That's why it took him so long to shoot the match and why he was so dirty and beat up at the end of it. They're going to clean the old man out by spring. Hey, Conagher! Conagher (TV Movie 1991) Sam Elliott as Conn Conagher. : I'll buy the drinks. Stay in the know. He needed to be taught a lesson. Smoke Parnell, Ladder Five Owner : Well, what are you up to, Conagher? J. Stevens & Company 1878 Coach Gun. But I'll tell you something, kid. Staples didn't need killing. Conn Conagher : : Conn Conagher He might have. | Are you riding with the brand... or are you running scared? Some men take to a side of killing, Johnny. : He'd had killed you if he had the chance. You're a hard man, Conagher. If they get me out on that range, they'll kill me for sure and then just take my cattle as they please... with nobody to stop 'em. Charlie McCloud, Stage Driver Why didn't you draw on Kiowa? : WESTERNS or Movies Depicting Settling of the West in U. S. (Janet's List). All my favorite movie guns were in Tom Selleck westerns. Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by double00buckshot, Feb 22, 2012. " I think the movie was "Conagher". You better keep a rifle handy. No one gave it to me, son. Laban Teale Conn Conagher Charlie McCloud, Stage Driver Conn Conagher Directed by Reynaldo Villalobos. Young Cowboy Along the way, he made some of the most iconic "gun guy" movies of the 20th Century. A veteran of the late 1940s Royal Navy, who fittingly enough trained as a gunner, Connery went on to portray British infantrymen and paratroopers, a Soviet submarine skipper of Lithuanian origin, a North African warlord, a red loin-clothed enforcer for a floating head in a sci-fi film, the toughest beat cop in Chicago during Prohibition, the mythical yet extraordinary Allan Quartermain, King Arthur, King Richard, King Agamemnon, etc., et al. : It's a hard country, kid. You got a choice. :

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