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The goal is to help students suspend their disbelief, Included is a presentation on gothic literature--perfect for any teacher who is starting a short story unit on scary tales, such as "The Tell-Tale Heart," "Monkey's Paw," "The Black Cat," "The Landlady," and many more! Great informational text to aid to your Gothic, * Class assignment - group assignment and examples - lots of fun, collaborative _r�����a܅!�+ǜek�RěH�R=�M�$tt9{��X"����*�����a�4�mUx9T�Dѓu� �H=�f�h!#Fs��R����T�3ⓑ%޲%}�߮x�aA;�:�f���R$�D2���Z>RX� ϖ�{��8fF�_ ��RpL�D >����ej��0"��&7'&�I��;4i��#�,��Y0�\��C� i��S@�j�|�� ��B�� AjڀY��R���i�oA � ��@F��1J���y��� \6�gd��@2r~6$4�řȏ��Vb�K ����!a�T��#� ��4j�� H�tR�k�@�n���O�4�e��(�5��������,�8�I����$�J�L��;=I�I&_��jr7�n�3�Y���9�:X�� ��P�.��z�sX��(� �o���vG+�x�dj*����T�2s��R�8�_cɧ�̑�����F�{̊.�տ��x�A�VH�X~����٬̭���]q��ې�c�H���]a�ܷ�DŽg����!�Rl53��j�()��\��`��;��A�5����I�M�0/M]�PwSg���L�P�8g� �@6-ᩊ���8�����tf��Woɟ�!dl�|�ڼ̰2�Y@�*E�u2g�It��^f���.9p�)H�b���z�ۦ�8 �����Y�Yoc;�ºS�+��`�}���5����}E6�4`���Ě;L|sՠ&�j5�' ��碊_��.�4"5��n����K%�c�w�|!r��αc�9V#�D��O�Oh�����y�;[���V�ۯ_$���]Χ_����K�L��.�ס���L� 0 2� � <>>> �@@��\K��aP�s6�j��ħ���!Q�]H�m֡������;q�!.J�Sz1X���R���d*�_�l̾��0^���s�[*&�v,�O��:I��b��ؙ�)�$sN �,��Q��l GOTHIC LITERATURE The gothic novel was invented almost single-handedly by Horace Walpole, whose The Castle of Otranto (1764) contains essentially all the elements that constitute the genre.

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@� ��� 2� 6�"�)1�&����oD�g�chsٻP�7+;kV��j6tY5y�W����z?ݖ��˗2F�BϾ��-8�͛s�x~���ݳ�=85��6��Q�0��I°V#��1���cpI1����|��������O�FIK�w�\�@� |�$~ꊿΖ�7�36�!L�-�A�#���9���� The conventions are given in a clear and easy to understand manner and the power point ends with a brief explanation of how Mary Shelley's Frankenstein might tie into this concept and these con. 4 0 obj endobj )u���))�Jq�P�&U���R�ZDj���4f�;�klڎ��̎4o�=����c@=+WF�:�t8#��{��P���k/��6�����j@��U���G�+ny���$n��5��)�dע+�˖�����h��-�CL���q狶�P$�kCkI���FT*�05�DP�^�.�~�BU�.

The resource is teacher-facing, and also includes a selection of images for use in the classroom. I use this as a p, This lesson on Southern Gothic literature is perfect for Halloween or any time. hޜ�mk�0ǿ��wE��ɂ�Ӥ�}��eP��MDbp�`�#��;Iq��ִC��t��_w?�+C�*#B���kFdf�r�%�k �h�����-n�]��ʚNs���������Y�һ�w���5��h�{���~K��tZj�M�k��]N�u�� :o_���Rq}��d!�1:�U� +T�#�ܕ;G�bz=�]L˺z�/E[��syFo�CRƍ�t���'�L� �A^W�}��_G�(f2y �x�0Sg���B�hj���V��$ '2%ss͊���;ESZ6_�f���[��f)׋�h��m>˫�o�?��=c�$E�{��a�� E\�r%Ӌؘ��;��nT�t��2��r��� .���/��9��9,�������Y�k%��Kfyo�Tz��`j��v��fǍ���R��A��yː]��:n�кx�v�����D
This PowerPoint Presentation is a starting point for explaining southern gothic literature. The heart of the unit is a film study on Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands, so several of the slides discuss his work as they relate to the Gothic genre. %%EOF

Gothic Literature: Introduction and Elements is a PowerPoint Presentation (secured into PDF format) of 38 slides including a very handy Pre-test (pre-activity) which helps you assess how much students already know about the Gothic genre beforehand, pl, Elements of Gothic Literature PowerPoint is a perfect way to introduce the gothic genre, Frankenstein, Dracula, or the works of Edgar Allan Poe. • Students will be given 5 minutes to brainstorm any previous knowledge they may have on the vocabulary words in the left hand column on the worksheet. 0 << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> endstream endobj startxref Each Unit allows the teacher to differentiate instruction without sacrificing quality while saving themselves time.

Gothic literature has been a popular and beloved genre for many years. endstream

A comprehensive unit on Gothic Literature, these lesson plans are based on the short novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and the works of Edgar Allen Poe - The Raven, The Black Cat, The Tell-Tale Heart and The Cask of Amontillado. Also included in: Gothicism and Suspense Bundle. endstream endobj 64 0 obj <> endobj 65 0 obj <> endobj 66 0 obj <>stream This presentation includes a brief history of the horror genre and elements that, This power point introduces Gothic literature and the conventions of both Gothic lit. Gothic Literature: Elements and Motifs, EDITABLE VERSION is a thorough PowerPoint Presentation of 38 slides including a very handy Pre-test (pre-activity) which helps you assess how much students already know about the Gothic genre beforehand, plus a, Thank you for visiting the PerfettoWritingRoom©! <> . Gothic and Romantic Literature - 11th Grade Create a Study Trainer Create custom courses Get your questions answered. Gothic and Romantic Literature - 11th Grade Create a Study Trainer Create custom courses Get your questions answered. >> r�����J��� �N�W�*�4k� ݫWH�7�Bh1h�ޡW��ޠ�B�A�F�A�F�A�F�A�&%!%M.B.�Br���)��(��Z�jZjjZjjZjr��b�Œ�����!K.���ޝ�`���,)R��$�dIIHɒ���%%!%GJ�?�?��ß���O���'�s��9� ���?�?���_}�`����M�F�>������^B�Ø~ i

-- brief timeline of prominent works and authors.

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