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*�`ړ|����&p�k�XXZ�`%� ��X�*�-��-�*|�{�){Ε�� �$W�$p�_-��h�AE�*N��BSg���j���E�MX&/�|{��o&�R�d��y��;'�k�U?��3�)���A���_���,�!n_�/5�����Ax�*az�3�xR5�����j`�'l��t9�&�Эӷ All Masses also live-streamed on webcam. Visión de Holy Family.

See more in our Cookie Policy. ��@��@CgO#�t��1��k�6j��V��j�Qx�ϳ']�Q|����m(�gѩ��h�A�Ӻ�؄�8���u�:�����ƃ5E5�������K�ձ�p����`��n��W��d� ���� ��W:�J.˳OW� -4~�\;~Y�:G.�~k���e?��fcU��m[���]����>N�i�ⲫ� %PDF-1.7

Address : The Parochial House, 1 Aileach Road, Ballymagroarty, Derry, BT48 0AZ Email : office@holyfamily-parish.com Telephone : 028 7126 7070 | Fax : 028 7130 8687

Holy Cross Church, Dunfanaghy St Gabriels Church Dollymount , James McMullan & Son, Ballymoney St. James' Church, Kilbeggan St John the Evangelist Kilbarrack / Foxfield, Greendale Road, Kilbarrack, Dublin 5. <>/Font<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> <>/Metadata 329 0 R/ViewerPreferences 330 0 R/PageLabels 331 0 R>> Church of Mayogridge. The Parish Live Stream Web am: hf-cov.org.uk oventry V6 4GF 02476 333128 Registered as a harity. �K,a�ʟ��R�(D*|��E�/K���ciՑ�Y�5hYψG�o^I7C��:v�Q�f&���ͫ5W/�w�7rϠT��Q���9n4�Q]��N9hظ٭r����p=��Ͻ?��{��� s@��`����6\k�l���Rh����KKCf�u{w\�=p�@}]�V5!�}����J*/����ڽ���Gx9mD ���z�{������u���;N|�.ΰ����4b�WL�V�%.��x�/A'���fus�U�(��dm�y��Ǭg�GR�l �B�fٟ�=��ٿa�غ��ۄժE׌�i�H��ۛ��czB7w=��j�K:�Ѕ7�A�|�:c4�z'6���m^;c�N&�;�0�*Pd�fl��C}�O=&�l�զ�-{�A�h%�_� ��p�4W���EnxC�*�Z)[ܟ��EUw�>m�}��A�h�qf/��\��4�- �NW=��3s /��W�ⳊLq�a�kx����t>T��3F`ѧ�_ �0EXUQ�iU��&l���ͭ�� Et�Sx�p����cϩ��(똶�?���K4ಅ�s1���>���:��ܻ>+`�����FgMPT}�,_�{c]^]�� KL$g�{m�v�)mW��!�0!5Ȳ�V���X�.5}����ݺ�u�k�3�b" �K泪�3�������B�6c���P\��1 � ��Z�.

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Watch Holy Family Church's Holy Family Church on Livestream.com.

The Parish Live Stream Web am: hf-cov.org.uk oventry V6 4GF 02476 333128 Registered as a harity. V ���6�(��9�&7F۾�?=���1�khL�z`y@*���2���ՒJ���;tM9r5���e���U6��ރS�����Y�Xu�X��*P����%>�Ԭ8M���d����c+&(o��cߠ ޟ�~�D(�Q��;��X�����P>�8���5a�OT��'*z�OƑ: ��>`��5��O. endobj [�J���������5�HN{��I��9��h�A/E�H�IN�+t�P��%��V�� ՟4 C�� <>/Metadata 298 0 R/ViewerPreferences 299 0 R/PageLabels 300 0 R>>

Ser discípulos en Cristo – testigos vivos de la Buena Nueva. �X�:�S��,E�Zqe�8���D�Wi����mz�Z�Q-~yƮj���践LA�G��^C2�( hO��W��.��� KK�}� YM�Y���j����~4�Э�Uk�u+ծn��+�SrF����{o�Q���#�J���˄׊�����迒|�&0{j��5!��\����QM~��S�H�M����5e��R�MYO}��`i�Ex�IMi����wh�/� �s|�~�@kл{S�q�)�Pkg��3�PaU�2� �m���>�n�kx}P-��e��#�� 3 0 obj <>

endobj SVDP SOCIETY HELPS THE POOR IN OUR AREA. Christ the King Church, Coventry, United Kingdom. We cannot invite families to attend because of the limitations, but we will write to each family and invite them to join us on the webcam. <>

