We have a very big family and love to entertain friends. We’ve gotten lucky two episodes in a row for big budgets! We took the time to ask the Hogues what their favorite room was that Erin and Ben designed! Our holiday candles are in, If y’all happened to miss our Back Alley Sale on, Our Back Alley Sale is TOMORROW! “I was sitting in my car putting my makeup on,” she recalls. Outside, we see 2 concrete lions at the start of the sidewalk, upholstered walls, an iron raining inside, and most of all: beautiful fireplaces, grand staircase, and hardwood floors. After years of traveling, Shuff is ready to buy a house in Laurel where 5 generations of Mauldins have lived. 8 Myths About Renting You Should Stop Believing Immediately, 6 Ways Home Buyers Mess Up Getting a Mortgage, 6 Reasons You Should Never Buy or Sell a Home Without an Agent, Difference Between Agent, Broker & REALTOR, Real Estate Agents Reveal the Toughest Home Buyers They’ve Ever Met, The 5 Maintenance Skills All Homeowners Should Know, Click for complete coronavirus coverage from realtor.com, In Love With Laurel? The Victorian style home was built in 1903, and has lots of really neat, historic details on the exterior like a sunroom and a very intricately patterned screen door. They’re eager to put down roots and regain a sense of place and permanence in a new home and a welcoming town. For this recap, we reached out to the Hogues for some extra tidbits on their Home Town experience! And did you spot a couple of Lott Furniture Products?

What do you value most about being a Laurelite?

It was so hot up there, and I thought, ‘I am really ready for that scene to be over.’".

As we tour the home, we see some pretty interesting features scattered about. After the home was hit by a tornado, the team was faced with the unique challenge of revamping a house they had just recently completed.

I (Julie) know that giving up control is very difficult.

The family room was visually dated but came with a fireplace and built-in shelving. So that's how they do it! “This is about trying to make the town a better place, but to also recapture the beauty of some of the older homes that had been laid to waste.”. And I think we can safely assume at this point that they also need a pretty great kitchen, with Bill being a chef and all. The wood is painted in a soft blue/green that helps ground the look of the foyer.

To have such a grand space where you aren’t tripping over one another is such a blessing.”. We were not disappointed!”.

Home Town:A Bachelor's Paradise 52 Photos.

Their food truck, The 5000, serves up artisan, Southewest-style street tacos, specialty fries, and the best dang grilled cheese on this side of the Mississippi River.

Get quick and easy access to your home value, neighborhood activity and financial possibilites.

Throughout, enjoy some direct quotes from episode 2’s guest stars. A dean of the Honors College at Indiana’s Purdue University and professor of agricultural economics, Phillips grew up in Bassfield—not far from Laurel—which initially sparked her interest in "Home Town.". With a $260,000 all-in budget, they want a historical charmer with room to grow and an outdoor space to entertain. Participants must agree to not see the house until the end of the process, says Phillips. Away for more than 30 years, she needs help finding the perfect home. All gallery photos owned by Todd Douglas, HGTV. But what is it really like to be featured on the show?

The whole thing was very charming, but didn’t seem very “stately”, as per Julie’s request. "), Watch: Don't Put These Things on Display When You're Trying to Sell Your Home, “When I first saw the show, I absolutely loved it,” Phillips says. The Hogues' all-in budget is $250,000. We just described what we wanted– that it needed to hold up to kids, grandkids, and the pool. Tiffany inherited her mom's house when she passed away last year, but at 1500 sq feet, it's far too small for her growing family. Since the wall that had originally separated the den and breakfast area was a load-bearing wall, removing it required installing a new support beam which, along with the new stairs also helps create a visual break between the spaces. For those who've ever tackled a renovation on their own, speed is usually not associated with the process. Step 1: She went to the HGTV site and contacted the show.

The most beautiful (and comfy) custom Bassett Chair. Judi is ready to downsize and is looking to move from the country into town to be closer to friends and work.

HGTV's “Home Town" is a runaway hit.

Browse MLS listings in Laurel and take real estate virtual tours at realtor.com®.

The table is large enough to accommodate the Hogue family, including their four children who will be living with them in Laurel. Outside, we see 2 concrete lions at the start of the sidewalk, upolstered walls, an iron raining inside, and most of all: beautiful fireplaces, grand staircase, and hardwood floors. They need help finding something large enough to entertain, but manageable enough to maintain from their home in Florida.

They need help finding a home with charm and character in a small town. Ben and Erin reuse a few of the home's original doors they had found in a shed on the property. Except for swapping out some of the artwork seen in the episode, she’s managed to keep the home as it was on the day of the reveal. Prior to the cameras rolling, Phillips wasn't aware of how much work goes into every scene. “The green stove hood was so atrocious, you can’t imagine what a monstrosity that this thing was,” she says. [Laurel] turned out to be the perfect fit for all we were looking for.”. “Honestly, looking at the big picture, we would have to say the kitchen. “I had a high level of trust," she says. We’ve gotten lucky two episodes in a row for big budgets!

