But perhaps you can call them directly on their Customer Svc line? I gave it a flush and it went "whoosh!" Rebate Center. Whether you want a handy garden helper or a powerful household cleaner, you can trust Green Gobbler 30% Pure Vinegar to get the job done naturally. All Rights Reserved. So I used the little zip tie type auger provided in the package and I started pulling out the goobs of hair that it was supposed to "melt" (pictured). Tired of using bleach and ammonia for cleaning? Good luck! Prevent foul odors, potential backups and devastating septic issues right from the start. This handy treatment coats and clings to pipe walls to kill fruit and drain flies. Our Orange Oil is made with D-Limonene, a solvent and degreaser found naturally in the peels of oranges and other fruits. Harvey brings over ten years of experience designing, leading, and evaluating initiatives that engage individuals, households, and employees in sustainable living, and that motivate pro-environmental change.

They currently have a BBB rating of F. Avoid this product at all costs!!!

The MOLD ARMOR Mold Remover & Disinfectant. Might eat your polymer seals and hoses. Again.....DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT is my best advice! Best Match. Bathroom,Furniture,Kitchen,Laundry,Outdoor. Clean and deodorize your home the natural way with Pure Vinegar. Jonathan has an academic grounding in sustainable business practices having completed a Masters in Sustainability: Business, Environment & Corporate Responsibility. The company should stand behind their products and help out their customers. I can honestly say that I have never once been disappointed. UNITS: US Marcus Rose is Managing Director at Ecoprod and URIMAT UK. Stop using bleach there's simply no need. Not to mention it’s OMRI-listed so it’s certified for organic use. How heavenly. ****** WARNING, AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!! From time to time we'd like to send you details of special offers and other product developments that might be of interest to you. Miraculously it worked with the 1st pack. Mix 1 part Green Gobbler 30% vinegar with 6 parts water to create a solution for everyday cleaning.

This disinfectant works best for mold or mildew control, water and smoke damage restoration, and carpet cleaning (Not for use in CA). In the UK, Orel is a multi award winning provider of energy saving solutions with more than £9 million and substantial carbon savings to date for our customers. Have spent hours trying to clear it. Green Gobbler is a brand of cleaner and degreaser products and drain openers. Dissolve Hair and Grease Clog Remover. A small clog did come out, but the toilet is worse than ever. I had a serious clog in my bathtub and sink. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. With 20% Vinegar, you can clean carpet stains, wipe down appliances, polish crome fixtures, etc. Bought a Ryobi electric "snake" instead - more work, but I'll know how it's working from the first moment of use. Under his leadership URIMAT developed numerous worldwide patented product innovations which save water, improve hygiene and reduce carbon footprint in restrooms.

I ran out, water was already flowing A LOT and when he flushed the toilet, it was a wave of water that came out, and the water was totally CLEAR! The weeds were taking over the backyard and I had to get them under control without using poisons. Fruit flies and Drain Flies are the worst. Not only did this product not un-clog my kitchen drain problem, but when trying to get a refund from the company so far after 2 and 1/2 weeks I have had no luck. The drain wasn't unclogged. © 2000-2020 Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. Didn't work AGAIN...so I'm trying a different product. Since graduating, Jonathan has lead a project for the UN Environment Program in the Philippines as well as driving sustainability initiatives in a range of SMEs and larger organisations. I purchased both the Green Gobbler liquid and granules. The EMA aims to promote the development of energy management and the career structure of Energy Managers in the British economy. Shop GreenPig 4-Pack 4-oz Septic Cleaner in the Septic Cleaners department at Lowe's.com. In the morning, my bathroom sink was completely clear, and as a result, a huge backwash of pipe junk shot up through the pipes into my shower stall. Really strong and fast results. We tried using a shovel to dig them out, but there were just too many. Local store prices may vary from those displayed. Used it on my Kitchen sink and the bathroom sink. Product #153-0494-0. How much do Green Gobbler drain openers cost? Dane Vince is the General Manager at the world’s greenest football club, Forest Green Rovers, where he manages and coordinates a variety of key functions, including operations, commercial, grounds and stadium management. By using Green Gobbler, you can protect your home and your septic system. Robert lives the brand and its USPs and loves to support and motivate his team on a daily basis. The MOLD ARMOR Mold Remover & Disinfectant is a one-step mold control and multipurpose disinfectant cleaner. Let it stand for 25-30 minutes, then flush with plenty of hot water. Unfortunately, this product will not unclog plastic products, metal products, toys and fabrics. Green Gobbler Drain Opener (25) 4.4 out of 5 stars. The first time I did it, it was in a grease plugged third floor unit. Used as directed. After my family left, I took a trip to my hardware store to find a solution.

I sprayed several times, days apart.

Tested and approved by SGS Laboratories, one of the largest 3rd party testing agencies in the world. IT WORKS IT WORKS!

Order today. The product turned to concrete inside the pipe so no liquid of any kind would pass. Told the employee what was going on. Great for cleaning and killing weeds . He almost had to take the pipe out but was just able to get it clear enough. Directions sinks and Tubs: Pour 16 oz. It cost me $9.99, so I said, "what do I have to lose other than 10 bucks?". Then it stopped draining completely. without relying on all those harmful chemicals. How the Green Gobbler worksGREEN GOBBLER is an eco-friendly choice for opening clogged drains safely and quickly. YIELD: 1 Liter Maintenance, Repair & Supplies Product Type. The product is not what it promises. I happened to mention my dilemma to a friend during a visit to her home and she told me about Green Gobbler and sent me home with a couple of packets. I contacted customer service about it four months ago, still no reimbursement. The air condition return is connected to one of the sinks, and all that gross grime clogs the sink, sometimes monthly! I ordered a two-pack of 3 packages. I do not think that tried I have one for like a year was a little hard then worked (clog tub) but is op to you good luck.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend. Completely disgusted. Flush with hot water. It didn't work. Use at own risk. After he started his professional career in banking he worked in various management positions in the Sporting Goods Industry.

Its unique delivery system makes it easy to figure out how much to use, simply tear open one Pac and pour entire contents into affected drain. Note: For difficult obstructions, repeat treatment and allow the product to sit in drain overnight. Poured one container in and let it sit for 2 hours and then poured boiling water down the drain...NOTHING!

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