Gorgeous! study – umah!) Talking is to help us remember so we can cope. Come the test, Elissa leaves at least 5 Q’s totally blank & writes crap for all the rest. I ♥ MARK. . And all he could do is laugh. Cairns City Council - 2004 / 2008 Election Analysi... Who paid for the Byrne Election Campaign in 2004? BASIC! We can certainly want them but the Futility, that only perpetuates Pain…]. prompted the local *Termes* species to initiate a nuptial flight. is don’t have enough time to make it really big : only 4 pages so far & I’d wanted to write over 32 (novel size!!) Hope so. Jody Keen              Lee-Anne Willis, This memorial is dedicated to all these people and their families. LIVING DAYLIGHTS was cool. He’ll probably say “stuff you bitch – I won’t go out with you anymore then.” PISS OFF. But, anyway when I rang a taxi at 11:15, no answer… Mr & Mrs W came home after their dinner & suggested I stay.. [Pain? At her place, had hot chocolate then bombed! Knowing my mum, I’m certain she would have desperately wished to be by my side in that moment of need. Esp. I was very upset. Handed in about 4 pracs in chem this morning. (“Overall Position”) …all University entrance determinants. Got my art mark Got 16/20- I was disappointed: a few people got 20’s -about 5. Can’t wait!! I thought it’d be good & get my mind off Mark going to the [House on the] Hill [nightclub] tonight (Glyn was too, I think) Cameron didn’t want to & I don’t know about Steven Anyway, he was quite affectionate (well, his responses to me were very good) after school (when, incidentally, he said he wouldn’t go late night shopping with me, but denied he was going to the Hill. Waited all arvy for Keith to call. The full show. I don’t know why either! FAIR ENOUGH. I’ll see him tomorrow lunchtime : I will be nonchalant to him – but get angry if I need to (ha, ha as if I could.) Busy day really : appointment with Ms Forbes took a while (I wore all black today) Mark wore his green shirt. Jason took me home… I ended up not resting there ..had to rush to get ready for the movies. Woken 8:00, he left around 9:10- [privacy omission] I rang mima & Fi & her picked me up- got KFC (Kentucky) ate at Esplanade. [I think it’s pretty obvious] How could he not like me anymore?? I rang Fi around 11:00 – she said Jay’s BBQ wasn’t very good because Chris H rolled his car (8 or so people in it) at the bottom of Petersen St. Made Fi feel sick after that. And took my & [privacy omission]‘s names, addresses, ages etc. I was in Sandra’s room, with FM4CCR on her clock radio (Mark set it up for me!!) Then after watching a bit of Rage after.. (4 good songs, believe it or not!) too bad! Waited till 11:50- Martin was drunk & we had an “adventurous” trip home. It’s 9:20 will be another late night. He said he’d ring me & he didn’t. assign. He didn’t know a thing. At the shop I helped Fi (her mum was sick – mima at hair show practise) till Martin & Mr D came rang Mark at home, then went virtually straight away to his place. (not completely – no climax cos’ no contraception) up at 8:30- I went & watched baseball (they lost) Home→ dropped off stuff. Well, I rang ‘im about 9:30 – & as I thought, he was still asleep… so I felt really terrible- talked abit & finally decided I go to his place (& take my photo albums too!) Oh well .. we can waltz now! I’m addicted to Kit Kats [and I’d say they’re probably still one of my top picks IF I were coaxed into buying a commercial chocolate…] (choc. She said we couldn’t go with Jason. […hmmm…] Slept – so tired. Left school around 2:50. on the legs (one with completely yellow legs but with blackish feet) on the Fi’s ringing me in the morning to see what we’ll do. Got out of that O.K. Sunbird, Olive-backer - cocky apple snacker Eventually she told me Mark, Mandy and…Erica. were hard, generally, although some parts were easier than others. [….and I couldn’t contact him because he was staying at a place where there was no phone…] (I’d seen him (& he saw us) in his car around 12:00, when we  were on our way home & he waved) I’m SO hurt. Although there weren’t too many visitors today, they stayed longer and helped me feel brighter. This would leave traffic that only needs to go to Kuranda, Speeway etc to go up the Kuranda Road.And I'm sure those who live on the south could come up with an alternate route to work with the Gillies.On both roads one gets chased by either a) blokes going to a job in utes, b)locals who know the road as well as the palm of their hand, c) Cairns young cubs who want to change their gear-sticks a lot or d) tourists who want to be racing-car drivers.Enough, time to end. Work (boring) tomorrow. boring. Boring day (strange, untalkative mood after the bus site revisit?) Pissed off cause stupid bitch wouldn’t let me go for my learners cos I only had I.D. ), no. [English turns out to be my best subject…] In art Ms. Marsland told me the teachers reconsidered & took into account my state of health (mentally & physically) & took me up 12% Great that’s fine. Erica Strooper        Elizabeth Zelmer Am tired… have had an unreal weekend!! Mark..!!! Drove me home & I did NOTHING. But mate it was good! *The Cairns Council and Monique’s father poses the question that everyone wanted the answer to… see the third last paragraph of the article.

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