Because of her roots, there is an assumption that George met his future wife through his Colombian cocaine contacts. GJ was still in Danbury getting fuck in the back door by Carlos . if that Dirty snitch of a Uncle George didn’t give a hoot if I would pass away in USFD in 90 , this guy did 4 yrs for 300 kilos in 85 and I got his 15 yrs , thank to uncle George and Aunt Mirtha , I need 15k for a post conviction parole board attorney for my Hearing , fat chance I ever saw 25$ for Moon pies from either of them .

To know more about George Jung's marriage and children, continue to read below. I’m happy George got out, i hope his last days are with love.

Their drug-related lives ruined their marriage and life. Mirtha is portrayed as a strong, independent woman. Her mother Mirtha Jung took her custody and kept her away from her father's shadow.

Unfortunately, at the same time, her father was imprisoned for trafficking drugs and had to live with her parents until she was three. However, she is living a decent lifestyle following the divorce from ex-husband, Jung. Apart, Mirtha’s former husband, drug lord Jung’s net worth is $10,000, whereas, their daughter, Kristina Sunshine Jung’s net worth is about $2 million.

Disclose Geoff Bell's Personal Life And Professional Career! His Married Life And Children. At the time, she didn’t care about her daughter and soon after, she sentenced to jail for three years. Like other people, drug dealers also need love in their life.

When the media asked her about not getting married again, Mirtha said, George was her true love and can’t replace him. Mirtha’s name at birth was Mirtha Calderon. In 1994, George Jung went to prison for his longest term ever served – twenty years. Did George (after his release) ever get to see his daughter? The entire events of Jung's life were portrayed by Johnny Depp in his biopic titled Blow in 2001. Any help would be appreciated. Mirtha is known primarily for her marriage with a drug cartel lord who goes by the familiar name George Jung. In the movie, George is represented as monogamous, while in reality he had multiple girlfriends and regularly used prostitutes before Mirtha entered his life, as well as was fond of cross dressing and sadomasochistic games.
We need to note that certain facts were altered in the movie. When the court sentenced George Jung … Not only the information about George Jung’s ex-wife is sparse, but we couldn’t even find real pictures of her or her daughter. Despite rumors of Mirtha Jung’s death, she is alive and well. He has gone jailed several times, which is normal for him. The father and daughter duo together run the family clothing business named Boston George Apparel and Merchandise. That was when Mirtha gave an interview to a Texas newspaper. Awesome movie. For instance, in the movie, Kristina visits her father in Otisville, NY’s Federal Correctional Institution.

When the article says she did not visit him, since the movie makes this very clear, I think they are referring to the scene when she was a little girl and visited him in jail before he got out to visit her.
Hope, George Jung spends the rest of his life happily with his daughter and new wife leaving behind the past. They just are very bad at making good decisions. Most criminals have some good qualities within themselves, love for their family, love for their country, belief in a Higher Power. Mirtha Jung is a private person. She stayed with her aunt until she was 18. She consumed drugs while she was in college and continued it even during her pregnancy. He chose a life of crime and made a lot of money illegally. Things weren’t the same after the pair got married. In the biopic, actress Emma Roberts, who plays the role of Kristina, never visited her father in prison, but in reality, Kristina Jung did often visit her father.

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