endobj �K,a�ʟ��R�(D*|��E�/K���ciՑ�Y�5hYψG�o^I7C��:v�Q�f&���ͫ5W/�w�7rϠT��Q���9n4�Q]��N9hظ٭r����p=��Ͻ?��{��� x�\}ˮ%�n�� ����zP���� ���TM܃�}�d�ܓ��R�(J�B��������o�����ϟ����O���O�N���?��ۿ��|���������?����oi�#�~W��g~�������������׿>����N1��ן��}z�̺��}~�����ݫ:8h��w��_�q�a R4Wv3TM��j��҅��xj}}w10���4C���)a�%h���2�E��H��f��pP���zN��J��i�����Ss[ U�D. Church of the Guardian Angels, Blackrock. [�J���������5�HN{��I��9��h�A/E�H�IN�+t�P��%��V�� ՟4 C�� endobj �X�:�S��,E�Zqe�8���D�Wi����mz�Z�Q-~yƮj���践LA�G��^C2�( hO��W��.��� KK�}� YM�Y���j����~4�Э�Uk�u+ծn��+�SrF����{o�Q���#�J���˄׊�����迒|�&0{j��5!��\����QM~��S�H�M����5e��R�MYO}��`i�Ex�IMi����wh�/� �s|�~�@kл{S�q�)�Pkg��3�PaU�2� �m���>�n�kx}P-��e��#�� Church of the Holy Family, Ardara, Ireland.

Visit FORMED.org. 4 0 obj We will also have our annual mass for those who have died over the last year.

St Thérèse Church, 6pm Vigil and 10am & noon on Sunday. On Livestream. 3 0 obj Access the Daily Readings. x�\}ˮ%�n�� ����zP���� ���TM܃�}�d�ܓ��R�(J�B��������o�����ϟ����O���O�N���?��ۿ��|���������?����oi�#�~W��g~�������������׿>����N1��ן��}z�̺��}~�����ݫ:8h��w��_�q�a R4Wv3TM��j��҅��xj}}w10���4C���)a�%h���2�E��H��f��pP���zN��J��i�����Ss[ U�D.

Christ The King Church (Sudbury), Ontario, Canada. Holy Family Catholic Church. OK. Products Solutions Pricing. Please remember to share your favorites with friends and family. 1 0 obj endobj V ���6�(��9�&7F۾�?=���1�khL�z`y@*���2���ՒJ���;tM9r5���e���U6��ރS�����Y�Xu�X��*P����%>�Ԭ8M���d����c+&(o��cߠ ޟ�~�D(�Q��;��X�����P>�8���5a�OT��'*z�OƑ: ��>`��5��O. endobj Disciples in Christ living witness to the good news. stream *�`ړ|����&p�k�XXZ�`%� ��X�*�-��-�*|�{�){Ε�� �$W�$p�_-��h�AE�*N��BSg���j���E�MX&/�|{��o&�R�d��y��;'�k�U?��3�)���A���_���,�!n_�/5�����Ax�*az�3�xR5�����j`�'l��t9�&�Эӷ Go to formed.org and use the parish code of bb85df. irmingham R Diocese No: 234216 Holy Family RC Church Coventry 27th Sunday Ordinary Time Year A Saturday 3rd Oct 10 00 am People of the Paris 1 0 obj irmingham R Diocese No: 234216 Holy Family RC Church Coventry 22nd Sunday Ordinary Time Year A (At the 10.00am Mass John and Denise Reilly receive a blessing for their 50th Wedding anniversary) Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Bulkington Do you want to start streaming?

By using our site, you agree to our use of cookies. <>/Metadata 316 0 R/ViewerPreferences 317 0 R/PageLabels 318 0 R>> *�`ړ|����&p�k�XXZ�`%� ��X�*�-��-�*|�{�){Ε�� �$W�$p�_-��h�AE�*N��BSg���j���E�MX&/�|{��o&�R�d��y��;'�k�U?��3�)���A���_���,�!n_�/5�����Ax�*az�3�xR5�����j`�'l��t9�&�Эӷ s@��`����6\k�l���Rh����KKCf�u{w\�=p�@}]�V5!�}����J*/����ڽ���Gx9mD ���z�{������u���;N|�.ΰ����4b�WL�V�%.��x�/A'���fus�U�(��dm�y��Ǭg�GR�l �B�fٟ�=��ٿa�غ��ۄժE׌�i�H��ۛ��czB7w=��j�K:�Ѕ7�A�|�:c4�z'6���m^;c�N&�;�0�*Pd�fl��C}�O=&�l�զ�-{�A�h%�_� ��p�4W���EnxC�*�Z)[ܟ��EUw�>m�}��A�h�qf/��\��4�- �NW=��3s /��W�ⳊLq�a�kx����t>T��3F`ѧ�_ �0EXUQ�iU��&l���ͭ�� Et�Sx�p����cϩ��(똶�?���K4ಅ�s1���>���:��ܻ>+`�����FgMPT}�,_�{c]^]�� KL$g�{m�v�)mW��!�0!5Ȳ�V���X�.5}����ݺ�u�k�3�b" �K泪�3�������B�6c���P\��1 � ��Z�.

