will be removed. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. collectors A Reddit community for news, discussion, and stories about Nintendo. Next Gen Megathread and FAQ ***READ BEFORE POSTING*** 1. 52. Fuck my life. This is the definitive Reddit source for video game collectors or those who would like to start collecting interactive entertainment. Clearly, GameStop is a top destination for an entire spectrum of gaming products, and we are excited about the opportunity to leverage our capabilities in support of the launch of the next generation of gaming consoles and expand our reach and connection to the worldwide gamer community through this partnership.”, “GameStop has become a popular destination for gamers to find their favorite video games, hardware and accessories, socialize with others in the community, try out new games, and get educated on the latest tips and trends,” said Matt Renner, President, US Enterprise Commercial, Microsoft. Since joining the Company last April, we have been on a mission to evolve our strategy to take advantage of our undisputed leadership position in gaming. The partnership includes enterprise and commercial elements. This partnership also provides GameStop with advanced retail management technologies that will drive operational efficiencies throughout its omni-channel platform.”, Phil Spencer, Microsoft, Executive Vice President of Gaming, added: “For many years GameStop has been a strong go-to-market partner for our gaming products, and we are excited about continuing and evolving that relationship for the launch of the Xbox Series X|S. The new Nintendo Switch is an exciting combination of home and handheld consoles. I really want people to know that how we display our inventory is being completely reinvented for the first time in my 15 years with the company. This has typically ment that what you are looking for is in a different location, this time it is a fundamental change. “Partner with Microsoft” = they use surface devices and Microsoft 365 now. This seems like a fancy way of saying Gamestop will now be using Microsoft 365 in its stores. Sale. Hot. Bought a couple options last month thinking the new console releases would help GME stop the bleeding, and here they go ahead and partner up with Microsoft. Zero reason for a good portion of next generation console owners to visit a Gamestop. They're basically buying Microsoft 365 subscriptions, Surface devices, and sharing buyer data with MSFT. Through this partnership, GameStop will standardize the Company’s business operations on Microsoft’s cloud solutions and hardware products to deliver rich new digital experiences to customers, creating the “ultimate gaming destination” for gamers in its vision to be the premier omni-channel customer access point for video game products. Moderator of r/GameStop. GameStop’s extensive store base, focus on digital transformation in an omni-channel environment and expert gamer associates remain an important part of our gaming ecosystem, and we’re pleased to elevate our partnership.”, Jim Bell, GameStop’s Chief Financial Officer commented, “We believe Microsoft’s integrated retail technology platform will enable the continued development of our frictionless omni-channel digital environment, providing customers with an exceptional cross-channel experience for all things video gaming.” Mr. Bell continued, “By standardizing on Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365, all accessed with Microsoft Surface devices at our fingertips, we will be able to create a better connection with our associates and provide them with powerful new tools to deliver rich engaging experiences to our customers while significantly enhancing our cross-channel view of inventory ensuring the most efficient delivery of products to our customers.”, just fuck my shit up fam... one hour before it got halted. Your hub for everything related to PS4 including games, news, reviews, discussion, questions, videos, and screenshots. Hot. Hot New Top Rising. Submissions should be for the purpose of informing or initiating a discussion, not just with the goal of entertaining viewers. Expires: October 31, 2020 15 used. George Sherman, GameStop’s Chief Executive Officer, stated: “This is an exciting day at GameStop as we announce the advancement of an important partnership that capitalizes on the power of our operating platform and significant market share in gaming to accelerate our digital transformation; drive incremental revenue streams; and over time, further monetize the digital world of gaming. ♥. That's right, it's the first truly hybrid console that you can play anywhere. (but not sports). A subreddit about our love of the Star Wars Black Series. Reddit's source for news, pictures, reviews, videos, community insight, & anything related to Nintendo's 8th-generation console, the Wii U. Customer Question Megathread October 2020 … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Regardless, the short float was so massive on this thing that what we're seeing now is just a major squeeze. The thought is that if we don't have the item in stock, you as a customer will just have us order it and have it shipped to you. Literally just shorted this yesterday. Reddit's source for news, pictures, reviews, videos, community insight, & anything related to Nintendo's 8th-generation console, the Wii U. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. graphic novels.

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