)/ Alex (16.) Verlässt die Klinik, um südlich des Brunnens zu stehen.

We all want to leave a great impression on the governor!”, “As summer draws to a close, and the colder season begins, my workload tends to increase. / Elliott (9. Beachte, dass die Startzeiten dann gelten, wenn der Dorfbewohner das Haus verlässt, um zur Klinik zu laufen. As he preforms the check up he will state that your pulse is high. Steht am Fluss, links der Brücke zum Strand. I'm just taking a break for a little while. We're really fortunate to have this opportunity.”, “I already gave [child] and [child] their breakfasts. Zusätzlich muss man das Meerjungfrauenamulett bei dem alten Seemann am Strand (nur bei Regen) erwerben, sobald die Brücke dort repariert ist. He’s a little old for a bachelor, but he has a kind heart and a respected position in the community. Take care! friendship with you. Why don't you warm yourself by the fire?”, “The sound of rain gives our minds something to focus on, so we're not distracted by random thoughts. I have nightmares about your limp body being wheeled into the emergency room.”, “Wow, you look really handsome today!

Harvey says you shouldn't be there because it is a private session, but George stops you from leaving by asking for a second opinion on the matter. Stay healthy. “A birthday gift? He suddenly gets a response, surprising him and making his pulse race, but he manages to respond with his coordinates before quickly signing off. Behandlungsraum mit Abigail (4.) Während er arbeitet, kannst du mehrere Plaketten an der Klinik-Wand finden.

Das ist sehr nett von dir! A tasty mushroom with a fruity smell and slightly peppery flavor. He excitedly tells you to come over to the window to watch the pilot fly overhead with him. Eine Kolonie aus winzigen Kreaturen, die in ihrem Zusammenschluss wunderschöne Strukturen formen. I don't eat as well as I should. “... Ich glaube, ich bin dagegen allergisch.”. This was always my secret wish.”, “I'm busy with my work. What do you think?”, “I may not be the most exciting guy, but I'll stay loyal to you for the rest of my life.”, “[Player]... you... you mean the world to me.”, “As a scientist I'm fascinated by the delicate interplay of insect and plant life.”, “This is so much nicer than being cooped up in the clinic all day. I'm exhausted... My patients are still healthy, so it was a good day.”, “[Player]...I still can't believe we're married...”, “You rescued me from a life of loneliness, and filled the emptiness in my heart. I'm Harvey, the local doctor. Have a nice day, okay?”, “Hi, honey. “Ein Geburtstagsgeschenk? A colony of tiny creatures that clump together to form beautiful structures. / Caroline (15.).

Stardew Valley ist ein RPG über das Leben auf dem Land und wurde hauptsächlich von "Harvest Moon" inspiriert. Obwohl er anderen sagt, dass sie gesund essen sollen, ist sein Kühlschrank voll mit Fertignahrung und seine Mikrowelle ist gut benutzt. It makes the whole thing a little more mysterious.”, “I have a backlog of house chores I want to complete today. ", "I perform regular check-ups and medical procedures for all the residents of Pelican Town.

Not the prettiest flower, but the leaves make a good salad. Her behavior changes if it's raining or snowing outside. We'll have the ceremony in three days, okay?”, “Oh my goodness! It’s so much more relaxing here than in my old apartment.”, “This is a very safe spot. / George(23.). Just don't get burnt.

Take care! Man kann die Halskette der erwählten Person schenken und sie wird die Heiratszeremonie innerhalb von drei Tagen vorbereiten. I wish I had less work to do.”, “If you want to hang out in my apartment, that's okay with me.

I'm willing to forget what happened.”, “Eggs definitely have a place in the well-balanced diet. Muscle Remedy is used in the spool of the Sewing Machine to create the dyeable Fake Muscles Shirt.

It feels good to know that you're useful.”, “Imagine having a patient's life completely in your hands, and failing to keep them alive... that's something that will haunt you forever.”, “Don't overwork yourself, [Player]. I want people to be healthy...really! ", "Are you really a doctor?

Es gibt wohl kaum jemanden, der das nicht mag. Did you have a good day, honey?”, “Hi! Once you have the "Mermaid Pendant" bought from the man on the beach, on a rainy day in the zone where you had to repair the bridge, you go to Harvey in his practice or depending on where he is. Friends I don't have enough patients. Maru Hi, [Player]. I was going to do the dishes but I got absorbed in the latest issue of "Knee Surgery Enthusiast".”, “If you're enjoying life, who cares if it's a little repetitive? Harvey steigt in den Heißluftballon ein und schaltet den Brenner unten ein, damit ihr aufsteigt. ", https://stardewvalleywiki.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=Harvey&oldid=103830, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike, “Harvey is the town doctor. Now all we can do is cross our fingers and wait.”, “(Farmer's name), I hope our adoption request gets approved. He can be seen standing with her at the Luau, and his dialogue at that time suggests that he has a crush on her.

I accept!! Sure, I can't watch the planes go by, but I can still listen to the radio chatter. erhöht oder senkt. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I can't look at you.

He tells you not to be sad about it, that he's accepted not everyone can achieve their dreams and that is just the way the world is. Danke dir!”.

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