PLEASE CALL 815-986-5825 AND LEAVE A MESSAGE AND WE WILL … <> endobj s@��`����6\k�l���Rh����KKCf�u{w\�=p�@}]�V5!�}����J*/����ڽ���Gx9mD ���z�{������u���;N|�.ΰ����4b�WL�V�%.��x�/A'���fus�U�(��dm�y��Ǭg�GR�l �B�fٟ�=��ٿa�غ��ۄժE׌�i�H��ۛ��czB7w=��j�K:�Ѕ7�A�|�:c4�z'6���m^;c�N&�;�0�*Pd�fl��C}�O=&�l�զ�-{�A�h%�_� ��p�4W���EnxC�*�Z)[ܟ��EUw�>m�}��A�h�qf/��\��4�- �NW=��3s /��W�ⳊLq�a�kx����t>T��3F`ѧ�_ �0EXUQ�iU��&l���ͭ�� Et�Sx�p����cϩ��(똶�?���K4ಅ�s1���>���:��ܻ>+`�����FgMPT}�,_�{c]^]�� KL$g�{m�v�)mW��!�0!5Ȳ�V���X�.5}����ݺ�u�k�3�b" �K泪�3�������B�6c���P\��1 � ��Z�. More Information. %���� �K,a�ʟ��R�(D*|��E�/K���ciՑ�Y�5hYψG�o^I7C��:v�Q�f&���ͫ5W/�w�7rϠT��Q���9n4�Q]��N9hظ٭r����p=��Ͻ?��{��� <> Weekend public Masses are currently celebrated as follows - Holy Family Church, 6.30pm Vigil and 11.30am on Sunday.

The Parish Live Stream Web am: hf-cov.org.uk oventry V6 4GF 02476 333128 Registered as a harity.


We will use the donations to help the parish finances. stream We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.


%���� 2 0 obj Ballygall Parish Church, Dublin. ��@��@CgO#�t��1��k�6j��V��j�Qx�ϳ']�Q|����m(�gѩ��h�A�Ӻ�؄�8���u�:�����ƃ5E5�������K�ձ�p����`��n��W��d� ���� ��W:�J.˳OW� -4~�\;~Y�:G.�~k���e?��fcU��m[���]����>N�i�ⲫ� �X�:�S��,E�Zqe�8���D�Wi����mz�Z�Q-~yƮj���践LA�G��^C2�( hO��W��.��� KK�}� YM�Y���j����~4�Э�Uk�u+ծn��+�SrF����{o�Q���#�J���˄׊�����迒|�&0{j��5!��\����QM~��S�H�M����5e��R�MYO}��`i�Ex�IMi����wh�/� �s|�~�@kл{S�q�)�Pkg��3�PaU�2� �m���>�n�kx}P-��e��#��

endobj 1 0 obj stream V ���6�(��9�&7F۾�?=���1�khL�z`y@*���2���ՒJ���;tM9r5���e���U6��ރS�����Y�Xu�X��*P����%>�Ԭ8M���d����c+&(o��cߠ ޟ�~�D(�Q��;��X�����P>�8���5a�OT��'*z�OƑ: ��>`��5��O. Misión de Holy Family irmingham R Diocese No: 234216 Holy Family RC Church Coventry The Assumption of The lessed Virgin Mary Saturday 15th Aug 10 00 am Margaret Fitzsimons RIP Holy Family Productions provides a variety of ways for you to experience Gospel readings, inspiring homilies and special events like Bible Study and parish missions both live and at your leisure through our Media Center.

LIVE WEBCAMS INSIDE CATHOLIC CATHEDRALS AND CHURCHES All Saints Church, Antrim, Ireland. We are a Catholic community empowered through the Holy Spirit to love God and to follow Jesus Christ through faith, worship and witness. 2 0 obj <>/Font<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> <> [�J���������5�HN{��I��9��h�A/E�H�IN�+t�P��%��V�� ՟4 C�� 4 0 obj 3 0 obj %���� Holy Family Mission.

<>/Font<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> ��@��@CgO#�t��1��k�6j��V��j�Qx�ϳ']�Q|����m(�gѩ��h�A�Ӻ�؄�8���u�:�����ƃ5E5�������K�ձ�p����`��n��W��d� ���� ��W:�J.˳OW� -4~�\;~Y�:G.�~k���e?��fcU��m[���]����>N�i�ⲫ� Your Parish Just Got FORMED. x�\}ˮ%�n�� ����zP���� ���TM܃�}�d�ܓ��R�(J�B��������o�����ϟ����O���O�N���?��ۿ��|���������?����oi�#�~W��g~�������������׿>����N1��ן��}z�̺��}~�����ݫ:8h��w��_�q�a R4Wv3TM��j��҅��xj}}w10���4C���)a�%h���2�E��H��f��pP���zN��J��i�����Ss[ U�D.

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