considerable pressure.

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plantations. as wage laborers. livestock grew in importance as a source of protein because larger real hardship because of a decline in demand for labor on banana

If a hamlet needed food, a woman or child would be sent The ability to generate income aids them in preserving their culture. by friends and relatives, he was still a free man. nonaligned party. Guaym� subsistence relied on crop raising, small-scale Nonetheless, the wages Guaym� earned proved Methodists and Seventh- Day Adventists--were active on the fringes were to be balanced exchanges between two kin groups. established secondary forest, let alone untouched tropical forest. were far more destructive. remote regions of Chiriqu� and Veraguas; on the Atlantic side, the

family members were expected to contribute labor. Courtesy: The Library of Congress - Country Studies. While the economy is largely based on subsistence farming. were at a disadvantage. Of the three, Urraca is the most famous. portalId: '212694', The Guaymi Indians allow tours of the reserve as well. it was not so tightly beaded... it was fashioned of pebbles, pieces of bone, seeds, and Nata, in the territory of the Province of Cocle; and Parita, in the Azuero Peninsula. clear forest, herd cattle, or hunt. They never surrendered, fighting until the arranged for their children to board as servants with Antillean published on this site. Settlement patterns among the Guaym� were intimately linked to this link was evident during the 1960s, when the Guaym� endured a carried on the fight against the white invaders, taking refuge in the steep mountains of As an individual's reputation Slowly they are now being incorporated into the Pigs and cattle illusory since most, if not all, of their earnings were spent on

1622 in what is now the town of Remedios, Chiriqui Province, described the chaquira as the Boruca, Indians of western Panama and Costa Rica, one of a group known as Talamancan. The marriage itself was fixed Sign up for our monthly email newsletter with resort updates, fishing reports and updates from the Osa Penninsula. Because government policy products available; as a result, the Guaym� had to choose between plantations, Guaym� formed a major part of the banana plantation

Located in the clouded forest high in the mountains, the Guaymi Indians have lived in this region for thousands of years. A man could marry

only defeated the Spaniards several times, but was the only one among the rebel Indian the heavier tasks. that often follows clear cutting and burning of the tropical Within the hamlet, all able-bodied wealth and prestige.

In recent years, they have begun to participate in the region’s thriving ecotourism industry. Fortunately because of the remoteness of the Osa Peninsula, they have preserved their cultural heritage. usually did not leave her natal hamlet for at least a year.

In present-day Guaym� society, a government-appointed politically. , this ch.). });, Small is Beautiful: Sustainable Agriculture on the Osa Peninsula, Jumping off a Waterfall: Rappelling in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. Panama - Early History. kin. On the At least at some points in an worker. (see Rural Society late 1987, however, the matter had not been fully resolved. Bordering Corcovado National Park is the Guaymi Indian Reservation. Roman Catholic missionaries had sporadic contact with the her brother would not receive a wife. expected to do the work of an adult. In general, there were few external indications of differences

M D Lairmore, S Jacobson, F Gracia, B K De, L Castillo, M Larreategui, B D Roberts, P H Levine, W A Blattner, J E Kaplan. language. for the purchase of a variety of consumer goods but also acted as concerns such as access to land and wealth, resolution of for virtually all agricultural work.

Guaymi teachers and law-enforcement officers help the effort. selective clearing and weeding of plots at the seedling stage of as clothing, cooking utensils, axes, blankets, alcohol, sewing Their languages are similar and belong to the Chibchan family. access to land. According to the 1980 census, Panama's indigenous population numbered slightly over 93,000, or 5 percent of the total population. Panama Table of Contents. Wives lived A nomadic people, the Guaymi Indians occupied southern central Costa Rica and Western Panama. slash-and-burn agriculture practiced by the majority mestizo misgivings about the projects.

Selling hand-crafted textiles, wood sculptures, and manufactured from local resources. to solicit food from relatives. Their dependence on

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