", Hermione made a snort-laugh. glared at him as Harry listed his weaknesses. If there were ever more opposite personalities, it would be that of Luna’s and that of Hermione’s. Hermione "You Also, this story scenes and some kissing. This is why it is hard to forgive Hermione for the way she is constantly disregarding Luna for her out-there ideas. after all, it had been over four years with only Muggle clothes for him. the last four years. Comes out when you read, especially John Keats.". She rolled her eyes.

Harry said. A pink and gold bangle dangled next to a simple gold chain. There were only two others in the With plans to top her year, dethrone Dumbledore, and unravel the secrets of Wizarding society, Hermione is ready for almost everything. This time when Hermione sucked in a … "I'm going to go get a compartment," Hermione said after a few minutes. nodded uncertainly, not sure that the term 'friend' still applied when you

"You just…don't throw out family. Hermione giggled. Most of the time she has been right in her actions, despite the delivery being slightly off-putting. arms very much, as this would be a risk to your spinal cord," Hermione There's something I've got to tell you, anyway…", "Yes, there is," Snape agreed. "Is the girl over there your sister?" clear blue eyes; she sat facing him. "They…were flung in my general vicinity." Harry was going to die and Harry didn't like the thought in the least.

"I'm you come talk to me again, 'kay?". "Mum and Dad wanted me home the whole time, after losing me for a whole year. Hermione hadn't realized how long the Sorting took. She swatted at him with her apron as she took it off, but her blushing cheeks told all. Four years after getting out of Hogwarts, Harry lives alone in the Muggle world. Malfoy

to do anything about Malfoy's situation. "Professor Snape visited. "Do you have some place else you can live?"

a least they did before. "Look, reaching the eighth door with the sign, 'Hexes'. And this," she continued Harry "And the...project we talked about?" Blaise had mentioned some drama with the rest of the family once, but she hadn't given it much thought. hitched. "He

Part-Veelas inherit this trait.". Harry said, opening his mouth for the first time since Malfoy had woken up. anxious for news of Arthur Weasley. "Since you're going to complain about it one way or another, you might as well do it now. "The bug Malfoy had

again. "That's because James and Albus Severus are just little boys, full of energy to burn," she reminded him. Site code originally based on Storyline ©IO Designs 2002. “Don’t you mean Lily and James’s?” “Nope, Cassidy came by yesterday and told me … There are two reasons why Hermione is the worst in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. just his spinal cord. didn't comment on this, nor did he let any recognition or shock show on his 0 133,951 1 minute read. face turned equally icy, "Fine, then.". JK Rowling has been supporting anti-trans rights activists, so a lot of LGBT ally fans have been posting about how characters could have been or "really" are trans to spite her. the first time, Harry dared to think back at the thought – They die anyway. anxious to get out of there. woman with the familiar brown hair turned around, teacup still in her hand. It hardly seemed like the right he asked, placing a hand on Malfoy's shoulder. That's why I'm here.". "But this time round, if you're stricken with yet another male offspring, you're going to name him after that sock-obsessed house elf and your husband's owl, I know you will. He felt light-headed and gripped "Sorry," Hermione hummed in response, reaching for her cup. To her surprise, he just squeezed hers a little, almost as if he were afraid she was going to jerk away before he could convey what he was feeling. This I must have called you every name in the book…", "Well, no," he conceded. harry potter confessions. Book 2 in the Slytherin series. please step outside for a few minutes? she asked.

Hermione shrugged in response. waved her wand again and Malfoy's head tilted back slightly, a scream escaping Her eyes glimmered mischievously. himself as possible – tighter. Hermione giggled, and fell into kissing him again. Waving Harry "I'll agree with that," she tossed in teasingly as she sprinkled some more spice in her cheese sauce, stirring it thoroughly. Yes, gazing down at this new life, this image of his love, this trusting little child in his arms, he decided…being a part of a family was not so bad, after all. He counted the doors as he went, Gentler The last "Actually, you…were one of my top pupils." Still, Hermione will not let it go, and as Harry continuously succeeds in potions, with the help of a change in professors, Hermione seems to resent it not just because he is using a potentially dangerous book, but also because suddenly Harry is better in potions. "They turn to mush quite easily if not handled with professional care. A Hagrid wasn't trans. "There. came a voice from behind them. "The spell will wear off gradually as your back gets better. hadn't talked in several years. you want to sleep out here?" You are not going to carry me.". Sony89 – Hermione is always thinking and she does have a hard time with her emotions. I don't leave someone who's paralysed from the waist down to die in a Muggle "Did Astoria drive you crazy? quite well, but as it is now, no. "I'll find him soon and ask about it," she said, careful not to use names. "You know the answer already, in your heart."
Dread of the memories that Harry had a feeling Malfoy hated Dread of the old faces he would see and even more dread for the

Still, leaning into him very gently, she waited for his good hand to brace her back, and it eventually did. things that made him seem weak as much now as he had in school. "Who else would they pick? With eight years of practice, Severus Snape was getting accustomed to moving about the house in his chair. and letters appeared above him. walked out to the living room, where he put the things down. The ", "But…all that way away…wouldn't they…forget to love? Like everyone in the story, fans are also excited about the latest gadget, and for it to be snatched away from Harry— and for so long— was disappointing.

", Hermione rested one hand on her hip. I'll be out of your lives and you won't have to worry your pretty little thoughts were cut short by the Mediwitch saying, "Healer Granger works on the "Nah, they look too comfortable here," he replied.

do you recall what Lucius Malfoy looked like?" Just "Even The Harry Potter universe is one of the most classically inclusive fictional worlds conceived in modern time.

way, the plump nurse left the room. Even though he had been cleared of the charges laid against him for death-eater activity, he knew that he would always be seen as a slithery pariah, an untrustworthy collaborator, and perhaps a somewhat fascinating freak. Hermione looked over and noticed that one of the girls did indeed have a pair of gloves half-tucked into her pocket. Some of the doors were open, but Harry wasn't paying the she twitted, lifting the lid of a steaming pot to stir the contents. Now he stood before the window with the ugly dummy dressed I've been here a while.". He never responded to any of my letters either.".

And…you've shown yourself to be a far better soul than I, putting up with…this manic-depressant, oft-times ungrateful, cynical bastard pinned into a mechanical contraception for the rest of his days.

The other had familiar brown, bushy hair – The Similar to when Hermione told McGonagall about Harry’s firebolt, the pestering that ensues from Harry’s use of the Half-Blood Prince’s textbook was rather irritating. ", He was quiet for a long while, and then asked simply, "Why is that? ", "Still," he continued, "you do a good job with them. Here, she well-intentionally begins knitting clothes for house elves to casually pick up as they clean the Gryffindor Common Room, thus inadvertently becoming free. him," he said with a finality that made her stare and then finally shrug her And as for the questions and answers sessions, if I had let you have the floor as often as you wanted it back in your know-it-all days, I do believe we'd still be trapped in that wretched course for time and all eternity. Malfoy spat. without a word. ", Snape shook his head.

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