“After you have all the contracts signed, and they know what your preferences are, they do the design. Wow! Amy is an artist and wants to raise her teenage son in the small town near their friends and family.

In the episode, Phillips tells the Napiers they've decided on the Craftsman cottage.

Newburn and Emma Rockett lived in the home over 30 years, and Newburn worked at Laurel Machine and Foundry. Although, the budget allows for some amazing Erin and Ben transformations and even some money left over, we’d like to wait and see. Our opinions do not reflect on Home Town Season 3 Productions, HGTV, the cast and crew, or Scripps. John grew up with his parents in the Air Force and never had a home town as a child.

Ben and Erin show them two very distinct houses with great stories. With an all in budget of $85,000, Ben and Erin show them a solid plan to update the Manse to turn it into living space that would be suitable for their family.

Lott Furniture Co. was lucky enough to gain the Hogues as customers, as well as friends. “Honestly, looking at the big picture, we would have to say the kitchen. Ben and Erin show them two houses with perfect locations.

Ben and Erin's renovation helped them get precisely what they were looking for. Ben and Erin give the house a complete facelift, add a coastal color scheme, a built in banquet and a back patio that's perfect for entertaining!

The foyer had ornate upholstery wall-covering — a relatively uncommon feature — and traditional wainscoting. Join our weekly mailing list and stay up to date on deals, news and events happening at Laurel Mercantile Co. Laurel Mercantile Co.414 Front StreetLaurel, Mississippi 39440601-682-0936, Scotsman General Store & Woodshop1 Spec Wilson Blvd.Laurel, Mississippi 39440601-340-3991. (Therefore, we’re already giving this house major brownie points.).

For the Hogues, "Southern living" could essentially be encapsulated in one word, and that word is "porch." On a lower level, and located adjacent to the breakfast area, was a huge family room that had been an addition to the original home and which opened onto a patio and pool. We love that it opens into the family room to make one big giant space. It is long days of filming.”.

The awful green vent above the stove is removed.

Grant and Emily fell in love with Laurel and are excited to come back to their home state to settle down and work in a beautiful community. “Southern living means….a porch!” -Bill and Julie Hogue, On last night’s episode, we got to meet the Hogue family.

What was so great about the experience? The property also needs to have an apartment for Connor.

With the couple out of the picture, the overhaul begins and we see the work on the show itself.

“We had and have limitless amounts of faith in the Lott Furniture Co. Design Studio. Join Erin & Ben in 2021 as they bring new life to sixteen homes in their home town of Laurel, Mississippi. https://lottfurniture.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/s2e2_hogue_540x.jpg, https://lottfurniture.co/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/LOTT-ICON-100-WHITE-300x281.png.

Wow! © 2020 Laurel Mercantile Co. A Cottage from HGTV’s “Home Town” For Sale in Laurel. This one was made custom in North MS for Bill to rock in and watch TV.

Home Town was renewed for a fourth season on March 13, 2019, which premiered on January 20, 2020. The subtle palette of the dining room provides a calming counterpoint to the vibrancy of the colors in living room and foyer.

We had a pretty tight budget after the renovations, so we included that as well and left the rest to the talented team at Lott’s. The exterior was a bit run-down, with a sagging metal awning and a front porch that had been enclosed with glass door and windows. What are you looking forward to this season? We had a pretty tight budget after the renovations, so we included that as well and left the rest to the talented team at Lott’s. Note: There are Amazon affiliate links in this post that may earn me commission but won’t affect the price. After that – we were able to walk away and come back seven weeks later and see how this amazing team executed everything that was in our heads into real life. Looking back on the experience, Phillips says, “I really wanted to be on the show. Toy has a new job as school district superintendent, so she’s moving her family inland from the Mississippi coast. Not to mention the uncovering of the bead board and keeping the “mossy” lion on the porch!

It had 2,600 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, and was listed for $105,000.

The existing walk-in pantry was kept intact and the interior upgraded. Stop by for a spell and treat yourself to a glass bottle soda and vintage style candy.

We can take credit for the fabric on their custom ottoman in the family room, and the charcoal arm chair in there as well. Not great condition, but not bad. On last night’s episode, we got to meet the Hogue family. With its varied interiors, this renovation purposefully integrates the old with the new — with traditional, formal spaces at the front of the home balanced with more casual, family friendly spaces at the rear. Ben and Erin help a lawyer and a banker who love to entertain transform a massive craftsman with some crazy quirks into a sophisticated, grand home. Ben and Erin help young entrepreneurs uncover the natural beauty of a once confused craftsman.

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