or Shields?, damage is usually applied to them first before dealing damage to health.. Damage is done by hitting enemies with weapons, using skills or triggering effects from scrolls. ), -Some guns always have a specific elemental damage, and sometimes guns that are normally element-less will have a random element, -Guns will have a +X in their title indicating how much they are upgraded, and this stat is purely a damage increase, -Guns can be unlocked (Information on how can be found in the Armory at the main menu), -Guns use different ammo types. In this Gunfire Reborn Elemental Fusions guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about how different EFs work and their requirements. lasers). This strategy pair’s well with an early Devil’s Covenant. -Lucky Shots are what most RPGs consider a critical hit, which is a random shot that does a ton of extra damage.

Prism is a prime candidate for this. You can also do this with Energy Orb, or even a grenade toss. Weapon 1&2 share their damage type with the other weapon.

There are five types of damage: Normal, Corrosion?, Fire?, Lightning?

As with many other roguelites, the best way to play the game is to go with the flow and slowly flesh a build out depending on the drops, Once you have decent levels and can progress comfortably to the third stage, the craftsman is usually saved for later given the better drops with Gemini inscriptions. Given a number of streamers have picked up the game recently, which will hopefully see a large influx of new players joining – I have consolidated a number of tips and tricks from various posts and my own playthroughs.

Created May 26, 2020. Grenades start with 3 charges, and your other abilities have one unless upgraded, -The game currently features two character: The Crown Prince (the cat) and Ao Bai (the dog), -Their stats are slightly different, Ao Bai has more max health and less shields, and Crown Prince has more shields and less health. Members. And just like the second boss, if you target the tip of his nose with a gauntlet they will all be destroyed instantly as he shoots them.

Experiment and have a play with all the weapons – this is a roguelite – you’re going to die a lot anyway! With the right timing, you can also burst all of them right as it shoots them out. It’s also quite easy to do with an extremely high fire-rate weapon, especially the gauntlets or a Fire Dragon. Corrosive damage deals bonus to Armor (Yellow healthbars), Lightning damage deals bonus to shields (Blue Healthbars) and Fire damage does bonus to flesh (Red healthbars), -It is critically important to prioritize stronger enemies first, such as the snipers of the sand level or Longbowmen of the first level, -Talents are permanent upgrades that follow all characters through runs, even after death, -Talents are purchased after death using the blue currency “Soul Essence” gathered through the run, -Your Talent Level is the amount of talents you’ve purchased, no matter the price of the talent (A talent that costs 100 essence gives just one Talent Level), -Soul essence can also be used for one self-revive during play (This cost increases significantly in each level), -Various weapons can be unlocked through specific conditions found in the Armory tab on the main menu, -Additionally, the game features a second character named Ao Bai who is unlocked by reaching level 30, -Check out what each weapon needs to be unlocked, as some have specific requirements, and it would benefit you to tweak your build to accommodate them, -For instance, entering the sand level with a Fire and Corrosive weapon allows you to make progress towards the Fire Dragon, Golden Bow, and Blunderbuss weapon, -I recommend using the Prism dagger weapon to get Critical Hits on Bandit Retainers, and deal corrosive damage to Rogue Villains, -Items are clientside, meaning your partner(s) will not see the items that drop for you, so you aren’t able to snatch up items from your friends. Thanks to the following from Reddit for extra tips and updates: rubberturtle, WolfPhoenix and Levitupper. Miasma procs with a lightning weapon and your corrosive grenades as Cat are also very useful, You can use the 2 pillars to absorb some of his attacks, but don’t stand too close as some of his attacks will AOE you or he’ll explode the barrels near them, Depending on your position, some of his attacks can only be dodged with a backward dash, especially his flying smash, The mouth is the weak spot in the first phase and the so is the tail in the second phase, To dodge the laser, you should dash in the opposite direction AFTER it starts Kamehameha-ing, It doesn’t do damage while traveling through sand and is targetable, You can shoot its green globules out the air in the 2nd phase. Tier 1 / Normal = Green text, Tier 2 / Rare = Blue Text = Tier 3 / Legendary = Orange text. Your elementless weapon is still gettin the dmg type from the other. Crown Prince’s primary skill is Energy Orb which can damage as well as lock enemy. Ao Bai is also very slightly faster than Crown Prince, -Each hero has a specific line of upgrades for that hero alone, -Crown Prince is meant to focus on his energy orb and dealing heavy elemental damage. Playing Ao Bai, you want to focus on dealing as much raw damage as possible, focusing on heavy explosives and bullet spraying guns to maximize damage, -There is a third character that appears on the loading screen of the third level, who appears to be a bird. Weapon 1&2 share CritX bonus but -50% stability: The Crit bonuses are combined; a set with 2.5x and 4.2x will combine to 1x + 1.5x + 3.2x = 5.7x. After that though, the upgrades get costly and I would recommend only spending these high prices on weapons that you really like, and/or have good inscriptions. Your email address will not be published.

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