts come from, which is why you can’t get parts for the Elite 80. American Petroleum Institute (API) – classifies oils according to their capacity to protect the engine.

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