Whilst Sekyiwa witnessed her mother go through drug and alcohol recovery. Just growing up the way that I grew up, hiding from the FBI, living in poverty, just being dark-skinned with short hair. Mutulu wrote Tupac a letter from prison the night Tupac passed away. ‘Pac is the catalyst. Reports indicate so far, there is no indication of foul play and it all point out she died of a heart attack. Sekyiwa shared the same mother as Pac and grew up with him in Harlem, New York. When Lumumba died he got together with Afeni and they got married. Born on October 03, 1975, Sekyiwa aka Set is Tupac’s half sister, two years his junior. I deserve to allow myself to believe in that, so I don’t have to beat myself for it. Suge Knight’s son claims Tupac Shakur is alive in Malaysia. I’m thirty-one and I just learned how to make banana pudding!”, Your email address will not be published. Reflecting on their relationship Sekyiwa Shakur said; “If I’d grown up with anyone else besides Tupac as my brother, I don’t think I would be the person that I am. You live with a lot of shame. I have one of his Rolex bracelets, and I had it promised to give to one of my children.” Set has also launched her own clothing line called Madamevelli. Required fields are marked *. Although having plenty of sibling fights, they loved one another.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'o4lonlinenetwork_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_7',113,'0','0'])); From being young, Tupac felt the need to protect Sekyiwa, as any brother would. I hope you know today (like everyday) you are loved, honored, protected and respected! In May 1971, Shakur was acquitted on all charges after she represented herself in court while heavily pregnant. This happened when I was 5. When I was growing up my mother [Afeni Shakur] was going through depression. Sekyiwa “Set” Shakur – Tupac’s Sister Tells Her Story. Her brain was cut off at a certain point, when I needed it. Sekyiwa Shakur is currently married to husband, Gregory Jackson. My mother wasn’t home. I really needed to separate myself from the black community and it was almost like I was in refuge there. Lumumba Shakureval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'dailyentertainmentnews_com-banner-1','ezslot_2',121,'0','0'])); Lumumba Abdul Shakur was Afeni’s first husband. At the beginning of 2016 we saw the first photos of Set Shakur and Ray Luv (Tupac’s childhood friend and ex-member of Strictly Dope) Set Shakur, source: IG: Ray Luv / therealrayluv. I didn’t want my identity out there.”. This period of separation saw both of their lives change. You build up a wall that tells you that you’re bad. The rapper was shot as he cruised through Las Vegas with Death Row Record boss Marion ‘Suge’ Knight and died six days later. It’s crazy! Bad Azz Last Interview Six Days Before His Death, Talks About 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, DPG, Death Row Records & More! So, just coming back home around black people, coming back to society and seeing the difference from how I was, before I went to the hospital, and how I am now and how I walk in my own faith and my own spirit. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'o4lonlinenetwork_com-banner-1','ezslot_8',115,'0','0'])); When Tupac passed away, it sent shock waves through the Shakur family. She and EDI Don, from the Outlawz, has two children together. According to TMZ, they were in the midst of divorce after 12-years of marriage. Tupac Vegas Shooting, MGM Fight, Hospital Info, Photos, Videos, Tupac's Ex-Wife Keisha Morris – Photos, How They Met, Interviews, Drake Joins Other Hip Hop Artists As Disney Characters, See What Happened When Drake Appeared On Tory Lanez’s IG Live, Vince McMahon Docuseries On Netflix Is “Groundbreaking”, Young Buck Drops Multiple Videos, EP On The Way, Lil Nas X Changes His Name To Nas Maraj For One Day, Eminem Warns His Fan Base With Latest Release, 50 Cent Reacts To Lil Wayne Supporting Trump, Aktual Recalls What He Learned From Watching Kanye West In Studio. The latest direction for the foundation is The Healing Tank Initiative Program. Born on October 3rd 1975, Sekyiwa Shakur is the Tupac’s sister and the daughter of Afeni Shakur and Tupac’s step-father, Dr. Mutulu Shakur. Her fighting times were when Tupac [Shakur] was being developed, between his birth and 13. Mutulu Shakur’s brother Lumumba was married to Afeni. In 2016, her mother, Afeni, died of a suspected heart attack. Now in hindsight we both know that it couldn’t have been anyone else. Sekyiwa Shakur spoke out as thousands gathered to honor the man who tragically died after a police officer knelt on his neck for eight minutes in Minneapolis. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. I went to school everyday. As soon as Sekyiwa got back to California she held one of her beloved brother’s jackets and hugged tight on it. Sekyiwa Shakur is currently married to husband, Gregory Jackson. It wasn’t the best of times for the family. In the end, I do believe that they taught each other a lot.”