Mecha Frieza is stronger than Frieza at Namek. Almost the whole fight was filler, and Frieza never tried to touch Trunks all he did was fire ki attacks. [28] [29] During the battle, both versions of Zamasu provoke Trunks into his Super Sayian Rage form by telling him that his meddling in time is the cause of their actions. and once Trunks went SSJ Frieza started freaking out if he had a buff form wouldn't he use it? This is was stated. but trunks surviving androids should put him above goku still. 1. After watching Zamasu and Goku Black beat our heroes over and over again, seeing Trunks finally achieve a new level of power that allowed him to compete and even get the “win” gave people the emotional release they’d been after. And Trunks casually fodderized him. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Hit beat Vegeta and tied kk Goku because of hax. I know, but he still won by turning him to candy. Still Trunks. Round 2: Could go either way. After Vegeta’s attempt to fight Android 18 ends... honestly rather poorly for him, Trunks can’t help stepping in. 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Trunks has a great feint at first, going into Grade 3, but after that he’s completely overwhelmed by Vegeta, and gets one-sidedly beat until he can’t even hold up his transformation. He was lucky he survived it, but barely. @alextheboss: He was supressed because Trunks was supressed as well...and once Trunks went SSJ Frieza started freaking out if he had a buff form wouldn't he use it ? Trunks was confident in beating him, even at full power. After defeating literally every threat the main characters did, Trunks is finally confronted with something he’s never seen before and he’s caught off-guard. I also just think Trunks should be stronger since he stomped Frieza so easily and Goku didn't seem that much stronger than him in their fight. NEXT: Dragon Ball: Every Saiyan Transformation, Ranked According To Its Design. Am I missing something? The first shown meeting for these two isn’t the best look, to be honest. @castiel_18: this trunks already fought 17 and 18 and survived. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Toriyama said cyborg Frieza was stronger than his previous self. Goku Black easily beats Trunks into submission, and it’s only the timely use of his sword that saves him and allows him to escape to the past. Yes, and he would have, it just wouldn't of been quite as easy. I may be the odd one here, but i think Goku would beat Trunks quite badly, i feel Trunks caught Mecha Frieza off guard and he is probably about the same level of strength as namek Goku. Trunks' story is one of the more fascinating ones across all of Dragon Ball, with him having a very specific goal he's attempting to reach each time he's seen, always learning more than he bargained for, becoming an effective protector of his time period where he has to fight alone. Not true, but I agree that is usually the case. Since when has a villain ever returned weaker? If you think about it, Trunks was stalemating the androids from his timeline early on before he eventually was defeated. Easily the most satisfying fight in all of Dragon Ball Z, Trunks’ initial goal was figuring out some trick to taking down the androids so he could hopefully bring peace to his future. @cromulor: Trunks never said it would be only his chance of winning. After both Goku and Vegeta fell into Goku Black’s hands and inadvertently made them more powerful, Future Trunks had to reach a whole other level of power to deal with these guys. Not sure if Namek Goku could do the same thing with his finger to block the swordplay from Trunks. A perfect example of a Trunks fight, it lasts about three minutes and features Trunks beating Cell down before obliterating him to leave the world in peace. Still this and all this favor Trunks. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Trunks should rag doll. While Trunks is under the impression this is a good thing, his father reminds him he has to fight for himself rather than constantly ask for help. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. And he beat Gotenks and Gohan with hax, and they were both stronger than him, or at least Gohan was. My bad if so, but I do remember a line like that. The fight speaks for itself at this time DB wasn't like it is today they straight up showed us who was stronger and making Trunks destroy a stronger version of Frieza and than knowing he got wrecked by some Androids is what made this arc one of the best. Trunks shows off an ability to go Super Saiyan 2, attained during his battle against Dabra. Which makes him stronger. So? Hit, Buu, Cell, future Zamasu, Dabura are all characters who can beat characters stronger than them with hax, and base Goku was beating ssj2 Caulifila because he was a better fighter. Goku is a much more experienced warrior than Trunks and Super Saiyans always have always had large surpluses of rage energy when they first transform.

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