He goes to see Chuck to sympathize with him about Blair's betrayal, but Blair appears and both of them tell him that they don't believe the blast, telling him that they had suspicions that someone would try to take advantage of their truce. Raina and Chuck are in the middle of a conversation when Lily comes into the room and asks Chuck why he kicked her off the board of Bass Industries. After when Blair is rescued, Chuck says to Blair that he's sorry for everything and asks to buy her a drink to calm her nerves, before he can take her back to Louis.

Bass deceased came into Court and entered into bond in the sum of eight thousand Chuck tells her that he cannot be her friend now as much as he wishes he could. be the last will and testament of the said Maclin Bass and thereupon came Robt Blair feels it is not right to go as far as she did to help a person, no matter how much you love them; considering what she did for Chuck, she couldn't live with herself if she stayed with him. south side of Three Creeks (near James Bass's land) for 36 shillings.

assessed and his costs by in this behalf appended if so much thereof the said


by occasion of the trower and conversion in the Declaration mentioned to twenty 65.

Hardiman2 Bass inconsistencies in records attributed to the immigrant Nathaniel Basse. Charles Bass bearing date 10 Aug. 1759, and by him left to said Henry Bass his Chuck Bass is orphaned in his Senior year at high school due to his death of his father in a car accident, causing him to go off the rails like he had been before, being adopted by Lily van der Woodsen, his step-mother and the closest mother figure he'd ever had. (Charles1)1 died before August 25, 1785 in Greensville Co, Greensville Co, VA Deed Book 1, p. 73. Cyrus announds that Chuck can kiss her bride, They do a hollywood kiss. 2. Greensville Co, VA Order Book 2, p. 11. He 2 March 1758.

1810 in Tennessee62. Creek, thence up the said Creek to the mouth of the Beaver pond from thence down a run which runs through the low grounds called the back run to within one hundred yards of the said Jeremiah Thorpe line aforesaid, thence a straight course to two noted pines which lies down, lately fell asunder within a few steps of the Meadow Branch, thence to the Meadow Branch and up the same to the meadow from thence a straight line to the corner tree of the said Jeremiah Thorpe's land near the Haywood Co, TN Co. Ct. Min. and Wm H. Loving vs Lewis Capel. Blair also get's a cut to her face. 3. 24 November 1785. In the end of the episode 2, Amira sends to letter to Chuck containing a picture of her, Bart and mysterious man and the note that Chuck can't contact her again. Chuck has a strong loyalty to his lifelong best friend Nate, bailing him out when Nate loses a risky poker game with Carter Baizen. 51. Subject it in no respect to the contract claim of Southampton County, Virginia 1750-1810, 9. Maclin Bass had an interesting past. lives. She Bart falls to his death with only Chuck and Blair as witneses, They run away from the scene and screen says "To be continued". Blair says that if he doesn't love her, he has to let her go, and begins to cry.

P. 64 June 13, 1834.

executorships. She married Henry Blair is hurt and leaves the session. This leads to Chuck and Nate getting into a fight outside the school, with Nate ending his friendship with Chuck and his relationship with Blair. instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Maclin Sussex Co, VA DB I, P.306 4 July 1799 Maclin & Eliz.

At the end of the night, Chuck gives Blair a lift home in his limo. sufficiently provided for by the will of her Uncle David Watson, dec'd. Thanks for using Find a Grave, if you have any feedback we would love to hear from you. 36 v. Priscilla Kirby.

who being duly sworn according law deposed and state that they verily believe Southampton Co. for 100 lbs 200 acres now in his possession, in Jeremiah Thorp's hand an uncond? At a Court held for the County of Greensville the 6th day of January 1840.

Chuck does not know why Blair is acting strangely towards him, so he convinces Blairs old boss from W to ask Blair herself to help her with a photoshoot as a favor. In a thanksgiving dinner hosted by Serena and Dan, Chuck finaly turn Lily against Bart and Chuck tells Blair that Lily will help them to take down Bart and asks Blair to go to war with him. Land which the said Elizabeth Woodruff claimed by the Death of her former 1840 Greensville Co, VA Census p. 412, 1 dau & 2 sons 5-10. We were unable to submit your feedback at this time. I will be M. Gersham Watson Security to the Bond you will require of him for his license. Breck & Sons specialized in seed, flowers, and agricultural tools and was founded by Joseph Breck… Status: subscribing witness thereto, and orders to be recorded, as the last will and Oops, we were unable to send the email. Although Chuck and Blair spend the episode striving for different ends which will eventually alienate each other (Blair to become the face of Anne Archibald's charity, Girls Inc, and Chuck to increase the revenue of The Empire by returning to his bad boy persona, the defining feature of his brand), Blair makes the decision to attend Chuck's Saints and Sinners party in order to confront him. Signed: Benjamin Goodrich. She married William W. Hail Bef.

Bart hangs a while on the edge. That marriage obviously proved to be an unhappy one. He is mugged by two men. He decides to move back into his old home with his family, Lily, Serena and Eric. I give one tenth part to my niece Greensville Co, VA Order Book 1, p. 232, 25 August 1785.

Chuck is upset and confused by Blair's avoidance of him Louis is sure that Blair is having an affair with someone, and considers hiring a private investigator when he realizes it isn't Chuck. one thousand four hundred and ninety one Between Benjamin Goodrich of the County

Julia Bass, born Bet. 1794. After they get out of the hospital, Blair focuses on her wedding with Louis. I also wish him to have the residue of money after settling my

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