. She was telling Jada, when they were in high school, I just happen to be in the room listening to that. With the tragedy over the years that she has had to deal with, it’s been a roller coaster of emotions. "We are not disposable. Born on October 3rd 1975, Sekyiwa Shakur is the Tupac’s sister and the daughter of Afeni Shakur and Tupac’s step-father, Dr. Mutulu Shakur. When we were just kids 13 and 15 I couldn’t have imagined that in the future you would be the one. Tupac referred to his sister in a few of his songs as “Set”. I’m what keeps us together. Sekyiwa “Set” Shakur – Tupac’s Sister Tells Her Story. Set also revelaed she had her first child in her late teens and since pac’s death she has kept hold of one of his jackets and a Rolex watch “Soon as I got to California and saw one of his jackets, I wrapped my arms around it. Davis is believed to be the third and last husband of Afeni Shakur. In 1981, Mutulu was on the run due to participating in an armed robbery. Straightway Holiness Church of Deliverance. Billy Garland told XXL Magazine in 2012 that 2Pac was the product of a “short affair” that he had with Shakur after meeting at a Black Panther office. She is currently living with 2 children, Malik and Nzingha. I’m the heart. She is currently living with 2 children, Malik and Nzingha. Tupac Shakur had a lot to live for—his devoted fans, his fiancée, Kidada Jones, and a dream to help children from backgrounds like his own. New Track: G. Battles & Storm Outlaw Immortal – Mind of... Director Sues Universal Music Group Over Rare Tupac Video, Napoleon Details The Night Tupac And Nas Met In New York, Man Named Tupac Shakur Accused Of Unemployment Prank, Gets Apology. Shakur Davis was taken to Marin General Hospital, where she died at 10:28 p.m., the office said. It was this education that enabled Sekyiwa to gain a full scholarship at an executive private school. Sekyiwa shared the same mother as Tupac - Afeni Shakur - while her dad was the star's stepfather Mutulu. I battle with depression and suicide on a daily.”. My mother is the backbone. She and Tupac grew up together in Harlem, New York, but she has made a point of staying out of the spotlight. I moved to Sausalito, California, where there was nothing but high class white people. Billy Garland left Tupac and Afeni when Tupac was only 5. Both of these children’s father is EDI from The Outlawz. Mutulu was the only father figure Tupac ever had love for. This left Afeni to bring up both children in Harlem. He lamented their court battle after Tupac’s death in 1996, which ended with a judge denying his inheritance claim in 1997 because he contributed little to the superstar’s upbringing. Her fighting times were when Tupac [Shakur] was being developed, between his birth and 13. ‘Pac was beginning to become a household name and appearing in movies. Sekyiwa and Ray have known each other since childhood, as the American Bay Area rapper was Tupac's friend and former member of Strictly dope Sekyiwa Shakur was born in 1975 to Afeni and first husbands, Mutulu Shakur. They were married from 1968 till 1971. https://www.capitalxtra.com/.../half-sister-sekyiwa-set-shakur Davis demanded half of the $20,000 Shakur took home every month. Like her son, Afeni had her own fair share of run-ins with the authorities. Each one of you is just as precious as George Floyd, as Tupac Shakur.”. Later, Shakur would marry Mutulu Shakur, the father of 2Pac’s sister, Sekyiwa. Tupac’s Tattoos, How Much Do You Really Know About Them? She taught Jada [Pinkett]. “We are worthy," a clearly emotional Sekyiwa - the rapper's half sister -  told the crowds in Marin City, California. I was able to build my spirit back. She dropped dead ahead of a potential court battle over the rap superstar’s $150m estate. Davis can be found on Facebook either as Dr. Gust Davis and also as, Prophet Gust Davis. An In-Depth Look At The Iconic Tattoos Of Tupac Shakur. “I’m bipolar. And yet, he still belonged to a violent world. She has funneled much of the money to charity. Tupac saw Tumulu as his father, they spent much time together until Mutulu was sent to jail. He preaches at the Straightway Holiness Church of Deliverance in Bladenboro, North Carolina. Afeni moved on from Garland and was married to second husband, Tumulu Shakur, with whom she became a mother for the second time. She never taught me about being a woman. I want to thank God that I’m here and that I don’t have the want or the need to want to kill myself. According to the state administrator, it is Sekyiwa Shakur who will likely take over the estate and foundation created in Tupac’s name. A source told The News it was Sekyiwa who called 911. Her low key profile is also why most of us never knew she has two children with a 90’s rapper who was very close to ‘Pac. Last night protesters defied curfews in major cities throughout the countries to protest police brutality and racism after Floyd died last week. Because [as seen with] my brother, his real name was his stage name, he couldn’t escape into a private world. I still went to school everyday. You know a lot of men be like, ‘I don’t know what it is, and I can’t take care of my son. This landed him on the FBI Top Ten Most Wanted … What Was Tupac Shakur’s Net Worth At The Time Of His Death? An autopsy was scheduled for Tuesday. When my mom was using drugs I was in sixth grade. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'o4lonlinenetwork_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_2',116,'0','0'])); Since the death of her big brother, she lost Yaki Kadafi, whom she grew up, just two months later. Davis is a native of Bridgeton, North Carolina. Both of these children’s fathers are EDI from The Outlawz. When I was growing up my mother [Afeni Shakur] was going through depression. I want to be able to take over that for him. She then slumped into the arms of her friends before being carried away from the scene.

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